The Best of the Emmys Red Carpet, Feat. Thakoon, Chanel, and a Faux-Bob

As E! kicked off the red carpet judging for Sunday night’s Emmy Awards, stylist George Kotsiopoulos wondered aloud whether the attendees would please the Us Weeklys or the fashion rags more. It turned out there wasn’t much risk-taking – a quiet red carpet to match a quiet Emmys – though there were a few favorites looks stolen straight from the spring runways to better please the fashion crowd.

Possibly the evening’s best-dressed, an actress who wasn’t eligible to be nominated, nor was she presenting, was Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling, whose modern, sexy dress was custom made for her by Thakoon Panichgul. Thakoon, whose feminine frocks rarely make red carpet appearances, must spot something special about the actress to have sought her out for this. These red carpets can be the convergence of fashion with entertainment – the starlets taking heed from stylists, or seeking to please the fashion powers that be, forming sartorial relationships for the successful road ahead. For instance, it’s impossible to think of Anne Hathaway on the red carpet without thinking of Valentino – even after her Oscar’s dress switch and burn.

Taylor Schilling in Thakoon

The high ‘90s neckline of Schilling’s white, slit-front, cut out silk crepe number did little to tone down her smokiness, which, matched with her a dark eye, a dark red lip and movie star waves, made quite the impression. After binge-watching Orange is the New Black, and seeing the style Schilling brings to the red carpet, I’m looking forward to seeing more and more of her, on screen and off.

One young gun who stays in fashion’s favor time and again is Mad Men actress Kiernan Shipka, who shone in age appropriate and adorably cheerful Delpozo.


Presenter and How I Met Your Mother actress Cobie Smulders was respectfully understated in a pale pink J. Mendel dress that couldn’t have fit her better.

Worth a mention for her chic faux-bob, Homeland star Carrie – I mean Claire Danes, who tried short hair on for the night thanks to stylist Peter Butler. My vote is for her to cut it, though this sleek look probably wouldn’t work well with her… crazy character.

Claire Danes

Another notable, though for her accessories, was the star of New Girl. If there’s ever an occasion to bust out the planet-sized cocktail jewelry, Zooey Deschanel found it on Sunday’s red carpet with Chanel’s tourmaline ring. Paired with her nail art, it’s not too serious – and given the stone’s color, the look matches both her personality and her aesthetic.

Still can’t stop thinking about Taylor Schilling’s Thakoon, though…

Check Out 35 Candid Shots From Last Night’s Golden Globes

Last night’s Golden Gloves solidified that yes, Hollywood is filled with beautiful faces and chiseled, well-crafted bodies of all shapes and sizes. But you know, behind that sheen of glamour and satin, everyone is still a little weird looking when you think about it—which only makes you love them more. And what a better way to capture that than with a candid post-award snapshot? The folks at Vulture have posted a series of 35 polaroids from last night, taken by photographer Lucas Michael, who had exclusive access to the hallway in which the stars cram into to retouch their makeup and compose themselves before sitting back down at their tables. 

Shot on the Big Shot, the same camera used by Andy Warhol in the 1970s, Michael awaited the stars entrance and captured some wonderful portraits of the stars on film. "While having his picture taken with Jimmy Fallon, Jay Leno asked, "What is this, Mad Men?" The Magic Cube camera flash is much stronger than average, and after having her portrait taken, Claire Danes blinked and said, "I am actually blind right now." Check out some of our favorites below and click here for the full slideshow.







Personal Faves: Having A Sex Dream About Nicholas Brody

Instead of ending the year with a slew of Best Of lists, BlackBook asked our contributors to share their thoughts on the most important moments in art, music, film, television, and fashion that took place in 2012. Here, Drew Grant discusses why she loved the year’s most popular cable TV drama, Homeland. [Warning: spoilers ahead!]

I fully expected Homeland to be that kind of show I would never watch, for several reasons:

a) I had never seen a single episode of 24, which was created by the same people who adapted Homeland from the Israeli original, Prisoners of War.

b) I wasn’t a huge fan of Claire Danes, who cried constantly—like during the Emmy’s where she won for playing Temple Grandin—and then would be promoting non-drip mascara during the commercial breaks.

c) No one looked that attractive or fun. There was no saucy Sawyer, no cutely-ghetto Jesse Pinkman, not even one measly sardonic vampire to take the edge off what appeared to be (at least from the commercials), a deeply earnest show.

d) Everyone was telling me to watch it, and I am a passive-aggressive pop culture rebel.

