Feeling Thorny: A Wine to Remember

Usually promotional parties are a mediocre gathering of media folk at an event that tries too hard but doesn’t deliver. That, or their product sucks. Last night’s Thorny Rose wine event however, was unforgettable, plus the wine was tasty and affordable. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes, but when I saw they had Chairlift playing, I figured, why not? Plus, the event was held on the swank roof deck of Hotel Chantelle and Top Chef Season Nine contestant Ty-Lor Boring was cooking up lamb meatball sliders and prosciutto wrapped shrimp. As if that wasn’t reason enough, when you left, they let you pick an ice cream sandwich from the Coolhaus dessert truck.

Owned by Constellation Wines, the goal of Thorny Rose Wines is to, “meet the demands of Millennial consumers,” which the company says, is, “a segment with unparalleled growth and influence.” Mostly this means they are really good at social networking and throwing parties.

Speaking of, as the DJ and electric violin duo Mia Moretti and Caitlin Moe provided the pre-Chairlift beats, we snagged a couple hefty glasses of the sauvignon blanc and sat down to an epic game of Jenga. Next, we tried the Red Blend, a perfectly respectable table wine, and made our way to the other side of the roof. There, a man on stilts painted a mural and smiling ladies in black tied leather bands on guests’ wrists. More women in black waltzed by with trays of food and bottles of wine, which they poured freely in a Bacchanalian manor as well-heeled guests imbibed.

Everything sported the Thorny Rose logo on it, from the wall, to the bar mirrors—even the Sharpie markers touted the name of the wine. The team behind the campaign cleverly hash tagged the phrase, “feelingthorny,” and through this catchy marketing push, they made it a brand I can’t forget. And the wine, well it’s totally drinkable and perfect for any party. Right now, you can buy the wines for around $10 at Dawn Liquors, Madison Avenue Wines, Wine Heaven, and Tenth Avenue Wine & Liquors. But, don’t be surprised if you start seeing them everywhere soon.