Morning Links: Jennifer Lopez’s Onstage Breakdown, Madonna’s Homeless Brother

● Jennifer Lopez fled the stage, teary and lovelorn, after an emotional performance of “If You Had My Love,” before which she’d told the audience it was “the first” song she ever wrote about love. “A lot has changed since then,” she added. [Radar] ● Six years after their infamous 2005 Xenu-slaying episode, “Trapped In The Closet,” South Park‘s Trey Parker and Matt Stone (and their friends and family) have begun to feel the heat of an extensive Scientology sting. [VV] ● Christina Milian and The-Dream are now and finally officially divorced. That Alexander McQueen riding-pant tux Terrius wore to say “I do,” though, is forever. [TMZ]

● One of Madonna’s older brothers says that his “multibazillionarie” sister has turner her back on him, leaving him homeless and living under a bridge in Traverse City, Michigan. [Gawker] ● It seems safe to say that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are very much a thing. [People] ● Paranormal Activity 3 — which cost all of $5 million to make — has chalked up the biggest horror opening ever, drawing $54 million in its first weekend in theaters. [Deadline]

Morning Links: James Franco to Teach Class on James Franco, Jay-Z Signs It Girl Harley Viera-Newton

● Guys, really, Charlie Sheen is just fine. According to TMZ, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dr. Paul Nassif picked Sheen up from the hospital, and the two talked about life, the future, and “fun things.” [TMZ] ● James Franco is edging towards a thesis, partnering with Columbia College Hollywood for a new course, “Master Class: Editing James Franco … With James Franco.” [MovieLine] ● Apparently, Kim Kardashian was nettled by her bare-all W shoot, crying, “Oh God, I am more naked than I was in Playboy,” proving she’s not getting any better at pretending she doesn’t want us to see her naked. [HuffPost]

● Terius “The-Dream” Nash and Christina Milian have a child of their own, but it looks like Justin Bieber is the only kid mucking up their divorce proceedings. In an earlier settlement, The-Dream had agreed to pay Milian 10% of his interest in Beiber’s “Baby” (which he co-wrote), but Milian wants more. [TMZ] ● Francis Ford Coppola proves himself a man of the people, suggesting that downloading is maybe okay. “I’m going to be shot for saying this. But who said art has to cost money? And therefore, who says artists have to make money?” [99%] ● Jay-Z’s Roc Nation has signed DJ/model/It Girl Harley Viera-Newton. Whether or not she’ll be getting a chain remains unclear. [Roc4Life]