So when asked to review Homeland‘s second season, I had to cram the entire first episodes down my brain-gullet in one weekend. And let’s just say: the first few were really hard for me. Claire Danes was constantly crying, and it made me depressed to see how old Mandy Patinkin had gotten since his Princess Bride years.

And that guy Brody? What a downer. His bland stoicism—presented as a protective front against his now-traitorous heart—just struck me as incredibly boring. I imagined Brody pre-war, pre-Abu Nazir, and he just looked like Joe Shmoe. Hell, without the scars, he looked like Joe Shmoe now. He was skinny-ish. He had a weak chin and a wet little mouth that squinched up like a butthole whenever he was supposed to express emotion. The first couple times he tried to have sex with his wife Jessica after being a POW for eight years, it was like watching a really uncomfortable scene from a Todd Solondz movie. Did he just masturbate on her? Gross.

But then came that episode.

You know which one: the cabin episode. The one where Carrie Mathison, the only CIA agent who still suspects that Brody is a terrorist, uses her bipolar brain logic to seduce him (i.e. she lets him fuck her in his car). Then they take a road trip to her family’s summer home—with a nice little detour to brawl with some white supremacists at a bar—and spend the rest of the episode having awesome sex, walking in the woods, and pointing guns at each other.

"Hmm, this show has promise," I thought.

The next night, I dreamt of Brody. I dreamt that we were hiding out in the tree house at the house of my best friend from elementary school (though it looked a lot like my ex-boyfriend’s bedroom, but whatever! Dreams are weird). My friend’s parents were below, and they were trying to make me feel guilty for cheating on my boyfriend with a potential terrorist.

"Oh, so you’d prefer me cheating on my boyfriend with a doctor or shoe salesman?" I shouted down at them. "Not that I am conceding that I am harboring a sexy fugitive up here, mind you, but just hypothetically!"

The my friend’s parents considered it. "Maybe if he was a doctor," they admitted. Brody had to get dressed quickly, and we were giggling as I hid him under my bed. Then, as the parents were ascending the rungs of the tree house ladder, I woke up.

The rest of the day I walked around feeling both guilty and thrilled with my little secret. I understand that it’s completely boring to hear about other people’s dreams, and technically Brody and I did not even have sex (though there was the assumption that we had, and I was just getting to my own storyline late, like someone who forgot to DVR the first half of an episode.)

But you have to understand: I never have sex dreams. Sure, when I was little I used to have this thing with Freddy Krueger appearing and offering his hand-claw in marriage, and sometimes we’d kiss—Freddy Krueger, being able to control dreams, often made himself look like Brad Pitt for me, which was weird because I didn’t think Brad Pitt was that cute when I was eight—but we never got to second base.

When I was thirteen I had a highly disturbing nightmare about having sex with a cartoon Mr. Smithers from The Simpsons. I’m not even sure if that counted, but it was pretty freaky. And from then on…no sex dreams.

Not even sexy dreams, which I always found odd because I spent so much of my day thinking about scenarios where I am engaged in flirty battles of wits with like, um, Jeff Goldblum from Jurassic Park. You’d think some of that would seep into my subconscious, but no, it was Nick Brody: the least talkative man on television. He’s like everyone’s dad right before the divorce. With Carrie though, he transformed before our eyes into someone much more complex than just a Muslim marine/Congressman intent on killing the vice president.

Look at his nuanced sneer in Season Two, when Carrie finally confronts him in his hotel room. Or the way he likes being manipulated by her crazy ass. Or how he was willing to kill the vice president for her. (Though technically, he was planning to get around to that sooner or later. Still, it was much more romantic in a hostage situation). Unlike today’s modern anti-heroes like Don Draper, Walter White, Dexter, and yes, even Rick Grimes, Nick Brody has revealed that behind blue eyes there lies only love. He’s replacing DiCaprio as the tragic Romeo to Danes’s perpetual Juliet.

The second time I dreamt about Nick Brody, we had sex. SCORE! It was like losing my R.E.M. virginity!

So thank you, Nick Brody, for giving that to me. Also by extension, a big thanks to you, Damian Lewis, for playing him, though I can’t watch you in interviews because I find your British accent and light-hearted sense of humor very disconcerting.

