Meet Industry Insider & Fashion Designer Carolina Sarria

“I sometimes think of myself as a vampire,” says fashion designer Carolina Sarria. “I dress in jeans and a cotton t-shirt during the day, but at night I transform into the style of my brand. Night is more fun for me.” So after dark, Sarria – the president of her own namesake brand – becomes all that her clothing encompasses: edgy, androgynous, and dark. “My brand attracts the wild girl who is fearless and loves to feel sexy,” she says. Which is perhaps why it’s been received with such applause. Ever since the Colombia-born designer launched her first collection at a fashion show in 2011, the demand for her pieces have been overwhelming, and naturally spawned the need for Sarria’s first store.

The boutique, which opened in January in the Garment District at 325 W. 38th St., showcases her latest collections. “Having your own store is a designer’s dream,” she says. “I love the direct interaction of dressing up my clients and seeing them react to each piece. The process has been stressful, but gratifying.”

Despite the stress, Sarria is expanding her brand threefold; she’s designing a shoe line for a major retail chain which launches early next year, debuting her men’s collection in the fall at the same time her women’s collection appears in commercial stores, and hosting her fall-transition runway show on May 10th.

But what would Sarria do if she wasn’t so successful at designing? “I would be a psychologist who analyzes the minds of the criminally insane. The mad are just more interesting .”

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Industry Insiders: UNTUCKit’s Founder Chris Riccobono

“The best ideas are ones that solve problems for yourself,” says Chris Riccobono. And with the creation of his shirt company UNTUCKit, he did exactly that. After years of being fed up with wearing button-down shirts that were too long or too tight (thus, necessitating tucking) Riccobono launched UNTUCKit, a collection of men’s shirts that look good untucked and fit a variety of men’s body types –  the first of its kind.

Since its debut, such celebrities as Channing Tatum and Matt Damon have been seen wearing the shirts, and the fan base just keeps expanding, from men in their twenties to sixties – to women. “I receive orders from women who thank us for solving this problem for their husbands and boyfriends.”

Despite the increasing demands and the challenging economy, Riccobono maintains a relaxed managing style – “the opposite of corporate America – and is grateful for his family’s positivity amid the risks of owning a company. “There are many sleepless nights. If you fail, you essentially need to start over from scratch. There will be a lot more failures than successes, but you only need one to make it.”

Celebrate NYC: Mia Fonssagrives Solow’s New York-Inspired Design Collection Opens March 28th

Sure, summer in the city might be so good it warrants a song (and a whole lot of tourists), but true New Yorkers know the city is in its prime during the spring; happy hours move outside, picnics replace nights in on Netflix, and the underground subways don’t yet feel like a urine-saturated, scalding underworld.

So when the city is at its best, why not celebrate it! On March 28th, artist and designer Mia Fonssagrives Solow launches her New York-inspired collection at The Museum of the City of New York. A testament to the beauty, brilliance, and eccentricity of NYC, the collection showcases a sundry array of home goods, fashion pieces, and jewelry. Trace the skyline and towering skyscrapers gleaming in the scarves, vases, and cuff links; follow the city’s grid fashioned on a fashionable dress. When you’re done, try to piece together NYC with a wooden puzzle.
Gleaming with the skyline, crystalline city lights, and even its signature sports colors, Fonssagrives honors the city and the people who have helped shape it. In a way, its almost like celebrating yourself – so, why not?
Mia Fonssagrives Dress