Get the Hottest Beauty Look from the Spring Runways Right Now

What was the biggest beauty trend we saw on the spring runways? Braids. Middle-parted plaits, cornrows, French…. they were all over the place, everywhere, and we liked it. For an updo that feels both cool and lady, we turn to Bibhu Mohapatra, whose models wore personalized variations on the look — that means you can be on trend, and still do you.


Gather your supplies. You’ll need:
Hair gel, like Bumble and bumble’s Bb.gel
Shine spray, like Bumble and bumble’s shine on finishing spray
Bobby pins (a bunch of ’em)
Hair tie


The Steps

1. Start with damp hair, working a dime to quarter sized squeeze of gel from roots to ends.

2. Separate out the top portion of hair, and from that, use the comb to section off hair to the desired plait or cornrow sections — whatever suits you best!

3. Start a French braid close to the forehead, continuing back along the section and to the end of the hair. Pin it in place for now. Repeat for however many sections you’ve created.

4. Comb the lower portion of hair into a low ponytail, securing with a hair tie. Wrap the loose end o the pony around the base, and secure it with bobby pins.

5. Wrap the loose braids from the top section around the bun you’ve created with the low ponytail, and pin into place.

6. Finish with shine spray to keep the style in place and looking fresh.


Photographer: Jaesung Lee
Style Editor: Alyssa Shapiro
Hair Stylist: Jason Murillo

Makeup Artist: Dana Rae
Models: Chloe Wheatcroft and Sandra Rieder (Muse)

Chloe wears Infinite Tusk choker by Gabriela Artigas and edge cotton soft bra by Cosabella. Sandra wears the 14K Yellow Infinite Hook earring by Gabriela Artigas and Talco convertible logo soft bra by Cosabella.

Sexy Underthings and No VPL

I’ve never been one to think of nude undies as anything other than a necessity with certain dresses, but the shade is pretty high priority; just think how unsexy the wrong nude could look under a sheer-in-the-wrong-light kind of getup. Not just unsexy but embarrassing.

Traditionally “nude” was only really nude for a certain range of skin tones. Clinique was the first to catch my eye in their multi-nude ways – think Shades of Beige, and how great looking it is when you can match your color so closely with your nails.

Now in celebration of its 30th anniversary, Cosabella has come out with a seven-tone solution to the nude intimates problem. From dark Cioccolato to the palest Pinolo (pine nut, for the English speakers here) it’ll be easier to more closely match your skin tone – and avoid awkward wardrobe mishaps. Color matching aside, it helps that Trenta’s colors all come in pretty lace that lays flat against the body, so there’s no sacrifice here in function or beauty – good news all around on Cosabella’s 30th birthday.

New Denim From Three Fashion Regulars

Denim is working its way into becoming one of fashion’s favorite fabrics this season. And there’s no shortage of styles to choose from. Just this week, news has broken that two fashion heavyweights are dipping their toes in the denim design pool for the first time. Meanwhile, international e-commerce porthole is paying tribute to the blue collar staple with its very own boutique. The latter has just launched its very own ‘denim boutique,’ serving up dozens of jeans styles—ranging from flared and skinny too boyfriend and leggings—as well as ‘care for’ info and fit advice.

As for new labels soon to hit stores, Cameron Silver of Decades—LA’s revered vintage couture destination—is launching his very own denim line. Appropriately called Decades Denim (and pictured here), the label is looking “to add a dose of sophistication and glamor to jeans without the lofty price tags in his new label,” says Women’s Wear Daily. Launching for Holiday 2010, the new line’s website should be up-and-running shortly. And, cashing in on the jeggings craze is none other than lingerie maven Cosabella. The French brand is introducing the very first denim-weave leggings. Launching May 15 the collection, called Cosabella Denim, is said to be “a merging of denim and leggings…faux denim leggings with a printed denim effect,” and price points in the ballpark of $61 and $75. Available in black, blue and white, it’s likely best to stay away from the latter as ‘white jeggings’ is not necessarily a good look for anyone not blessed with sky-high, especially thin legs (read: non-models).