Hollywood’s Hottest Leading Men: 12 Chiseled Faces and Darling Smiles We Love

Jon Hamm. Photo: Billy Farrell/BFAnyc.com

Dear people who say things like “Happy Monday,” Who are you? For those of us who routinely wake up on “the wrong side of the bed,” here’s a little pick-me-up: 12 of Hollywood’s hottest leading men to crush on.

1. Ryan Gosling “Hey girl…” It’s gonna be okay, it’ll be hump day before you know it.

Photo: Matteo Prandoni/BFAnyc.com

2. Miles Teller This 28-year-old is not just pleasing to the eyes, but he’s also garnered tons of critical acclaim as an actor. Check our interview with him HERE.

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3. Ryan Reynolds He might be married to Blake Lively (see the actresses best looks here) but that won’t stop us from dreamily re-watching The Proposal.

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4. Paul Rudd From Clueless to This Is 40, this guy just gets better and better.

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5. Bradley Cooper Here’s what would make a Monday better: staring into those baby blues.

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6. Joseph Gordon-Levitt 500 days would hardly be enough! Check out our 2011 cover story on him HERE.

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7. Jon Hamm We’d be mad not to love this man.

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8. Joe Manganiello Werewolf, human…Manganiello is hot in any form.

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9. Taye Diggs We Diggs Taye.

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10. Eddie Redmayne The accent, the eyes, the Oscar! What isn’t perfect about Eddie?

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11. Chris Hemsworth Another accent to swoon over, this gorgeous Australian is easy on the eyes and the ears.

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12. Jamie Dornan For the 50 Shades fan, you already know he’s got Christian Grey skills down.

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Luke Hemsworth is the Lesser-Known, Hottest Hemsworth

They’re the Australian version of the Barrymores (I guess?): Chris and Liam Hemsworth, those hotties from down under who have starred in two of the biggest movies this year—Chris in The Avengers and Liam in The Hunger Games. But did you know they have an older brother? And he is also hot? Ladies and gentlemen, meet Luke Hemsworth.

Luke Hemsworth is also an actor, appearing on Aussie soap Neighbours and most recently in the miniseries Bikie Wars: Brothers in Arms, although he has taken a bit of a hiatus from to focus on his family. Entertainment Weekly has a pretty fluffy interview with the eldest Hemsworth in which they mostly ask about his more famous brothers. Like, in a way that is actually kind of embarrassing? Take a look:

Did you keep in touch with Chris when he first moved out to Los Angeles?
We were definitely in contact for a lot of that time. Chris had some funny stories living in the back of [his manager’s] house, the guest house there, and becoming a bit of an unofficial nanny with his kids. He sort of had a bit of a trial-by-fire there as well. He called me up a few times and said, “What do I do?” And once again, I’d just lead him in the wrong direction.

Wasn’t your character on Neighbours an ex-surfer who became a paraplegic?
No, that was Liam! (laughs) Liam was in a wheelchair.

Well this is embarrassing. I mixed up my Hemsworths! Tell me about your character.
I was a footballer, and I was actually a drug dealer on the show, like a dealer of growth hormones. It’s funny, because I played football as a kid—Australian rules football—for ten years, and one of my nicknames was Roids.

Be honest. Did you ever do them?
No! (laughs) I never had to. I was all ridiculously oversized calves and thighs and biceps and head. My head is massive. My head is like off the charts.

"LOL whoops I am terrible at interviewing actors!" is basically what I got out of this Q&A. Because, come on—let’s just not even comment on the fact that the person interviewing Liam Hemsworth screwed up and got him confused with his brother, but he also asked him a ridiculous question like, "Do you still speak to your brother after he left your country and came to ours? I don’t know how email or phones work. Y’all got those in the Outback? Like, with your bloomin’ onions?" But this is probably the most offensive exchange:

Have you met Liam’s fiancé, Miley Cyrus?
Yeah, she’s great. She loves our kids, and our kids absolutely love her. She won our hearts. I find her really interesting. I find her very articulate, and years in maturity above her age. But at the same time, she’s very much like Liam. I think a lot of people don’t realize that they are really, really in love. They actually are a perfect match in a lot of ways.

Poor Luke Hemsworth. He’s the least famous actor in his family, his younger brothers get more attention than him, and all he wants to do is do an interview in which he talks about his own career and some dumb-dumb at what is basically turned into a tabloid is asking him about his brother’s upcoming marriage to Miley Cyrus. How dreadful! Why the hell didn’t this interviewer ask things like, "How did you get so hot?" and "How come your brothers are more famous than you and you’re the hot one?" and "Is it nice to be the Hemsworth who looks like a real grown-up man?" and "What is the Australian version of ‘corn fed,’ because that is what you are and it’s really working on me." Basically, I’m saying that Liam Hemsworth’s publicist should reach out to me because I have some things I need to ask him.

Movies Opening This Weekend In Order Of How Much We Like Their Trailers

Some people judge a movie based on reviews, other will go see something just because it features a favorite actor. Here, we’re judging this weekend’s offerings based solely on what we see in the trailers and ranking them accordingly.

Snow White And The Huntsman: God bless a summer blockbuster filled with swords and evil queens and a bunch of creepy birds. There is nothing about this movie that doesn’t look amazing.

