Courtney Love Gets Shot By Nico Tortorella in New Lifetime Movie Trailer

Photo: Courtesy of Lifetime

The new Lifetime movie trailer for Menendez: Blood Brothers has us quite shook. That’s because the cast stars the legendary Courtney Love as Kitty Menendez and Nico Tortorella as her son and killer.

Menendez: Blood Brothers tells the true story of the infamous killings of Jose and Kitty Menendez, murdered by their own sons, Lyle and Erik, in 1989. Lifetime says:

“The movie explores the inner lives and motivation behind the murders of entertainment executive Jose Menendez and his wife Kitty at the hands of their sons Lyle and Erik in 1989. The movie will also reveal new details about the extreme abuse the brothers endured at their father’s hands, all while their mother looked the other way.”

Since it’s Lifetime, we can expect some serious tears, screaming, and weird sex stuff with our family drama, and with such an unexpectedly high profile cast, we’re already cancelling plans to make room for the premiere on June 11.

Myko Olivier and Benito Martinez round out the rest of the cast, while Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, known for Party Monster and their Robert Mapplethorpe HBO documentary, produce and direct.

Take a look at the trailer below:

Is Hole Reuniting with its Original Lineup?

Courtney Love’s 2010 LP Nobody’s Daughter left many longtime Hole fans unsatisfied with a full band of new recruits, though a rare on-stage reunion in 2012 sparked rumors that the ’90s rebel staple could finally be joining forces on a fifth studio album. Years have since gone by and we’ve been left to patiently wait, reminiscing about the glory of iconic singles, like “Malibu,” and deep cuts, like “Retard Girl.”

Are the glory days officially behind us?

This weekend, Love shared an image to Instagram of herself posing alongside Hole drummer Patty Schemel and bassist Melissa Auf Der Maur, tagging guitarist Eric Erlandson in the caption, below. “With the girls, serving up a Hole lot of something,” she teased, leaving our mouths watering with the ambiguity of a less satisfying, “Maybe.”

Is Hole finally reuniting with its original lineup?


with the girls, serving up a Hole lot of something. maybe ?? #rocknroll #girlfriends #hole @pattyschemel @xmadmx

A photo posted by Courtney Love Cobain (@courtneylove) on


That Time Courtney Love Tried To ‘Turn’ Me <3

“Hey! You know my name! I’ll bring the truth! I’ll never change!” aptly growls out the realest of them all, queen Courtney Love Cobain, on her newly released all kinds of immaculate screamo banger aka “You Know My Name” from her forthcoming album (!!!!). I loathe “journalists” who throw out the whole “comeback” thing, but this fucking jam comes across as Love announcing to the world something along the badass lines of “listen (skinny little) bitches, I’ve allowed you to have your little tumblr moment but I’m fucking back so take several seats.” I live for a mind-losing Love, and this song brings me back to her unraveling roots complete with those punk-y poetic lyrics. In other words, my soul has been reborn.

The don’t-you-fucking-dare-call-it-a-comeback song:

Spoiler alert: I’m going to brag a lot right now and you’re going to love it. So, about a year ago circa Coachella, I met Courtney Love at her (gorgeous and very clean) West Village townhouse. I was told that I was given ten minutes to interview her. I waited for about five minutes in her stunning living room where I’d bond with her very friendly puppy and housekeeper — if memory serves me right, Love was finishing up an episode of “30 Rock.” She’s just like us, y’all. Fast forward to an hour later, and I had chilled with Love in one of her many rooms where she’d dish on EVERYTHING (from championing a then undiscovered Rick Owens in LA during her styling days and considering taking a judge gig on one of the massive singing competition shows. “Not the one with Mariah.”) whilst a chain-smoking Love lounged on her plush sofa. (Fun fact: she told me she’d recently went from three packs to one pack a day. You go, girl.) A few weeks later, I’d be staying at a house in Palms Springs with Love and her team during Coachella. No big deal. I’ll admit that I missed the Hole boat during my formative years — Ginger Spice was my kind of punk, but over the years I’ve become obsessed with all things Hole. There’s nothing quite like attempting to hit those shriek notes on “Violet” in the shower, and I 100% recommend it because it’s fucking thrilling. Plus, you’ll save money on letting out your aggression via boxing classes/therapy sessions. It feels good to feel things, and I can confirm that behind her I’ll-slaughter-you-with-my-words exterior, Love is a LOVELY (yeah, I went there) emotional being. She is a Cancer, after all. Anyway, that (too) brief of a period in time where I pretended like I was BFF with Love forever holds a special place in my heart.

