With ‘Straight Outta Mordor,’ Workaholics Cast Proves They’re the Funniest Comedy Trio On TV

Do you watch Workaholics? You should, because its trio of stars, Anders Holm (left), Adam DeVine (center), and Blake Anderson (right), represent the most talented comedic trio since Janet Wood and Chrissy Snow invited Jack Tripper to share an apartment in Three’s Company. Working in an ages-old plot context–boyish college dropouts share a house and work in a soul-deadening office–every episode nonetheless feels completely fresh, speaking to our times in a way that recalls the awkward-yet-cathartic truths revealed in movies like Office Space.  Yes, modern life is a drag, but only if you take it seriously.

Blake, Adam, and ‘Ders deliver performances that seem effortless, in large part because they–along with the characters’ drug dealer, Kyle Newacheck–are the lead writers on the show. As such they’ve invented their own language–pornography isn’t porn, it’s "pornog," and a blowjob is a "blowj"–and embody an attitude of contemporary hedonism that’s refreshingly bereft of introspection. They’ll gladly abandon any shred of dignity to get the jokes right.

It takes brilliant actors to come off as such idiots, and when I come home drunk, there’s no better show to stumble upon in those hazy moments before bed. Which is why it was such a pleasure to see the guys performing as the Wizards last night on Conan. With "Straight Outta Mordor," the actors prove that not only do they know comedic timing and physicality, they can rap too. Lonely Island, watch your back. Check out "Straight Outta Mordor" below, and then go set your DVR. 

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Adam Scott Dons a Tux for Hollywood Circle Jerk

It’s kind of impossible not to love Adam Scott. And when he shows up in a tux? Even better. So last night, the Parks and Rec star turned up for a late-night appearance on Conan in full dress—simply for the season, Academy Award season. Scott went on to say the reason for his fancy duds was because "it’s good to be prepared because at any moment I could be asked to present something or get nominated for something—neither of which has happened." He continued by proclaiming that, "There’s only like a five-month period every year where Hollywood gets to, you know, stand around in a circle and jerk each other off so I wanted to be prepared." Good thinkin, Scott. 

Check out the full clip below.

Your Pre-Weekend Diversion: Will Ferrell Has Feelings About ‘Twilight’ Stars’ Breakup

It’s been a week or so, so whatever emotions you had—be they extreme bawwwwing or general apathy—over the breakup of Twilight stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, have probably come to pass. You’re also probably not a Saturday Night Live alum trying to sell his latest movie during an interview with Conan on his titular late-night talk show.

While promoting The Campaign Thursday night, Will Ferrell visited Conan and had a lot of things to get off his chest about the R-Patz/K-Stew breakup. Deadpan news-breaking occurs, followed by the waterworks, followed by shouting, followed by portmanteaus, most notably "Trampire." Ferrell also expresses his feeling directly responsible for said breakup and wishing he could have done more. Looks like the nation will still need a little more time to heal. 

Goodnight everybody, and have a great weekend! 

Billy Eichner Goes to Israel, Asks the Important Questions

There’s nothing I love more than Man on the Street reportage, probably because I’ve never been accosted by a Man on the Street reporter before. Still, there’s only one person who could raise the artform to a new level, and that man is Billy Eichner. Host of Funny or Die’s Billy on the Street, Eicher regularly jumps in front of unsuspecting strangers on the streets of New York with a barrage of trivia questions. The best part? Most of the answers to those questions are subjective, and nothing brings me more joy than when Eichner storms off in an angry huff when he doesn’t get the answer he wants. (i’ve taken to imitating him when the same thing happens to me at work!)

Occasionally, Eichner pops up on Conan as a correspondent, as he did this week when he asked some unsuspecting Isralis how they feel about stuff like Iran, nuclear missiles, and, most importantly, Madonna. Imagine a taller, angrier, gayer Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (but without the humping, I assume). Check out the hilarious clip below:


And here’s a bonus video, just for kicks, of Eichner challenging Rachel Dratch to name twenty white people. It’s hard, you guys!

Watch Triumph the Insult Comic Dog Troll a Legendarily Rude Chicago Hot Dog Joint

Chicago citizens are well familiar with the Wiener’s Circle, a hot dog stand where the staff yells at the usually-drunk clientele who stumble in past 3 AM looking for a bite and a fight. On last night’s episode of Conan, the comedian capped off his week hosting from the Windy City by sending the infamous Triumph the Comic Dog to the Wiener’s Circle, along with 30 Rock star Jack McBrayer, to get into some trouble. After McBrayer gets his pleasant demeanor rocked by the staff’s vulgar bromides, only Triumph can set things right — or, at least, on an even level.

I’m torn, but it’s between "Queen La’queefah" and "Nicki Minaj without the everything" for the best insult. Though the bit is obviously staged, it’s still pretty funny to watch both sides escalating and escalating with no resolution in sight — until the end, when everything seems to work out for the best. (But not to spoil it.) It’s eight minutes long, but it’s pretty worth it.

Watch Vaguely-Related Music Videos From Bon Iver, Girls

Fresh for the blogosphere today are new music videos for Bon Iver’s "Towers" and Girls’ "My Ma," off each act’s respectively great album from last year. They’re both full of nature and senior citizens: The Bon Iver video shows an elderly man dragging a dreamcatcher into the woods and proceeding to hang out, while the Girls clip tracks an elderly woman spending her days in seclusion. Watch both of them after the click, via Pitchfork.

As the ‘fork notes, Girls will perform on Conan on March 22, which is why their video is premiering via Team Coco. "My Ma" will also be available on vinyl as the third single from Father, Son, Holy Ghost, which you can score on May 22. (Bon Iver doesn’t have any further plans, presumably because Justin Vernon is still basking in his Grammy wins. Such a slacker!)

Anne Hathaway’s Impressive Lil Wayne-Inspired Paparazzi Rap on Conan

When you’re Anne Hathaway, and when you’re playing the role of Catwoman in Christopher Nolan’s upcoming blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises, it’s to be expected that the paparazzi will pay just a little more attention than usual. But meltdowns and therapy be damned! This level-headed actress resorted to “songwriting” to vent her frustrations. During an appearance on Conan last night, Hathaway delivered her own original rap song, taking aim at the stalkarazzi. And if the flow sounds a bit familiar, well, “it’s in the style of Lil Wayne.”

At first, it was Hathaway’s unexpectedly deep rapping voice that surprised us the most. Then this happened—“Don’t act so hotsy-totsy, bitch, I know that you from Jersey”—and it was pretty enjoyable.

Beach House Come out of Winter Hibernation to Play Conan

I know it’s totally the wrong season for Beach House’s brand of psychedelic surfer pop, but last night the band put on their warmest coats and sweaters (which don’t actually look that warm) to grace Conan’s stage, providing us with a little taste of what’s to come in six months when we’ve all become unfrozen. Say what you will about the new Conan – I’m pretty sick of him by this point – but the man books some good musical guests. If anything, his show has become a showcase for indie bands that might not always make the stage at Leno. Warm yourself after the jump.

Video Above.