BlackBook Fashion: ‘1.8 Surge Charge, Car is 8 Minutes Away’

Photography: Nicholas Maggio
Styling: Rima Vaidila
Model: Allegra Carpenter (LA Models)

MAGGIO-7 copy

Turtleneck, Sweater & Coat: Assembly New York, Top: Club Monaco, Jeans: Won Hundred, Boots: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Ahlem Eyewear

MAGGIO-16 copy

Dress: CF. Goldman

MAGGIO-15 copy

(Left) Dress: CF. Goldman, Boots: Saint Laurent (Right) Jacket: Sandy Liang, Skirt: Won Hundred, Duffle: Saint Laurent

MAGGIO-11 copy

Turtleneck, sweater & coat: Assembly New York, Top: Club Monaco, Jeans: Won Hundred, Boots: Saint Laurent, Sunglasses: Ahlmen Eyewear

MAGGIO-10 copy

Sweater: CF. Goldman, Shirt: Liebeskind, Skirt: Club Monaco, Scarf: A Peace Treaty, Boots: Isabel Marant

Fashion’s Finest Toast Tommy Ton x Club Monaco Collab

Ever since we first discovered photographer Tommy Ton and his wildly popular blog, Jak & Jil, we knew that he was destined to be a star. We’re certainly not the only ones to fall head over platform heels for the notorious street-style snapper—he’s now BFFs with a host of notable fashion insiders, including the one and only Anna Dello Russo. Although Ton is a frequent collaborator with fashion brands, he’s never actually rolled out a product line with one of them—until now.

Last night, a slew of designers and style-inclined individuals gathered at Club Monaco’s Fifth Avenue Flagship to fete the release of the Tommy Ton x Club Monaco handbag collection. The event featured a Ton-snapped gallery of Fashion Week-ers like Taylor Tomasi Hill, Leandra Medine, Emily Weiss, and Marina Munoz sporting the bag in-between shows in New York, London, Milan and Paris. 

See the bags here. They retail between $198 and $225 and can be purchased at select Club Monaco stores in the US, Canada, Europe and Asia today.

‘Paris vs. New York’ Author Vahram Muratyan Teams Up With Club Monaco

Although the mastermind behind the popular blog turned book, Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities, never truly reveals whether he’s more fond of the City of Lights or the Big Apple, something tells us that Vahram Muratyan’s latest partnership might have him veering toward the latter. NY-based retailer Club Monaco has announced that Muratyan will contribute to their Culture Club blog for the entire month of April. 

Per the release, the wildly talented author and graphic designer will grace the Culture Club with a "selection of new and exclusive Vahram Muratyan photography and graphics illustrations daily." After a quick perusal of the blog, we’ve already found a handful of fun posts that feature Muratyan’s signature quirky graphics and colorful photography, like this poetic take on Paris street names, these clever Mad Men ads in NYC, and this delicious plate at Chez Jeannette. Take a gander here


Photo via France Today

Bert Stern Talks About Marilyn Monroe

I attended the Club Monaco event last Thursday for two reasons. First, I wanted to see their flagship store, take in their new advertising campaign and meet legendary photographer Bert Stern who shot it. Second, Patrick Duffy told me I had to go. Patrick is all set to unleash BES, his new restaurant, on the world and it’s shaping up to be one of the best places in town. I’ll gladly kiss his world famous ass for a sneak peek. The Club Monaco event was a smashing success. The fashion set circulated in living color around the black and white Bert Stern campaign photos. Mr. Stern is famous for many things including his book Marilyn Monroe: The Complete Last Sitting. The images of Marilyn were taken just 6 weeks before her death and capture the icon’s beauty, frailty and pain. It is a window into the mind of the idolized star just before she burst all our misconceptions.

A Club Monaco spokeswoman told me about hiring Mr. Stern for the brand: “The choice to work with Stern builds on Club Monaco’s history of collaborating with the world’s most celebrated photographers, including Richard Avedon, Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh, Patrick Demarchelier, Walter Chin and Nathaniel Goldberg.” She was kind enough to arrange a Q&A with the great photographer. Club Monaco is a young brand. How do you keep so young? How do you keep relevant? You’re right, Club Monaco is a young brand, but it’s the combination of classic and modern that really made it appealing to me. I like their use of black and white photography and how they play with the tension of black and white within their brand. How do I stay young? That’s easy; I am constantly surrounded by young and innovative people. Imagination is more important than knowledge. People believe knowledge comes with age. Imagination you are born with.

You were able to make an idol seem so human just before she became an eternal icon. What didn’t your camera catch or did we see her as fully exposed as we all thought? Women and photography are the two things I love most in the world. With Marilyn I photographed the truth. I framed the picture and then pressed the button. I’ve always said that if the photographer is sensitive to you, he will capture what you’re about. The great sadness always attributed to her, was it pervasive? It was said that Monroe was always late and always moody. How did you get what you needed? It’s simple. It was our connection.

How do you focus on the rest of your life/career after such a legendary shoot? What other work are you as proud of or more proud of? It’s all relative. Jazz on a summer day. Spending time in the country. Making my film about the Newport Jazz festival was a great project.

Has there been a Marilyn since? Is there one today? No. There’s only one

You rarely do advertising campaigns. Why did you choose Club Monaco? Will there be more advertising campaigns in your future? They have a dynamic creative team and I was drawn to their fresh aesthetic. It was just the perfect match for my work.

Twiggy couldn’t make the event and sent her regrets:

Dearest Bert,

 Have a wonderful night. So sorry I can’t be there. I have such wonderful memories of our working together and thankfully some gorgeous photographs. You are the best. 
Lots of love, 

Twiggy x

If it isn’t already obvious, Bert travels in different circles than I do.

Clubland’s Most Hated and Club Monaco’s Most Loved

“Who’s fighting and what for?” Mick Jagger Justin Ross Lee wrote on his website ClubPlanet that Richard Thomas, who is best known for working the door at Marquee and now Avenue, is the most hated man in nightlife. Numero uno, hands down, the worst guy around. Everybody with the possible exception of Richard Thomas knows that Justin was just being Justin. Justin has told me that he, himself, wants to be the most hated man in nightlife and has proceeded to “send up” a ton of people. It’s kind of ironic that Justin identified, for all to see, the person he wants to replace at the top of his most hated list. Many people enjoy Justin’s lampoon of nightlife, but many more are not amused. For the people who read him daily, despite all of his silliness, bad poetry and misadventures, there lies some truth.

Mr. Richard Thomas rejects thousands of ‘wannabes’ that ask to get behind his gate at Avenue, many he turns away without explanation or social niceties. For this, he must expect some heat. Justin yanks a lot of chains and for this he must expect a little confrontation. I have spent countless hours listening to Richard Thomas professing peace on earth and an end to all wars and have seen him lecture so many others about not using force to resolve conflicts. The fact that he allegedly punched Justin in the stomach the other night at 1Oak shocks me, but everyone in clubland is chatting about it and many are telling me it’s true.

I have seen the police complaint and read about charges, including the alleged theft of a Flip camera. Justin: today is Richard’s birthday. Can you please drop the charges? I know that you are a gentleman and there is no need to take this further. Richard has been showed-up. Now show all of us that you are a gent.

Tomorrow, Club Monaco honors famed photographer Bert Stern at their flagship store on 21st Street. The brand’s CEO, John Mehas will be hosting. Sterns famous “last sitting” photographs of Marilyn Monroe taken 6 weeks prior to her death are some of my favorites. I look forward to attending this event. By the way, Patrick Duffy is somehow involved so it will be fabulous.