Afternoon Links: Amber Heard Is ‘Red Sonja,’ Ryan Gosling to Remake ‘Logan’s Run’

● Elton John went on the Today show to discuss his harsh comments about Billy Joel’s drinking habits. And that’s the sound of Billy’s bottle of Jack shattering against his TV. [Rolling Stone] ● Proud lesbian Amber Heard is being tapped to star in the planned remake of Red Sonja, and proud teenage boys are being tapped to have their heads explode. [/Film via Empire] ● Chris Elliot took a page from the Howard Stern Manual for Talk Show Appearances when he went on Conan and took some jabs at Jay Leno. [Gawker.TV]

● Lady Gaga tells Anderson Cooper that she prefers being called Stefani in bed. There goes kooky Gaga, thinking her pillows talk to her again! [ONTD] ● In other remake news, it was just announced that Nicolas Winding Refn will reunite with his Drive star Ryan Gosling to modernize Logan’s Run. [Deadline] ● Kanye West and Jay-Z have been recording their album Watch the Throne on a floor of Soho’s Mercer hotel this week. [Page Six]