The Chic New Upstate Weekend Getaway: Rivertown Lodge

Photography: Matthew Williams

With Labor Day around the corner, there are a few weekends left to properly flee the city sweat and escape to rural pastures. We recommend heading north to historic Hudson, NY and booking a night at the chic (and affordable) Rivertown Lodge.  Located on the town’s main strip, in what was originally a 1920’s movie theater, this 2-story hotel is attracting five borough dwellers and international Instagram photo seekers alike.

The idea of this hotel was to serve something like a public ‘living room’ for Hudson. The lobby includes both vintage and custom pieces all with a Brooklyn Makers spirit. The mini retail concept shop features goods from local artisans and a built in kitchen cultivates the communal vibe over a stellar breakfast bar and Tandem Coffee.

Rivertown Lodge Lobby 3 : Photo Credit: Matthew Williams

Located adjacent to the lobby is the bar which has an atmosphere of modern maker meets traditional tavern. The hand-crafted cocktail program is designed by award winning mixologists Natasha David and Jeremy Oerter.


The room design is spot on for minimalist lovers. Custom beds by Workstead are crafted from turned cherry posts and layered with embroidered blankets. Additional furnishings include tables created by Sawkille in nearby Rhinebeck, NY, vintage wicker side chairs, upholstered reading chairs and lighting designed by Workstead specifically for the hotel. Bathrooms include raw brass fixtures, muted green and blue shower tile, custom-designed shelving and mirrors by craftsman from Brooklyn to Hudson.

Rivertown Lodge Bridal Suite 2 : Photo Credit: Matthew Williams

For late night provisions and conversation with your fellow travelers, there is a communal porch to congregate on. And if you’re feeling anti-social and just want to hang with your person, head to the backyard where you’ll find a fully tented ping-pong table for all the privacy you need to finish summer out with a casual game of table tennis.

‘Get Lucky’ Already Getting the Cover Treatment

It didn’t take long at all for Daft Punk, Nile Rodgers and Pharrell’s funky, Chic-echoing single “Get Lucky” to become one of the biggest songs in the world. Although Daft Punk purists may contend that it doesn’t reach the duo’s highest, most fist-pumping heights, it’s on track to be a Song of the Summer contender. And it only took a couple of weeks of its existence for people to take to the Internet with their own versions.

You’ll probably get quite a few precious YouTube kids doing acoustic versions, aspiring laptop DJs creating mashups with it and, oh, I don’t know, Fleetwood Mac or something, but the winner in the “Get Lucky” covers race so far is English folk trio Daughter, fronted by Elena Tonra. Like the best covers, Daughter makes the song their own, turning it from a jovial prelude to a night out to later on, in a dark corner of a bar, with someone you’ve just met, or maybe even after the night is over, and you’ve had too much and are wondering where everything went wrong. “He’s up all night to get lucky,” has never sounded so heartbreaking. Listen to Daughter’s version below.

London Opening: The Cigar Room at The May Fair Hotel

The smoking bans are all just so boring, aren’t they? Which is why the opening of this unapologetic homage to that glorious stick of rolled tobacco known as the cigar resounds with such…cultural gravitas, shall we say? The swank new Cigar Room at The May Fair Hotel has rebellion in its soul. And far from some old-masters-and-Chesterfields interiors, Graham Cox’s design is classy but cheeky, with swing chairs, suggestive day beds and–would we kid you?–chainmail mesh walls.

A variety of forty cigars are on offer, from the viral Cuban Behike 52 to the more elegant Hoyo de Monterrey. A bottle of the Voyage de Delamain Grande Champagne Cognac will set you back the price of a late-model Jag. But when enjoying a good puff, who thinks about the prices? For as Thomas Mann so eloquently put it, "With a good cigar in his mouth a man is perfectly safe, nothing can touch him, literally." An exaggeration, perhaps, but we’re willing to go with it. 

Hamptons Opening: Everything But Water

No, it’s not an ominous headline for the latest threat of drought. Rather, prodigious providers of chic swimwear and accessories Everything But Water have finally made a home in the chicest beach town of all, joining the summer celeb-chasing parade that is East Hampton.

And aesthetically, they’ve gone charmingly local, with design elements including reclaimed boardwalk wood and sand-colored flax linen curtains adoring the cabana-style fitting rooms. Labels abound, from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Nanette Lepore to Betsey Johnson to Trina Turk to the retailer’s own eye-poppingly colorful new label EBW Pareos. Splish splash!

Tokyo Opening: Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando

It seems almost an impossibility that it hasn’t happened sooner, but America’s most American designer has finally opened a proper flagship in fashion mad Tokyo: the Tommy Hilfiger Omotesando. Taking up three floors, these interior spaces are replete with modern and vintage details, ranging from opulent gentlemen’s club style (lots of oak and brass) to Frank Lloyd Wright inspired minimalism, but all done with a sense of fun.

An LCD Gallery with 13 screens shows original video content, but also footage of other Tommy shoppers around the world. The entire Hilfiger range is encompassed, with everything from bespoke suit service for the gents to all you’d ever need to suit up the little ones. Another masterstroke for Hilfiger.