Oh, and another very important detail. Love played me a few new songs at her townhouse on that wonderful fucking day, all of which were amazing and on a ‘Live Through This’ 2.0 level, one of which was “Wedding Day,” which will be released on May 4th as the double A-Side along with “You Know My Name.” I believe I remember the word “snake” in addition to those insanely rafter-reaching, glass-shattering pipes, and I’ll prob play this on repeat before crashing the love of my life’s wedding. In other words, start preparing — y’all are not ready for the greatness that Love is about to graciously (and finally!!!) offer to the world. This includes a Hole reunion, a memoir and new fucking music (and maybe a Nirvana musical?) that I just know will blow minds/change lives. The resurrection of real rock ‘n’ roll is upon us. Thanks, love.

You KNOW what time it is. It’s time to fan the fuck out with my ultimate I love Love moments.

Starting with… this cover of “He Hit Me (And It Felt Like a Kiss)” from her MTV: Unplugged gig, which, wtf, was never released as a CD. Seriously. WTF.

Behind the scenes at the infamous Marilyn Manson x Courtney Love tour. This is required viewing. And fuck you, Manson. #TeamLove

Here’s a stalk-y video of Courtney Love being glam on the red carpet at the 1997 Academy Awards. It’s fascinating, and, no, I’m not being sarcastic.

Self promo alert: I think this interview I did with Love for NYMag a few fashion weeks ago was pretty amazing.

Select quotes include…

Her thoughts on Katy Perry: I’m not trying to be a bitch —

She’s a nice girl. But she just bores me.

And her thoughts re: the Gwennie Paltrow vs. Vanity Fair:

Gwyneth is one of my best friends. If Gwyneth says don’t do it, then fuck you, Vanity Fair! I’m going to stick up for her and be very articulate and you’re going to publish every word I say! If she had something she wanted to sell, or a movie or something like that, then she’d go to her publicist and say, “Let’s do Vanity Fair.” For Vanity Fair to do a write-around about Gwyneth is uncool and déclassé and boring and terrible of them. And it just shows you where Vanity Fair has fallen. They have Taylor fucking Swift on the cover getting a puppy.

More Gwen plus adderall thoughts:

She’s a great mentor. Gwyneth has never, ever given up on me — even when I was on Adderall and stuff, and I love her for that. [It’s a] terrible drug! And not only that, but everyone’s on it.

Oh fuck it. Just read the whole thing.

Here’s Hole being iconic performing my personal anthem, “Violet,” at the ‘95 MTV Awards. Too bad there’s no reaction shots from Madonna et al.

Speaking of Madonna, there’s obviously this mesmerizing mess, which if you haven’t seen at least a million times, I want nothing to do with you/are you even real?

Then there’s obviously Courtney’s infamous interviews with Barbara Walters, Letterman, etc. but I much prefer when she visited Rosie. And Rosie kept kind of shading her? And Love kind of shaded Rosie’s then BFF aka Madonna? It’s really fucking entertaining and I love it so much and etc etc.

Here’s Love talking fashion fuckery with Rebecca Romijn via MTV’s House of Style…!!! (Watch it here.)

Okay. DON’T even get me started on this amazingness.

RIP The Face. But also, let’s take note of the LOL headlines next to Courtney.
april 2002

Oh YAS. That’s Courtney Love and Winona (forever) before Love sort of blamed Wino for her benzo addiction to The Fix. That’s a must read, btw.

I continue to live for Love’s signature leg on amp pose.

Also, this.

Then, there was that time in Palm Springs where Courtney fucking Love grabbed my crotch to, in her words, see if she could “turn me straight.” Didn’t exactly turn straight, did almost faint.


Highlights From Styleist’s Courtney Love Closet Tour

For Stylelist’s latest "Behind the Closet" series, they followed One Management founder and E! Network’s Scouted star, Scott Lipps, as he toured his good friend Courtney Love’s closet. The video is equal parts hilarious and enlightening, as Love balances her signature revealing rants with impressive fashion commentary, and Lipps maintains a straight face. Read on for a few standout quotes from the walkthrough.

On a purple shoe that Marc Jacobs sent her from his controversial Perry Ellis grunge collection:
"This is what got Marc Jacobs fired, and he sent them to me in Seattle. I burnt the whole collection because I was so terrified."

On where she keeps her oldest vintage:
"I don’t have it here. I store it because people will steal it. If I find something and it was Kurt [Cobain’s], it’s gone."

On Vivienne Westwood:
"I’m really big on Westwood, even though by boobs have popped out twice now."

On a Nicole Richie dress in her closet:
"Look at the print on that, and the way it’s made. It’s really nice!"

Copy Pasting the ’90s

A trip to Zara feels like a trip to H&M feels like a trip to Mango – which all feels like a trip down Saint Laurent’s fall 2013 runway. It all brings you back to a simpler time when pagers were a luxury and the sound of dial up was so progressive.  It feels as if the only difference now is that we are listening to a house remix of “Smells like Teen Spirit” and Courtney Love has been replaced by Miley Cyrus. We may not be experiencing temporary amnesia despite the obvious indicators, e.g. the overabundance of flannel shirts, plaid skirts, and studded boots, but rather the direct effect of digital photography and online archives on fashion. High end and high street designers embraced the ‘90s grunge trend with such ardent enthusiasm that it is hard to tell whether some of the lines were vaguely reimagined or just copy pasted.

