Top 10 Friday Night Dance Parties

Guys may come from Mars, and women from Venus, but Friday night dance parties are universal lingo. From glittering warehouses to stealth doors at intimate lounges, these slick floors ache for some unbridled dancing debauchery.

Butter (NYC) – Friday night party Whipped is so fresh, most can’t believe it’s Butter. Resident hipster DJs Matt&Maia draw out big name fashion folks like Alexander Wang and the Ronsons and buddy up with special guest DJs like Interpol’s Paul Banks. Mixed clientele harbor a serious need to put on their dancing Miu Mius. ● Cielo (NYC) – New York’s dance addiction reigns supreme. Deep Space house heads maintain the sunken dance floor, which still attracts the pretty people looking to move something.

Avalon (LA) – Headliners and hipsters live harmoniously in this Hollywood dance palace. The multilevel playground draws fist pumpers, dance floor grinders, and A-listers. Timberlake, Timbaland … it doesn’t matter when you’re dancing ’til the sun comes up. ● Circle Bar (LA) – This toe-tapping Friday night hotspot is an LA singles favorite. A dark, circular pick-up spot, delicious for loud beats, dance floor writhing, riffs, and of course bringing someone home. ● Element (LA) – Bottle service and stellar sound system round out this public warehouse club with a private party rep. Handsome variety of the young n’ dumb prevail when it’s not a celeb-fest: Albas, Johanssons, Bartons, plus the men that worship them. ● Space (Miami) – Space often lures in big-time DJs like Danny Tenaglia, Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, and Nic Fanculli and is definitely not for dilettantes who prefer “lounges” and, um, “conversation.” Since Saturday’s party usually translates to a Monday hangover, it’s only natural this dance haven started a Friday night after hours. Not for the faint of heart, or feet. ● 1Oak (NYC) – Certainly “one of a kind,” Friday night starts off with a lot of stargazing and label watching. When the PYTs finally down enough Veuve, the dance floor goes off, becoming one glittering mass of movers and shakers. ●Bardot (LA) – The LA dance party scene is not complete without a collection of oh-so-elite patrons and at least one stealth door. Surprise guest musical performances and Audrey Hepburn look-alikes make this secret dance den a prime after hours joint. DJ Sweet P hosts the late night Friday, where the packed dance floor goes until 7am. ● LIV (Miami) -Drinks are impossibly strong, outfits are impossibly tight and tiny; impossible not to have a good, wild time. Friday night plays host to some heavy hitting DJs, and special performances by the likes of Kid Cudi — making it easier to party like a rock star. ● Tenjune (NYC) – While Tuesday night is the “hot” night to rubberneck, Friday attracts straight up dancers. Bottle models and dangerously cute co-eds are TJ’s coup; oblivious to anything but vodka tonics and thumping tunes. If you aren’t moving, grab a girl and grind lest you be pushed up against a wall. Posted in Nightlife | Tagged , , , , , , , , , , , , , , | Leave a comment

Los Angeles: Top 10 Bars to Pretend You Just Turned 21

901 Bar & Grill (South LA) – The bar of choice for USC coeds looking for happy-hour bargains, short skirts, and an alcohol-induced stumble back to campus at closing time. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with making an appearance at a college watering hole as an outsider, as long as you’re willing to buy rounds of kamikaze shots for all of your new friends. ● Teddys(Hollywood) – The Hollywood Roosevelt’s celebrity sanctuary attracts the upper echelon of LA’s youngster socialites and scenesters who just wanna dance. The dark interior eventually turns into a game of bumper cars between over-served patrons, but it’s fine with us because they’re uniformly attractive. ● Q’s Billiards(Brentwood) – Always a wait for a pool table, allowing time for double-fisting Long Island’s and plenty of loitering conversation. Brimming with competitive dudes who can shoot sticks until all the kegs are tapped, and neglected girlfriends skimming the perimeter for “good listeners.”

Circle Bar (Santa Monica) – Dark, stuffy, crowded and housing all the smells that remind you of the best four years of your life. Next-day memories will include getting sardined between hot, sweaty bodies on your way to the bar, having at least two drinks spilled down your back, and rubbing appendages with inebriated cuties on the dance floor. Chug a beer for breakfast to relieve the pain. ● Golden Gopher (Downtown) – Engaging bartenders will make you feel deserving of the stiff cocktails. True friendships are formed around the old-school arcade games and solidified in the glass-enclosed smoking area. Document late-night behavior with your new besties in the photo booths and post on Facebook. Immediately. ● Westwood Brewing Company (Westwood) – If you’ve been searching for an opportunity to showcase your extensive knowledge of Beers of the World to impress the opposite sex, this is it. The fusion of microbrews and karaoke, mediocre bar food, and bro-tastic camaraderie will immediately place you in the winner’s circle. ● Roof Bar at the Standard (Downtown) – The pool stays open until 2am, lounge chairs are waterbeds, and the dancefloor gets downright funky. It was only a matter of time until the chic jetsetters abandoned ship and the youngbloods made their move on in. ● Winstons (West Hollywood) – Usually an equal mix of guys and girls in a dark wooded interior. Dim enough that age becomes ambiguous. Crowd-pleasing DJs attract 15-minutes-of-fame clingers (reality TV stars) and plenty of tartlets who claim to know the bouncer. No one with a day job has time to wait in line for entrance. ● Crown Bar (Hollywood) – Where model/actress/whatevers let their hair down. If they’re a day over 21, they’re not showin’ it. ● Roxy (West Hollywood) – Legendary music forum with bouncers who’ll break up a mosh pit before you get your first crowd surf in. Punks and kids getting through the ‘experimental’ phase congregate to experience the eardrum-shattering sound system. Not meant for the volume-sensitive or the over 30.