I’m Lost, Where’s Coachella?

Last week our intrepid photo diarist Carlos Santolalla flew to Los Angeles. That was the easy part. Finding his way to Coachella proved more difficult. But it’s all good when you’re with your friends.

Mario Lopez

789650_origAngel Haze + Ireland Baldwin in the corner



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Club DAB

Me and Zaina at Acabar (Roland Emmerich’s restaurant)

Zaina and Jesse Hoffman, and the LA ‘it’ twins Brian and Brad Cowell

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Coachella Chaos Includes Alexander Wang Surprise

Midnight on a Saturday on Instagram amid Coachella-insta-chaos — when and how else would Alexander Wang reveal himself as the latest designer collaborator with H&M?

As H&M says, it’s time to “sharpen your elbows” in preparation for the November 6 launch date.

See more photos from the concert and announcement, below.


Iggy Azaelea

Major Lazer

Brit Brit To The Rescue: Let The Spear-it Guide Your Coachella Fashion

Wouldn’t Coachella “fashion” be HELLA cuter if all y’all pretty young thangs took style inspiration from Godney aka Britney Spears circa 2000-2002? (No disrespect to Brit Brit’s current duds, but I don’t believe sheer turtlenecks and Uggs mix well with Palm Springs’ climate.)

The answer to the aforementioned is:

So, you wanna wear the Coachella cliché of head-to-toe neon and daisy dukes and crop tops and Ray-Bans and hippie flower headpieces and other vomit-inducing shit and etc. Fine. But then you better work (it), bitch. And I strongly suggest allowing the princess of pop to guide you. Feel the holy Spear-it!

Here’s Britney on the beach-y set of her iconic music video, “Sometimes,” in a simple and chic and (not that?) innocent number complete with beach-blown locks and a lovelorn pout.

Insanely low-rise pants, French tips, bleached-the-fuck-out crimped hair, that face/that stomach. Everything works here.

This just makes me perma-smile.

This too.

She loves rock ‘n’ roll.

And punk.

Eat your hearts out, club kids. (PS. Notice Scandal’s Columbus Short gyrating behind Godney. They allegedly had a fling that resulted in Short’s divorce to whomever he was married to back in the day. SCANDALOUS, indeed.)

I dare you.

This one’s perfection for Coachella’s poolside after-parties. Don’t forget the bikini. Or do.

GIMME MORE of this floral cowgirl realness. Please.


Miley wishes!

Surf’s up.

Coachella in one photo, basically.

Would you hold it against me if I revealed this as being my favorite “obscure” Godney look of all time?

Fuck it. Give them something to remember.

Just, please, not this.

New Calvin Harris “Summer” Vid With Jason Statham + Drag Racing Babes, Just in Time for Warm Weather

Honestly this is not our favorite Calvin Harris video, not by a long shot (our favorites are in the play list below). But today is an as of late rare warm day in New York and we felt particularly grateful to Mr. Harris when his new video for the song “Summer” popped into our inbox this morning. It’s got drag racing, babes in cutoff jeans, extravagant Beverly Hills swimming pools, and expansive Lancaster Desert skies—just what we’re in the mood for.

Calvin Harris will play this coming weekend on the 13th (and next, on the 20th) at Coachella.

Models Invade Coachella 2012

Given that Victoria’s Secret model Lily Aldridge met her husband Kings of Leon rocker Caleb Followill at Coachella, models are flocking to the fest to find their future musically-inclined soulmates like never before. This weekend we encounted a slew of physically gifted creatures, including besties Hanne Gaby Odiele and Kasia Struss (pictured), Lily Donaldson, Karlie Kloss, Arizona Muse, Dree Hemingway and our favorite Burberry face, Cara Delevingne

Alessandra Ambrosio and the aforementioned Lily were both absent this year, due to being pregnant. As far as whereabouts the in-attendance models lurked, Odiele, Struss and Muse hit the Mulberry party at the Gene Autry pool, Hemingway graced the Burton Snowboards party at Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Donaldson hit the Jeremy Scott party at the Frank Sinatra estate, and Delevingne bopped around the festival grounds.  

Photo by Mr. Newton via Harper’s Bazaar

Coachella Fashion is Mostly Naked, Floral

My first stop on Coachella’s first Saturday was the Mulberry bash at the Gene Autry pool. The scene was chock-full of Mulberry creative director Emma Hill’s beautiful friends, namely top models and celebrities. Although it was scorching, that didn’t stop the Arizona Muse from maintaining her perfectly tailored model-off-duty look, complete with skin-tight blacks jeans, a lightweight tee, and killer riding boots.