The Loved Ones: A demented horror movie about a sad, weird girl and her prom? Been there! But this trailer seems to offer something more: serious violence, a high creep factor and a break from hostage/torture porn that had made horror movies borderline unwatchable. Well done!

High School: Most stoner comedies are somewhat lacking and since your own high wore off during those endless coming attractions they’re a total drag. This one, about kids who get their entire school stoned in order to make sure nobody passes a drug test, actually looks funny, no matter what condition you go in.

Piranha 3DD: For a movie about a fishy bloodbath at a waterpark—easy sell, right?—this trailer is way too long. Sure, you want to let everyone know you emptied your pockets to get Hasselhoff, but something shorter and snappier—some might say with more teeth—would have been a lot more appealing.

Battlefield America: This movie is most likely dreadful, but the trailer is a delight. A bunch of tiny little breakdancing children all talking trash to one another and competing in dance battles for some sort of unknown prize or glory that comes with being the fanciest dancer? Yes please.

6 Month Rule: This player-gets-played movie looks pretty bottom of the barrel. We’ve seen this sort of thing over and over again. What we haven’t seen is Dave Fucking Foley looking like Santa’s dentist brother. Now that is some shit.

Charlize Theron and the History of Evil Queens

Long before the Julia Roberts stinker Mirror, Mirror came and went, there was talk about that movie and the forthcoming Snow White and the Huntsman and which witch—Roberts’ evil queen or that of Huntsman’s Charlize Theron—would be worst. Talk no more, folks. Today a clip from Huntsman, featuring Theron not-so-gently asking her loyal servant, played by everyhunk Chris Hemsworth, to go into some haunted-ass woods and hunt down Snow White so the queen can eat her heart already.

But what we’re seeing from Theron, while pretty good considering our recent smattering of evil queens, isn’t without precedent. No, there have been evil queens before. And they’ve been bad. Really bad. Like the Wicked Queen from Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Or Mary, Queen of Scots, whose bloody reign stretched across Europe and gave Vanessa Redgrave a meaty role to play.

There was Dame Judi Dench as the ultimate bad girl, even if she was royal only briefly, Lady MacBeth.

Pinks Flamingos’ Babs Johnson might not live in a castle, but Divine was sure one killer queen. And you don’t get much more evil than Babs.

Breaking Down the Extended ‘Avengers’ Super Bowl Trailer

We’ve been hearing about The Avengers movie for the better part of the last five years, but to see last night’s Super Bowl trailer grounds all of the speculation in a firmer reality: it is real, and it seems good enough to probably make boatloads of money. Fortunately, there weren’t just thirty seconds of typical Super Bowl air time — there was an entire minute, just waiting to be picked over on the Internets.

"The world has changed," Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury grimly intones over a slo-mo procession of average New Yorkers running through the street against a backdrop of explosions. From there, the trailer goes into a fast-paced montage, cutting to the first Quinjet, Thor summoning lightning atop the Empire State Building, Captain America and Tony Stark saying each others’ names really importantly, the first Iron Man transformation, Scarlett Johansson doing some side kicks, a slew of Norse baddies jumping from the sky, Iron Man heading upwards and onwards during an alien dogfight, and in the primest/gooiest money shot, a revolving camera around the six Avengers, teamed up and ready to fight. "I have an army," villain Loki says at the end. "We have a Hulk," Tony Stark replies, cutting to a mad Hulk punching things out of the sky. Goosebumps! 

There are two big tent superhero movies coming out this summer — this one and The Dark Knight Rises, diametrically opposed takes on the whole comic movie genre. You will probably see both of them, because that’s the way the world works. And to be honest, even though it would upset our French Diaspora Filmography professors? You will probably see them twice.

Natalie Portman is IMDB’s Most Popular Actor

Natalie Portman’s having quite the 2012. First, she won the Best Actress Oscar for her hysterical/weepy performance in Black Swan. Then she had a baby, or something. But the finest honor was announced today: Portman’s topped the list of IMDB’s Top Stars of 2011, as decided by user hits on an actor’s IMDB page. She unseated Johnny Depp, who’s apparently ranked #1 for six of the last seven years — he moves to #3, while Mila Kunis shoots into the #2 slot. 

Also appearing in the Top 10, in order, were Emma Stone, Chris Hemsworth, Olivia Wilde, Jennifer Lawrence, Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale, a fine list of talented/good-looking actors who appeared in some quality movies this year. (Never mention Cowboys & Aliens, never.) Quality of selection process aside, it’s a nice look at Stars People Cared About In 2011, something you don’t always get from the typical award shows. IMDB is the world’s greatest test of popularity, as decided by people who like to yell a lot on the Internet. Do you remember when, for like six months, The Dark Knight was voted up as the Best Movie Of All-Time? (Of course you don’t, because it’s dumb.) Now it’s merely number 9, but still. That’s the type of shouty hubris I want from my lists, not anything "objective" or "meaningful."

Kudos to Natalie, even if her discussion board is filled with topics like "WHY is she sexy," "She so should’ve played Bella in Twilght [sic]…," and "Is it a jew?" Good luck for a killer 2012, as well. (More babies? More Thor? More weeping? Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuned!)