Uncle Mike’s Closes, McCarren Park Pool Opens…

Matt De Matt’s birthday bash at his Gaslight annex G2 Lounge kept me away from Danny A’s latest screening as, once again, I couldn’t clone myself. Danny Abeckaser used to be best known for the company he keeps which includes boldface names like Leonardo DiCaprio and scores of models and beautiful people. Now more and more he is becoming a celebrity in his own right, having been a promoter and owner and club personality for decades. He works as both an actor and producer and has recently completed Freelancers and The Iceman. His role as drug dealer Jackie Solomon in Holy Rollers, a film he also produced, has me salivating for his next project. There will be other screenings, goes the logic, but I’ll have to wait until next year for Matt De Matt’s birthday.

At the party I was pleased to get a chance to chat up my friend Mason Reese who followed a childhood commercial acting career with a club/restaurant career. He may be small but he has big ideas and it was wonderful to catch up. Dina Regine and I exchanged war stories about DJing (she still does it) and people and places. It was an age-appropriate crowd for me and I’ll just leave you with that straight line. Yeah, I’m not getting any younger and neither was anyone in that room except maybe Matt who looked great and was certainly full of less BS than I hear from most people of his stature in the biz.

I like the concept of the “F**K the Hamptons” bikini and champagne brunches at Lavo on Saturday afternoons. I like that all the people in this town that I don’t enjoy as much as they think I do leave town each weekend for that never never land (as in I will never go there unless paid well). I am hearing raves about McCarren Park’s newly-opened pool and recreation facility for all the scruffy hipsters in Williamsburg. I had a blast last night at Hotel Chantelle which got its air conditioning together. The crowds – those that didn’t melt last Thursday – returned to enjoy the show and especially the roof. Debbie Harry came by to visit her pal DJ Miss Guy and I had a few minutes to chat with her. Last night I hung with regulars Tommy London and Marty Concussion of the Dirty Pearls. They were busy being boys-to-men…and back to boys-at-the-bar with Luc Carl. Before next Thursday’s DJ gig at Chantelle, I will see them perform at the Highline Ballroom with Bebe Buell, The Killing Floor, The Noise, and Ingrid and The Defectors.

My newest friend was telling me right before my DJ gig about her favorite bar: Uncle Mike’s. Less than 10 minutes later she received a message that announced its immediate closing. I’m rethinking my friendship… this girl is dangerous. The message said:

"tomorrow, Friday, is closing day for mike’s. we are throwing an ‘end of the world’ party. I expect everyone to make the bar as much money as possible if we want guaranteed jobs at the other company bars. the $ Friday needs to be huge. I couldn’t tell anyone until now, ring as much as possible. sell decor sell chalkboards, hats, glasses etc. starting at $10 the money will be very closely watched. drop text and Facebook bombs NOW. twitter, call, etc. put it on the sign in the am. sell every drop of liquor in here at full price. I need $6000+ tomorrow."

Uncle Steve is heading to Uncle Mike’s tonight with cash in his pocket. Yesterday I told Mason that the business is booming and that everyone is making loot. I might have misspoken. Come join me at Uncle Mike’s and I’ll buy you a beer…or maybe a barstool.

A Moment Of Silence: Cocktail Bodega Is Closed

Most New York bars, sex shops, laundromats, and restaurants close for two reasons: no one likes them and/or their rent is too high. But in the case of Cocktail Bodega – the LES purveyor of healthy and potent alcoholic smoothies and secret Jameson Ginger Beer Floats – none of this happened. Instead, like a scene out of Armageddon or something, the plumbing system is a congested mess and needs to be completely redone, thus requiring the gutting of the ground-level Underground club and the main, first-floor area for kimchee reuben-and-waffle-fries consumption.

I just want to take a moment of silence for this New York casualty that has, for seven months, made legions of New Yorkers (like myself) feel good for two reasons: 1. for downing a Birthday Cake Smoothie with antixiodant-rich banana, mango, and Malibu Red and 2. for getting us tipsy and stuffed with chicken satay. So here we go.

*moment of silence*

But in other news, Cocktail Bodega is not completely done for. Here’s what owner Matt Levine – who’s behind such hotspots as Sons of Essex and the coming-soon The Rowhouse Inn – told us about Bodega’s future:

“It’s unfortunate that it’s closed for building upgrades. But we’ll be hosting pop-ups until the re-opening.”

And thank heavens they’re waiting till the plumbing is fixed, because with cocktails stuffed with beet and celery juice and pineapple wedges, they need some spic-n-span, superhuman pipes.

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