Cat Power Takes a Tour of ‘Manhattan’

Cat Power’s latest album, Sun, was a sonic wonderland, and one of the best tracks was a love letter to her adopted home of New York City. Naturally, the second single from the album gets a lovely video. Watch as Chan Marshall roams the Manhattan streets by foot, by train, and by the roof of a car. There are a few amazing sights on display: the Apollo Theater in Harlem, Max Fish on the Lower East Side, a busker in the Union Square subway station, and even a Cat Power billboard. 

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Cat Power Sings For Kids, Has Inevitable Breakdown

Remember when Chan Marshall—otherwise known professionally as Cat Power—casully mentioned she’d like to audition for Saturday Night Live? I’ve seen her freak out on stage before, although definitely not as bad as some of her more notorious on-stage meltdowns (friends of mine have told tales of seeing her play shows with her back to the audience before walking off in the middle of her set), so I can’t imagine how she’d fare on live TV every week. But who knows, maybe her Miley Cyrus impression would rival Vanessa Bayer’s. She has the hair for it, after all. The folks at Funny or Die pretty much made a stellar audition tape for Marshall, who shows up in a new sketch in which she performs classic songs for second graders. As expected, everyone feels weird by the end. 

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Cat Power’s “Cherokee” Video: A Zombie Laser Tag Apocalypse

Cat Power’s new album, Sun, is the first album of new material from Chan Marshall (and, thankfully, a reprieve from her smokey blues stage that she’s been stuck in since 2006’s The Greatest). The first music video from the album is for "Cherokee," Sun’s first track. Roaming through the desert with bleached, spikey hair, it looks like Marshall is channeling Roxette’s visual aesthetic as well as embracing a synth-heavy sound on her new record. And it fits nicely with the post-apocalyptic laser tag battle against zombies in which she finds herself caught in the middle. 

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The New Cat Power Album Is Great, Streaming Online Now

Yesterday, we told you about a bunch of shiny, exciting new albums coming out this fall from some of our favorites, including Kendrick Lamar and The xx. One of the most anticipated of the bunch is Sun, the new effort from Chan Marshall, aka Cat Power, her first full-length of new, original material since 2006’s acclaimed The Greatest. And you can listen to the whole thing! Right now! From the shimmering, sun-drenched opener “Cherokee” to the soulful piano ditty “3,6,9” to the darker, crunchy closer “Peace and Love,” it’s definitely worth a listen.

Sun will be released on Matador on September 3rd in the United Kingdom and September 4th in the States. If you want to hear it now though and have it at the ready for your eventual post-Labor Day weekend hangover, listen to the whole thing streaming over at The Guardian, or revisit the album’s catchy first single, “Ruin” (also a nice geography lesson with all the locations name-dropped), below.

Cat Power Releases New Song ‘King Rides By’

Cat Power’s last EP, Jukebox, was released four years ago, giving you plenty of time to either completely forget how much you love her, or conversely, build up anticipation for some new tunes.  Either way, her new single “King Rides By" is seven minutes of music heaven. Plus, it comes with a video of boxer Manny Pacquiao hitting the speed bag in slow-mo. 


This is a remake off her What Would the Community Think EP, but Chan Marshall is currently finishing her new album. In the meantime, you can download this song with a donation to the Festival of Children Foundation and the Ali Forney Center.