Pantone-Inspired Bar With Quirky Cocktail Names Opens In San Fran

Named for those old mechanical 1950’s piggy banks that featured a canine jumping through a hoop and dropping a coin in a barrel, this new SF bar Trick Dog is a similarly quaint throwback. Helmed by Josh Harris and Scott Baird of the Bon Vivants group, its existing industrial elements (i.e. soaring factory windows) are offset by an urban-rustic interior design concept, all anchored by a century-old, marble-accented bar and Pantone-colored stools.

Much of the focus at Trick Dog is on the imbibing, with a drinks program cleverly driven by the Pantone Color Guide. The quirkily-named drinks range from the genial–Pennies From Heaven, Grandma’s Sweater–to the more conceptual, as in the edgy Neat With A Side Menu. Bar snacks include their take on the scotch egg and, for the sweet-toothed, Fernet Mint Chip Ice Cream. Oh, and yes–there’s a real Trick Dog piggy bank at the bar. 

For the inside-info on Trick Dog, check out the BlackBook listing here.

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New Cocktails to Get Your Fall On at Jacques 1534

Don’t be fooled, there are two Jacques 1534s in Nolita, and while they share a kitchen, the vibe of each is completely different. The one you want to go to is the basement bar, and as soon as you walk down that narrow staircase, you will know why.

First, it’s darling and has cozy, yet chic, French twist to the décor, which goes with the nibbles they serve. Second, in the basement bar you get an array of craft cocktails created by owner Justin Noel and he team of bartenders, including James Lombardino who created the rich and warming Gauguin’s Cure. This lovely blend of mango, gin, and allspice, pays homage to the Americas, and somehow tastes like a cold, spicy guava breakfast drink.

That’s not all. The whole menu sings to the French colonies with drink selections inspired by the aforementioned Americas, as well as Indochina, French Polynesia, and Africa. The new fall menu is chock-full of warming spirits mixed with apples, apricot, maple syrup, pepper honey, and jasmine. You can find these innovative twist in the The White Hand Gange, Chango, Late Night on Lafayette, and other uniquely named cocktails.

Also, this season they are starting a new happy hour called Double Down (not to be confused with the East Village dive bar of the same name), which runs daily from 5 to 9 PM, and includes nightly two-for-one specialty cocktails and beers, plus a $5 punch of Bartender’s Choice Punch. You just have to get it before it runs out.

London Opening: Tonteria

Exactly why Prince William chum Guy Pelly (along with partner Marc Burton) have chosen to open a Mexican restaurant in Chelsea, we’ll leave to the cultural pontificators. Whatever the reason, Tonteria, the ubiquitous nightlife impresario’s new Sloane Square restaurant and bar, is a study in decadence, with shots delivered via a "shot train" (giving new meaning to the term "going off the rails"), and stylish piñatas welcoming guests’ controlled savagery during special celebrations.

The woody interiors evoke your favorite local ciudad dive, while the wood floors, green-hued lighting, and ceramic tiles transport you to a villa at sunset. For a particular frisson of Catholicism (and lots of fun), the photo booth doubles as a confessional. Though the name translates as "something of little consequence," Tonteria is anything but.