New York Opening: Onassis Clothing

Of course, the "Onassis" and "Rockfeller" jokes will be forthcoming. But far from being big news for the jetset-set, the opening of this new Rockefeller Center Onassis Clothing shop will surely jazz those gents whose sense of style leans decidedly classic, but whose budget is very 2012.

The 1,500-square-foot Analogue Studio-designed space houses a full selection of the Japanese-American brand’s preppy cool essentials – all with a slightly nautical bent and European fit. A growing leathers and accessories collection is also on offer. Best of all, you’ll only look like a millionaire. 

Derek Blasberg on How to Avoid “A Big Slut Symbol”

The title of the latest fashion tome to hit bookshelves this spring, Classy: Exceptional Advice For the Extremely Modern Lady, may sound like your run-of-the-mill etiquette atlas, but rather than dole out dry, boring advice, the book is superbly cheeky, thanks to the fashion scribe behind it. Derek Blasberg, man about town and writer for the likes of V, and Interview, among other publications, is releasing his very first book (if you don’t count his editing of the Olsens’ Influence). Its mission is simple: instructing men and women on how not to dress like a tramp (or how not to send out “a big Slut Symbol”).

The book goes on sale April 6, but, in the meantime, Refinery 29 has landed a few telling scans of pages including a graph giving out life advice (read: ‘If you lose a lot of weight, a good friend will say this and a bad friend will say that.’) Also highlighted: tips on how to tell when a hemline goes from short to too short, as well as photographic guides to what to wear, and what not to wear to various destinations.

For instance, ‘at the airport,’ apparently it’s not only important to dress with style for your own sake, but for the sake of your future relationship. Blasberg writes: “Given that the venue is teeming with single men, you’d think girls would put more effort into their appearances. But, no you see far more skanked-out, PJ-clad hoochie-momma’s trolling the terminals than you do chic put-together young ladies.” While I don’t agree with the idea that women only dress for men–what about other women, or, better yet, themselves?!–the book looks pretty entertaining. Besides, given the fact that JWoww was seen front row at fashion week (sporting Ed Hardy no less), I’m all for more ‘classy’ these days.