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Stop Telling Me To Watch ‘Homeland’

No, I didn’t watch the Emmys, either. Go figure.

Look, man: there can only be one show at a time that people harass each other about watching, and right now that’s Breaking Bad. Sure, by now most people are watching Breaking Bad as it airs, but show a little respect—its tenure as That Show You Gotta Watch is almost at an end, so wait your turn, Homeland early adopters.

You don’t make the rules, got it? I watched the Battlestar Galactica remake in fuckin’ 2011. That’s how I roll. I may not ever get around to Homeland at all, though I’m happy to slot it above Game of Thrones in my don’t-even-bother stack. I still haven’t started season two of Deadwood. Plus I might even read a book sometime.

What makes you think I need help with my TV agenda, by the way? It’s basically the one thing every American is qualified to set for themselves: even people in mental wards know that Wheel of Fortune comes on at 7:30. Feel free to tell me about some indie band or cult-hit movie that I’ve never heard of, but don’t come shilling a premium cable series advertised on the side of every third city bus. Unless the nudity is really top-notch. 

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We Need To Talk About Claire Danes’s Emmy Dress

Look, I’m not going to pretend that I’m the biggest Claire Danes fan because, in fact, I am not really a Claire Danes fan. I don’t know what it is, exactly; perhaps I’m still bitter over the whole Mary Louise Parker / Billy Crudup mess from a few years ago (and I’m definitely not a Billy Crudup fan). Maybe it’s her attitude that gets me. Last night, when I saw her win her second Emmy—this time for Homeland—I had this general sense that she thinks she is deserving of accolades. She marched right up to that stage and was all, "Whew, I thought I’d be waiting around all night for THIS, my AWARD for BEING SO GREAT." But none of that is important because wtf was she wearing last night???

I know she’s knocked up and all, but why in the world would someone want to wear that giant dress to an awards show? Was she trying to hide her baby bump? Because guess what? Nothing brings more attention to your body that an ill-fitting fluorescent bag. It was so distracting that during the Emmy fawning over Homeland I completely missed Mandy Patinkin. Where the hell was Mandy Patinkin? Did Claire Danes hit him over the head sometime between the red carpet and that unfortunately unfunny opening sketch featuring a bunch of women punching Jimmy Kimmel in the face (FOR NO REASON?) and then stuff him into that yellow-green Glad bag she had draped over herself?

I regretfully admit that her hair looked great. 

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Claire Danes’ New Show Welcomes Home the War on Terror

So far, most dramatizations of our post-9/11 Military Industrial Complex have focused on movies mostly set on foreign soil. Think The Hurt Locker, Green Zone, Body of Lies, and so on. But as the brand new trailer for Showtime’s upcoming drama Homeland so bluntly reminds us: “The War On Terror Comes Home.” Finally! What took you so long?

Homeland is most notable for being Claire Danes’ return to the medium that made her a star. Danes plays a CIA officer who suspects a recently-rescued POW (the underusedDamian Lewis) is actually a brainwashed plant by an Al Qaede-esque organization, who is using him to strike on American soil. It’s a very promising premise, one that touches on our shared fear of being blown to smithereens on the ride home from work. It’ll be interesting to see if Lewis’ soldier is actually who Claire Danes thinks he is, or if he’s just your average, psychologically-ruined former prisoner. Watch the trailer below and get seriously amped. Homeland premieres this fall.

Morning Links: Two New Ways to Watch ‘Jersey Shore,’ Lady Gaga Plays Editor In Chief

● MTV is showing no signs of slowing down their Jersey Shore-ification of Italy. Yesterday they announced two new Jersey Shore spinoffs, one documenting JWoww and Snooki’s “life and love when the vacation is over” and the other following Pauly D, who is apparently “one of the country’s most in-demand DJs.” [The Wrap] ● Charlie Sheen is in New York for his “Torpedo of Truth” tour, and bedding at none other than really, actually maybe-presidential-candidate Donald Trump’s International Hotel. Duh, winning. [NYP] ● Sixteen years after its abrupt cancellation, Sundance Channel is set to offer My So-Called Life a second go. They’ll be rebroadcasting the single season beginning April 25, on Mondays at 11pm. Welcome back, Angela, Jordan, and Rayanne! [HR]