Yes, the world of fashion is nostalgic, but where past spring’s runways merely evoked the sentiment of the 1920s with flapper dresses reinterpreted in newer cuts and fresh materials, the grunge trend feels far too similar to its origins. It’s hard to imagine Louise Brooks feeling at home in one of Gucci’s variations of the flapper dress, but it’s easy to see Courtney Love in any one of the plaid dresses in Saint Laurent’s windows (actually she looked right at home starring in the campaign.)

Fashion has always been cyclical in nature (a myriad of parliament members called, they want last seasons ruffles back) but have we just become the ‘90s younger sister who took the hand me downs straight from the closet? It seems that the ease in which we can take and share photos has in some ways stunted creative and artistic freedom. Rather than having to reinvent a trend due to an absence of details, designers can pull up high-resolution photo archives of entire collections with a click and just work from there. Knowing exactly how something was made, how it looked and felt, eliminates any need for interpretation or imagination. As the gap between creation and its inspiration becomes smaller, the need for assiduous reinvention becomes greater. Will we be living in big sis’s shadow for now on (Stephanie Tanner, anyone?)

So what next? A renaissance in the creative process? A call to glean inspiration from beyond the fashion archives? I would like to think that as the effect of technology become more and more apparent that designers will find new and innovative ways to create. Throw out the hand me downs and look for something that is our own. Maybe a revolution in the infamous cycle of fashion? Next fall we’ll probably be in fun fur and crop tops, fondly remembering the days around Y2K.

Six Epic Quotes from Courtney Love’s Into the Gloss Profile

Courtney Love recently sat down with cool-kid beauty blog, Into the Gloss, to talk vanity. Fresh off her Saint Laurent campaign gig, the outspoken grunge goddess breaks down her beauty routine with the help of hilarious name drops and profanity. Read on for a few key takeaways.

1. On recommendations from famous friends: "For years and years and years I’ve been using Vita-A-Kombi 2 by Karin Herzog. I actually got that from Uma Thurman, and who can complain about her fucking skin?"

2. On her obsession with Bioxidea Miracle 24 face masks: "There’s even one for your titties. I haven’t done the boobs mask one yet—you just stick it on your tits, apparently. I have to try it. But I did the foot one and the hand one yesterday, and it makes my skin crazy. It’s like I just had sex for four days."

3. On facials: "I’ve seen basically every facialist, and what makes a good facialist isn’t creams, it isn’t anything they use, it’s how many fucking extractions they do."

4. On minimalist beauty: "I don’t need to wear makeup that often… Unless I’m going out, and if I’m going out, then I wear a little bit. I really still do like to play with makeup. Fuck yeah."

5. On Karl Lagerfeld calling her a whore: "I remember once I was walking around in my clothes from my clothing line [Never the Bride], all this Illamasqua-style makeup, and Lagerfeld was like, ‘You look like the 26 year-old perfect rockstar whore—but you are not 26."

6. On being tame until her album drops: "I pencil my eyebrows in sometimes, but not often—I’m more into wearing L’Wren Scott and not being controversial these days, but when my new album comes out, we’ll see."

Courtney Love Covers Jay-Z’s “99 Problems”

I’m betting that in the nine years since Jay-Z released "99 Problems," the number of his actual problems has dwindled. Courtney Love, on the other hand, has a whole mess of ’em. So, naturally, she performed an acoustic cover of Jay-Z’s hit over the weekend at Sundance. Sure, acoustic hip-hop covers are pretty lame and usually performed by pop-punk bands of supposedly clever twerps (or Jonathan Coulton), but Love’s version here is pretty tight. Plus, it’s always a treat to see her when she’s holding her own on a stage and reminding us how much of a bad ass she is. 

[Via The Awl. Photo credit: / WENN]

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Courtney Love Working On Kurt Cobain Documentary

Courtney Love is working on a documentary film about the life and work of her late husband, Kurt Cobain, direct Brett Morgan revealed in the New York Post.

Morgan directed the recent Rolling Stones documentary, Crossfire Hurricane, and said he has been noodling a doc on Cobain since 2007.

"We’ve been trying to find the right time to put this film together and the time is now," Morgan told the Post. "Kurt was not only an amazing songwriter and musician, he was an incredible artist and filmmaker. So we are going to do the movie sort of like a third-person autobiography — [as] if Kurt was around and making a film about his life."

The untiled Cobain doc should be out in 2014. Morgan also directed the documentaries Chicago 10 and The Kid Stays In The Picture.

Rumors had been swirling over the past couple months that Courtney Love was working on a Kurt Cobain musical with Britney Spears’ creepy ex-manager Sam Lufti — as Lufti had claimed under oath that’s what he was currently working on. Love later denied they had serious plans to do so, sensibly explaining, "Sometimes it’s just best to leave things alone."

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