10 Cyber Monday Fashion Deals to Wrap Up Your Holiday Shopping

Happy Cyber Monday! Also known as the one day that you can spend unmentionable hours online shopping at work and not feel bad about it because you know that everyone around you is probably doing it too. It’s a time when top brands and retailers reward their computer-bound consumers with deep discounts across the web, creating the most convenient shopping experience, ever. Since this is also a perfect time to tackle some last-minute holiday shopping, we’ve rounded up ten stellar sales that are guaranteed to satisfy just about every fashionably inclined friend on your gift list.

1. AllSaints: Take 20% off all merchandise, including menswear, womenswear, and accessories when you enter promo code ALLSAINTS at checkout.

2. Shopbop: Spend $250 or more, take $50 off your order; spend $500 or more, take $100 off; spend $750 or more, take $150 off; spend $1,000 or more, take $250 off; or spend $1,500 or more, take $500 off. Use promo code BIGEVENT at checkout.

3. wonderMode: Take 20% off final purchase when you use promo code KZN6C2F1V at checkout. Deal ends at midnight.

4. DKNY: Take 28% off your entire purchase, plus free shipping.

5. Esprit: 40% off all items, including accessories.

6. Betsey Johnson: Take 40% off your entire purchase.

7. Ralph Lauren: Take 25% off reduced items, plus free shipping.

8. Adidas: Free shipping on all purchases, plus $15 off order $80 or more, $25 off orders $100 or more, and $40 off orders $125 or more.

9. Converse: Take 20% off all items, plus free shipping.

10. Nike: Take an extra 25% off clearance items with promo code ADVANTAGE. Sale ends Wednesday.

Converse Scores The Simpsons’ First-Ever Footwear Collab

This might be the best cartoon-fashion collab since Comme Des Garcons and Waldo. Today, Converse announced a new collection with The Simpsons, aka the longest-running scripted show in television history. This is the beloved series’ first footwear collaboration, ever. 

Officially launching on June 15, the Simpsons Chuck Taylor All Star collection celebrates the show’s 25th season and features custom graphics in a variety of sizes for adults, women and children. Style highlights include the men’s Homer sneaker emblazoned with signature phrases like "D’oh!" and "Woo Hoo!", the kid’s Bart sneaker scribbled with "I will not waste chalk," and the Family sneaker starring the whole crew (Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie). 

Expect wacky style lovers like Rihanna, Rita Ora, Lil Wayne and Bieber to sport these soon. Styles are going for $37 to $65 and will be available at Journeys.com and Converse.com.

The Top NYC Bars To Hook Up With Hipsters

How does it feel to tear off someone’s skin-tight lycra shorts and mismatched striped socks? Are coffee-guzzling, liberal arts majors better at talking dirty? What’s a hipster’s morning-after go-to spot ? If you cannot answer any of the above questions, it’s time you consult our list of the Top NYC Bars To Hook Up With Hipsters. This is a species that travels in packs, and where there’s one, there’s many. We are confident you will find lots of single, attractive, and nimble hipsters here.

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Watch the Video for ‘DoYaThing,’ the Converse Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy Collaboration

Because there’s no time like now, Converse has released a music video for the Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy collaboration, "DoYaThing." The video takes place in Gorillaz Mansion on the morning after a particularly death-inspiring bender: As Stuart "2D" Pot walks around the house, he finds the rest of his bandmates in various states of unkempt. He goes to make toast, there’s a bowl of human ears on the counter; he opens up his medicine cabinet, and Andre 3000’s ninja counterpart is curled up inside it, and so on and so on. I mean, who knows, but the animation is great. Watch it after the jump.

You can also listen to the extended version of the track, in case quarter-hour freakouts are your thing (as they should be). The song is also available for download at the Converse website, as are those spiffy Gorillaz Chuck Taylors that sparked this whole collaboration (except the real-life equivalent of "downloading" is something called "buying," who knew?).

Listen to “DoYaThing,” the Gorillaz + Andre 3000 + James Murphy Collaboration

Even from their self-imposed semi-hiatus, Andre 3000 and James Murphy are the coolest men in their respective genres (rap and post-blog nostagi-lectro, in case you’re wondering). When you add Gorillaz to the mix, you’ve got a shovel-ready Youngs-targeting commercial waiting to happen. That seems to be the motivation behind their collaborative song "DoYaThing," which will be released to promote the upcoming Converse line of Gorillaz-themed shoes. You can wait until tomorrow to download it from the Converse website, or you can listen to a rip at Listen Before You Buy.

I know, I know — it seems a bit calculated, purely created for page hits and blog buzz. At least they all sound excited to be on the song, even if a rhyme like "Ballin’ outrageous like a purebred mare / Converse All-Stars is the only shoe to wear" is a bit more corporate than I would’ve expected from the usually DIY Murphy. (I have been told that is not immediately recognizable as a joke, but rest assured, it is a joke. Thank God!)

If You Absolutely Must Wear Your Sunglasses At Night

Lots to talk about in sunglasses lately! We don’t intend to encourage this trend, but Converse is teaming up with REM Eyewear to produce glow-in-the-dark shades, currently available in two styles. After a long day of partying in the sun, be the life of the party as your glowing shades light up the night. Right now the frames come in two unisex styles: the Half Stack (similar to an aviator) and the Lineup (pictured). During the day, the frames are a nicely frosted white with the signature Converse star at the temples.

Retailing for $59, these shades are the perfect accessory for the fledgling starlet, preparing for his/her hopeful life of stardom and paparazzi flashbulbs. Either that, or you have some raves to attend.

Now You Can Match Your Dunks To Your Ferragamos

Having trouble finding the perfect pair of shoes? Or maybe you’re one of those people who only buys one-of-a-kind items? Following in the heels of Nike and Converse, Salvatore Ferragamo will soon launch a program to allow shoppers to buy customized heels, including a monogram of unspecified location. The opportunities for personalization are limitless!

Timed in conjunction with the release of The Tourist, for which Ferragamo designed an exclusive line of shoes and re-released a classic stiletto, shoppers will be able to choose from six styles, ranging from pump to sandal, and 23 colors of satin. Fabrication of the shoes takes about six weeks, but it’s worth it—who better to design a pair of shoes than you? What does Ferragamo know about shoes, anyway?

Converse Opening Flagship Store In SoHo

Boston beat us to the punch with the opening of the first-ever Converse retail store on Newbury Street last month, but on Black Friday, the sneaker giant will unveil its largest specialty store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. The revamped, 7,000 sq-ft. space at Prince Street and Broadway will boast the largest selection of Converse kicks under one roof, anywhere across the globe. Sneakerheads can officially designate this as their one-stop shop to track down any existing Converse line, including the staple Chuck Taylor All-Stars, Star Chevron, One Star, Jack Purcell, Converse by John Varvatos, and upcoming special releases. And of course, as you should expect from the largest Converse store in the world, there will be a special sneaker customization lab in the back.

The flagship store will also introduce a new line of limited-edition graphic T-shirts and sneakers, bearing some necessary New York City geography. Each borough and a few select neighborhoods -Williamsburg, Coney Island, SoHo and Harlem, for example – will be branded on kicks and apparel, and will be available only at the SoHo outpost. If you’re not familiar with the hood, the store won’t be easy to miss. Keep an eye open for the 13-by-35 ft. American flag in the storefront, assembled from 648 pairs of red, white, and blue Chuck Taylor All-Star Converses.