5 Men with Whom Jennifer Lawrence Should Rebound

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Jennifer Lawrence is one of the hardest working and down-to-earth actresses in Hollywood, so it’s no question that the mega star can have any man at the snap of her bow-and-arrow-shooting fingertips. After making X Men co-star Nicholas Hoult an ex, man, the blonde beauty was on the hunt for a man that can hit the right note. It wasn’t long before she moved on to Gwyneth’s former man, Chris Martin, but there must have been trouble in para-para-paradise because the two are done.

In light of this news, we’ve put a little list together of who J-Law should hook up with next.

1. Chris Pine: They both star in multi-million dollar blockbusters, they both are extremely good looking, and they both are rumored to be single. These two should join forces and create a rival to reckon with Brad and Angie.
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2. Joseph Gordon-Levitt: It wouldn’t come to much as a surprise and it wouldn’t be hard on the eyes either. With their talent and humor, these two would make the perfect match.
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3. Prince Harry: When you’ve dated Hollywood royalty the only, way up is actual royalty. Prince Harry of Wales is the missing piece to Jennifer’s puzzle. We know she likes the Brits, having dated Hoult, so it’s basically The Prince and Me but in real life.
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4. Alexander Skarsgard: The model turned actor has the perfect look for Jennifer. Let’s be honest, the pair would make beautiful babies.
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5. Chris Evans: He’s been linked to Kate Bosworth, Emmy Rossum, and even Sandra Bullock. Chris should add Jennifer Lawrence to his list.
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British Dude With Funny Name In New ‘Star Trek’ Movie

I think most people who know me might be surprised that I’m pretty stoked for the new Star Trek movie. I loved the last one unexpectedly! I have a general distrust of anything science fiction or, as some might say, "fun," but I pretty much kicked back and took it all in. I have to also give J.J. Abrams credit for making it all about time travel, because five minutes in I was like, "Welp, I won’t understand what the hell is going on anyway, might as well just relax and let this thing do what it needs to do." Also: Zachary Quinto’s eyebrows. Can’t resist ’em. Anyway, Benedict Cumberbatch is the villain in Star Trek Into Darkness, and he even narrates the first teaser trailer, which you can take a look at after the jump.

How much do you think Benny would charge to record my voicemail greeting, by the way? That’s really the biggest burning question I have after seeing this trailer.

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Chris Pine & Elizabeth Banks Play Long-Lost Siblings in ‘People Like Us’

It’s a time-tested nightmare scenario: You meet someone furiously good-looking and emotionally appealing, spend a little while flirting with them, and then — surprise, surprise — find out that they’re a long-lost relative, sending you into sexual therapy for a few years. People Like Us, the directorial debut of Transformers writer Alex Kurtzman, adds a few wrinkles to the formula: There’s $150,000 of inheritance money at stake, and one of the characters already knows he’s related to the other. Fun fun fun! In the movie, Chris Pine and Elizabeth Banks play unknowing siblings (he knows, she doesn’t), with Pine tasked with giving their dead father’s savings to Banks’s son. But he’s less than forward about his knowledge of their relation when they first meet, leading to the most awkwardly unintentional courtship this side of Luke and Leia. Watch the trailer after the click, via the Hollywood Reporter.

Olivia Wilde is there to play Pine’s girlfriend, while Michelle Pfeiffer plays a mom of questionable mental stability. Apparently, the movie’s original title was Welcome to People. Ha ha. Soooo not awkward, right? People Like Us is out on June 29.

‘Star Trek’ Sequel To Open May 17th, 2013

The sequel to the reboot of the series of movies based off of the much-loved TV show (did I lose you there?) will beam itself into theaters in 18 months time, apparently in 3D this time. 

Yes, for all of you Chris Pine fans out there (all eleven of you! I’m kidding. But you think his publisict would do more work a la Gosling), he will be reprising the iconic role of Captain Kirk, as will the rest of the cast of the original reboot. This means Zachary Quinto as Spock, while John Cho and Simon Pegg round out the top four as Sulu and Bones, respectively. 

Is it super necessary to do another Star Trek movie? Eh, maybe. The reboot was a success although it would be great to see what they could do with some darker material. Personally, I think Kirk is long overdue for a "KHAAAAAAAAAAN!" moment. 

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● Perma-bachelor George Clooney says he has plans to adopt, but he’s going for Brad Pitt’s kids — “I owe him a few!” [JustJared] ● Keanu Reeves is not the father of any of Karen Sala’s children. Sala wanted major bank, claiming that the actor was the father of at least one of them. [TMZ] ● Chris Pine will follow in the footsteps of Harrison Ford, Alec Baldwin, and Ben Affleck by taking over the Jack Ryan franchise. [OKMag]

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● David Hyde Pierce revealed on The View that he married longtime beau Brian Hargrove in October, before the ban on gay marriage was passed. [TVGuide] ● Britney Spears breaks the news via Twitter that Dave Meyers will direct the video for her song “Radar,” and it will be “sick.” He also directed “Lucky,” “Boys,” and “Outrageous.” [Twitter] ● Justin Long reveals that he has a passion for Lo Bosworth and the reality show that launched a thousand pseudo-careers, Laguna Beach. [MTV]

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● J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek is sure to make Chris Pine a star for his portrayal of Captain Kirk, but Abrams says he originally had Matt Damon in mind for the iconic role. [/Film] ● Drew Barrymore claims she withdrew herself from society to get into the role of Little Edie in Grey Gardens, but that didn’t stop her from doing a little dance in her fat suit for the cast and crew at the end of the day. [PA] ● Cult show Pushing Daisies may be done for on television, but it will live on as a 12-issue comic for DC, with the Piemaker facing the living dead. [E!]

J.J. Abrams Debuts ‘Star Trek’ Footage in NYC

Last night, after hundreds of cell phones were slipped into envelopes and people made their way into an AMC theater in Manhattan, a star was born. It was there that director J.J. Abrams debuted four exclusive scenes of his upcoming Star Trek reboot, and it was there, in those four scenes, that Chris Pine — filling in for William Shatner as a young Captain Kirk — showed that this is his film, and it’ll be his franchise. Sorry George Lucas, but you cast the wrong dude in your Star Wars prequels.

From the moment we meet Kirk in 23rd century Iowa as a bar-brawling, responsibility-flipping rebel, to the final scene where he’s taken control of the Enterprise and his destiny, and is free-falling 5,000 feet in the air to land on a small platform (you have to see it), Pine plays Kirk with a cocksure cynicism reminiscent of Indiana Jones in his heyday. He’s funny, likable, and still manages to seem badass while his face is getting bashed to a pulp. A natural leader. When Lucas sees this film, he should jab a lightsaber through his ear, because not only is this how Anakin Skywalker should have been written, but it’s probably who should have played him, too.