"It was raining yesterday, so I had no clue what to wear!" she exclaimed as she gracefully patted the tiny beads of sweat off her glowing skin.

Harley Viera-Newton was also in attendance, rocking a cherry printed body suit and cut-off jeans (a Coachella style pre-requisite) and a teeny tiny Mulberry crossbody bag. I also spotted Mirror, Mirror actress Lily Collins hanging with her buddy, global man-about-town, Andrew Bevan. They took full advantage of the party’s complimentary Fuijfilm polaroid cameras, asking friends to snap them together anywhere and everywhere the entire time. 

Next, I hit up the Kanon Vodka party, hosted by Bleach Black blogger and Nike Action Sports design director, Kristin Reiter. It was a kick-off event for the release of her brilliant new iPhone case design, "Snow White," which features a futuristic metal frame and mirror screen protectors. Reiter was all smiles the entire day, demoing the accessory’s functionality and offering guests the chance to pre-order the case on the spot. Joining her were notable (and impeccably dressed) tastemakers like Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast, Elizabeth Kott of Closet Rich and Jillian Kate of Under the Table.

To cap off the weekend, I found myself at the Foam Magazine and Planet Blue party at the Alcazar hotel, which was oozing with scantily clad bloggers wearing what seemed like the event’s headgear of choice: floral crowns.Lust for Life‘s Olivia Lopez, Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic and Two Point Oh! LA founder Kelsi Smith were all on the scene. There was a shaded area in the back of the bar where bloggers all seemed to huddle for their respective impromptu photo shoots.

"This is definitely the bloggers’ corner!" noted Smith, rather than get into the echo chamber I eventually moved on to The Do-Over at Ace Hotel & Swim Club, which was filled with hip hop heads bopping to the sounds of Busy P of Ed Banger Records and the one and only DJ Craze by the pool.

Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart: Seen & Heard at Coachella Weekend 2

Contrary to popular belief, the second weekend of Coachella was not a ghost town. In fact, famous faces turned up in droves to take in the music fest’s final bow and were treated to steadier weather than the first weekend. Speaking of the heat, the desert was scorching with scantily clad celebrities attempting to stay well-ventilated in 100-degree weather. From Emma Roberts in a bikini to Kristen Stewart in microscopic cut-offs to a shirtless Joe Mangianello—if you thought Coachella style was naked before, brace yourself. 


There certainly wasn’t a drought in star couples this weekend, as dynamic duos like Zoe Kravitz and Penn Badgley and Stewart and Robert Pattinson hit the scene without a bodyguard in sight. And while their love was well-documented by the bevy of photogs in the house, there’s no denying that the buzziest of buzz sightings was Katy Perry frolicking from show to show, hand in hand with her new fling (and Ryan Gosling doppelgänger), Robert Ackroyd. The pop star and Florence + the Machine guitarist were heavy on the PDA, proving that Perry has very much moved on from both her former husband Russell Brand and her Chanel boy toy from Paris Fashion Week, model Baptiste Giabiconi. 


There’s more: former BlackBook cover star Alexander Skarsgård swung by the SKYY Infusions Coconut Escape Pool Party in a simple black tee and jeans, Rosie Huntington-Whitely graced the fest grounds in a white J Brand shirt, nude bikini top, and Christopher Kane denim shorts. Even Melanie Griffith make an appearance this weekend, pairing a black tee with floral trousers and cat-eye sunnies while smoking cigarettes and downing beer. Rock on.

Photos: Popsugar, Hollywood Life, Red Carpet Fashion, Daily Mirror

Wild Nothing Announces EP, Reveals New Song

It’s been just a few months since Wild Nothing’s sophomore album, Nocturne, washed ashore. Between then and now, they did a long European tour and played their Coachella debut. Oh yeah, and they recorded a seven-song EP. In ten days. Way to make the rest of us look lazy, dudes.

Wild Nothing’s original mastermind, Jack Tatum, explained how the Empty Estate record came about—once he got a break from performing the same songs over and over, “I listened to Brian Eno and David Bowie for weeks on end and felt like I was hearing them for the first time. I took a trip to Miami with my girlfriend. I visited my family. I felt free to try things musically that I would have stifled before.” All very promising, no?
You can get your first taste of the results in the official video for the single “A Dancing Shell,” a charmingly low-tech psychedelic journey. The music itself is more hard-edged and muscular than Wild Nothing’s usual output, which is heavy on jangle and haze. Sounds like somebody hit the clubs on his vacation.