Chicago Opening: g.e.b.

Fresh from the announcement of a really sort of brilliant new "edible and audible" catering venture with none other than Questlove, the liberally-tattooed rocker chef Graham Elliot (who also returns to the small screen on a new season of Masterchef this week) opens g.e.b. – his new…rock & roll church of a restaurant.

Indeed, vintage church pews and hand-painted (sac)religious "saint" candles set the tone for the cheekily blaspheming interiors, and the menus are glued to old record covers. But the food is simple, with no dishes on the menu exceeding three ingredients. Stained glass-enclosed “confessional room” for dining included.

Unholy Matrimony a Marriage Made in Heaven

Brett Westfall is a man with more than one vision. First he created the ethereal Comme des Garçons Guerilla Store. Another moment of clarity gave birth to the mayfly life cycle of M’ouments, a boutique that was an experience better left unsaid. Still another vision is Unholy Matrimony, an unsurprisingly unique clothing line which just recently extended itself into the women’s arena. The launch of Westfall’s women’s collection is like his other projects — a description pales next to the material experience.

Exclusively available at the freshly opened blessed Church, Westfall chose to launch his collection there because he “believes in the vision of Rodney Burns, David Malvaney and the entire team.” Unholy Matrimony’s display is itself a statement, joining breathlessly whimsical dark fashion with “the natural cycle of short lived beauty in nature.” There is a generous row of roses underneath the collection that aid in cementing Westfall’s revelation — nature’s decree. They will wilt and perish only to be replaced with fresh ones to follow the same fate. The pieces themselves are wonders to behold: conceptual fashion inspired by the “emotions of a snow storm in the desert.” Westfall explains that “the impetus was to create a collection that adheres to the rhythm of the moon.” Except more from Westfall with an opening of Unholy Matrimony this December and reappearing women’s and men’s lines as well.

LA Opening: Church

Church (West Hollywood) – Upon entry, a dark, Gothic energy creeps up from the floor, drifts down from the rafters and tickles your spine. Visually stunning pieces are displayed hanging from the ceiling by thick rope. Suicidal fashion. Enter the star-studded designer lineup–Society for Rational Dress, Raquel Allegra, Literature Noir, Unholy Matrimony, and the to-die-for old Hollywood elegant line, JMary. A holy, fashionable hotspot in waiting.

Hallelujah @ Church Opening Party

After making the pilgrimage to Church on Saturday night, we said “God damn.” Los Angeles fashionistas, artists, and collectors as well as hot to trot scenesters filed into the boutique for the much-anticipated opening-night bash. Hushed excitement united the crowd inching to get a cocktail and a peek at the highly curated holy collections, including Society for Rational Dress, Literature Noir, and Raquel Allegra. Amen brothers and sisters.

Owners Rodney Burns and David Malvaney celebrated their blood, sweat, and tears with their closest friends and family. This wildly open loft/barn space was packed and bursting at the seams with the likes of Brett Westfall of M’ouments and Unholy Matrimony and Eve from House of Eve. Matt Winter of Mr. Winter (vintage pieces for the blessed) pulled up appropriately in a Ford Model A, making quite the entrance and exit. We bummed a smoke and a couple of minutes from Burns and became enlightened. Wearing Susie Fox and nodding giddy smiles at all his disciplines, Burns explained that Church was a formed community of his and Malvaney’s “soulful friends that create beautiful things.”’ And beautiful they all are; we left feeling inspired and blessed.