● Please forgive us for thinking there might just be some things Lady Gaga can’t do well, like edit a daily newspaper that’s handed out in subway stations in eighteen countries. Gaga is guest editing the Metro this May. You can always bring a book. [NYO] ● Yesterday, Oh No They Didn’t suggested that Britney might have needed a little help dancing in “Till the World Ends,” pointing to screenshots that, well, don’t look so much like Brit. Which is fine! We all need help sometimes. But Britney and team are denying the dance-double allegations without offering any real explanations for the questionable shots. In end-times, honesty makes for a close second to dancing, we would think. [PopEater] ● Are you worried that Prince Harry might miss the Royal Wedding because he’s stranded in the Arctic? The prince, who was visiting the north pole as part of a charity expedition, was scheduled to leave today but has had to delay his return due to a damaged runway. Should you be worried? Probably, yes. [E!]

The Top 11 ‘Law & Order’ Celebrity Guest Stars

After 20 years of dependably formulaic plotlines, play-by-play accounts of sexual deviance and faux-intellectual moralizing, it appears that the upcoming season finale of Law & Order will be the show’s last. Rumors began circulating yesterday that NBC abruptly decided not to renew the declining series (though its two spinoffs will continue). With the show will depart a long legacy of coveted guest-star spots, which have given countless aspiring actors their first break. To celebrate two decades of Americans’ devoted Law & Order consumption, we look back at our favorite guest stars in each of the show’s most popular categories.

image1. The teen star proving he’s all grown up: Just like Saved by the Bell’s Jessie Spano made Showgirls and Screech made a revolting sex tape, Zack Morris (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) tried breaking his teen-idol reputation by playing a gay pornstar on Law & Order. His performance was actually pretty good, although it did make us feel a little like a pedophile appreciating his milky-white talent in the early ’90s.

image2. The equal-opportunity lawyer: Law & Order beats critics to the punch by casting as many black judges and lawyers as it does black hobos and autoerotic asphyxiators. In its first season, the then unknown Samuel L. Jackson plays a sharp-witted attorney defending four white gang rapists. Added bonus: one of them was Philip Seymour Hoffman, earning his first IMDB credit.

image3. The in-on-the-joke comedian: Two real-life queer icons collided when Kathy Griffin played a gay-rights activist named Babs who wants to touch lesbian icon Mariska Hargitay’s rubyfruit!!!! Meow!! But since it’s a lesbian episode (titled “P.C.,” naturally) Babs only gets a kiss and the editors cut it anyway (though the leaked scene went viral).

image4. The little big man predator: Of all the virgin-obsessed rapists over the years, none was quite as terrifying as that grinning goblin Martin Short. This breed of wormy creep — a close relative of the doughy potato-man creep — revels in duping the cops with sadistic mind games in order to compensate for other obvious shortcomings.

image5. The the-Prozac-made-me-do-it defendant: In his guest spot, the young Rory Culkin could have easily followed in Macaulay’s footsteps and become another bad-stepdad heartthrob. But instead of playing a victim of an “especially heinous” sex crime, he went on to Law & Order: Criminal Intent and played out one of that show’s favorite tropes: the crackpot shrink’s twinkie defense. This time a lawyer argued that taking antidepressants can destroy the part of the brain that makes you not kill children.

image6. The typecast breaker: Cynthia Nixon won an Emmy for playing a famously outrageous SVU suspect with Multiple Personality Disorder. She was at once a bloodthirsty Russian, a grieving mom, a quivering child, and — what better way to shirk her fuddy-duddy Miranda Hobbes typecast? — a pigtailed high-schooler in heat.

image7. The mascara-melting beauty queen: Before Claire Danes was (and always will be) Angela Chase from My So-Called Life, she played an aspiring model on the verge of a meltdown. It was on this episode that she got her start as a heroine to a nation of silently suffering teens by stabbing (with a pair of scissors) a photographer-cum-pimp who tells her that she’ll never be a model because her legs are too fat.

image8. The perp with daddy issues: Almost as much as Law & Order writers love a pervert with two sets of DNA, they love a righteous morality play. Playing Ice-T’s stepson, Ludacris was a bad seed whose sins reflected his troubled upbringing. It really got us thinking: Who is to blame for the horrors of the world? The individual or the society that shaped them? The deadbeat dad or the trainwreck child? Michael Lohan or Lindsay? So many deep questions.

image9. The uncomfortably sexualized crying girl: It’s probably no surprise that Chloe succubus Amanda Seyfried got her start as an SVU Lolita who is raped and then forced to relay the sordid details over and over. Once again, blonde mermaid hair and teary blue eyes make for a disturbingly titillating yet sympathetic victim.

image10. The “feminist” fatale: On the surface, recurring catwoman Nicole Wallace, played by Kicking and Screaming’s Olivia d’Abo, is all velvet and lip gloss and a cute overbite. But underneath, she’s a serial man-eater who marries for money and then kills her husbands. Her real purpose on the show, however, is to stir up Detective Goren’s Freudian demons, sustain a narrative thread, and evoke some pop psychology. Also for boobs.

image11. The repeat offender: If it seems like you’ve seen an episode before, it may not be due to a recycled plot — it might be because working actor Edward D. Murphy’s in it. Murphy has played a foreman, a medic, three different crime-scene unit techs, and seven other characters since 1991. Runner-up Lee Shepherd has played seven different roles in eleven episodes.

Images from Law & Order Wiki and Amanda Seyfried Fan

Moroccanoil to Blame for Sienna Miller and Jude Law’s Reconciliation

This maybe true if Jude was a hair guy, because Miller’s hair was looking hot on the red carpet last night. You guys knew this “Met Gala Post” was coming, but instead of doing “the best beauty looks of the Met Gala,” (we’ve already got one of those) I’m going to take this as an opportunity to highlight “the best looks that withstood the humidy/thunderstorms and why” post. Did you notice the majority of the hair styles had a simple and understated elegance? That’s because it had been pouring for two days straight and was 90 degrees. I got some info on Sienna Miller, Claire Danes and Rachel Weisz’s Met-heads and found out that all of their coifs had something in common: Moroccan Oil. I’ve often recommended MO to my pals as a skin and hair savior, but I did not know there was a whole product line devoted to the rare tree extract. Moroccanoil (that’s the brand’s name, simple and understated) was responsible for the ladies’ frizz-free looks on this terribly humid/rainy night.

The theme, as I’m sure has already been beaten into your head by now, was American Woman. And what says American Woman better than wearable style? Surely “I spent nine hours with my hairstylist today” does not exactly portray a modern American girl, which is why I’m particularly fond of these three looks. The main product used is made from the Argan tree, a rare tree native only to Morocco whose extract is a powerful antioxidant and UV protector, rich in vitamins and natural elements. Moroccanoil brand harvests this product under a free trade program which provides substantial socio-economic support to thousands of families in the Souss-Massa region of Morocco, providing income and improving the working conditions of rural women. It’s blended with a host of vitamins until it becomes a super-product that is both effective and good for your hair.

image Rachel Weisz Hairstylist Mark Townsend noticed the vibe of Rachel’s dress was sexy-70’s, so he wanted to do the impossible and hook her up with a sleek blow-out. Here’s his master plan for copping the coif. 1) Add a few drops of Moroccanoil Treatment to hair to condition and strengthen it while reducing drying time. 2) Blow dry wirh a medium round brush. 3) Curl hair from ends to roots with a 1 ¾ inch iron, brush out with a flat brush. 4) Spray with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray at the crown to tame frizz/flyaways. 5) Spray Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray on ends to fight humidity.

image Sienna Miller Hairstylist John D. wanted Sienna to exude the summery look of Brigitte Bardot. 1) Finger-comb damp hair with Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream to treat and prevent frizz. 2) Blow dry with a flat bristle brush. 3) Fasten half the hair into a undone, messy half-upstyle, leaving volume at the crown. 4) Spray with Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray to treat and protect hair from humidity. image Claire Danes Hairstylist Peter Butler wanted to compliment Claire’s strapless slate-grey gown by Christopher Bailey for Burberry, with a hair look that highlighted her elegant pale blonde color with natural-looking polished and textured waves. “It’s almost like a modern version of combed out beach waves with a refined texture.” 1) Apply a dry shampoo at the roots for volume, then use Moroccanoil Light to smooth and hydrate strands and protect hair before using a curling iron. 2) Curl hair with a medium barrel curling iron, picking up small sections starting at the nape of the neck, twisting hair around while leaving ends straight. 3) After combing curls out with a wide-tooth comb, adjust the texture with hands and bring curls forward to soften the face. 4) Smooth ends with Moroccanoil Light. 5) Finish with a light mist of Moroccanoil Glimmer Shine Spray followed by Moroccanoil Luminous Hair Spray for a natural hold.