Sleep-Deprived & Heading To The Love Show’s Send-Off Gala Tonight

I’m sooo tired, my phone number should be 1-800-Mattress. I’m so tired, if I go to an airport they’ll make me check the bags under my eyes. I’ll try to tell you where I’m at but don’t expect too much of me today.

Last night I went to the celebration of Mark Kamins’ life at Santos Party House and saw people I haven’t seen in decades and might never see again. I had the honor to introduce Konk, a band of note that hadn’t performed since 1986. All around me were familiar faces from an era that I enjoyed so much. The late, great Mark Kamins would have been happy. It felt right. The music was wonderful and the love in the hearts of attendees was anchored by his memory.

While "working the room," I was continuously reminded of nights and people lost in time and space. Tall tales were told. Some stories that were horrible at the time were comical when told of again. It was 30 years ago when we all danced together, made love, and knew we were oh-so-cool. We all felt so immortal.

Mark’s passing has seemed to define our mortality as never before. The arc of our lives took us to an alternative universe where we could play with others who also felt the call to the corners. From these corners, world-renowned artists, musicians, and personalities arose and all moved on. The creatures of the night went their separate ways as misspent youths adapted to a world of adult responsibilities. It took Mark Kamins’ passing to bring us back together.

If I wasn’t so exhausted, I’d head off to see the legendary Robin Byrd, who is doing a Q&A thing tonight at 7pm at The Duplex, 61 Christopher St. I personally have a thousand questions I’d love to ask her although I suspect not all of them have answers. I must stumble over to The DL for George Wayne’s Downtown 100 List party.

If I could muster up the energy, I might check out Goldbar, where” Live Flamenco” night is happening for the early birds from 9pm to 11pm, after which DJs Jonny "The Lover" Lennon, Louie XIV, and Chino are entertaining. “Future-themed Thursdays” include doo-wop, jazz, and karaoke. As the evening progresses, rock and hip hop will prevail. They seem to be trying to have fun over at Goldbar. A concept lost on so many operators.

Although I am too burnt out to tell you all about it, I must mention that The Love Show is on its way to Tokyo to shock and awe. Tonight they will have a send-off gala at Triskelion Arts, 118 N. 11th St., 3rd floor, between Berry and Wythe in Williamsburg. Due to its proximity to my apartment, this I can attend and after sleepwalk my way to my nearby bed. Please everyone say: Goodnight Mr. Lewis.

Welcome To Facebook Town!

Let’s face it, Facebook pretty much owns us. In a cunning scheme – and the greatest market research project ever – that crafty Mark Zuckerberg has amassed all our personal information (we gave it up voluntarily) and has enough blackmail photos of all us to guarantee that any attempt at running for public office would be immediately squashed. The best way for Big Brother to keep tabs on us is to have each one of become Big Brother.

Facebook announced this week that it is working with a local developer to build a $120 million, 394-unit housing community within walking distance of their Menlo Park campus. Welcome to Facebook town! The 630,000 square-foot rental complex will include everything from a sports bar to a doggy day care. (But will WiFi be free?) When I lived in San Francisco, the Facebook bus would pick up FB employees right down the street – to cart them off to Silicon Valley for the day like little tech-geek school kids; a genius move by Zuckerberg because it squeezes an extra two work hours out of his staff.

Here’s the company Kool Aid press statement: 

"We’re certainly excited to have more housing options closer to campus, but we believe that people work at Facebook because what they do is rewarding and they believe in our mission."  

The real estate move is a cross between a turn-of-the-century company town and backwoods, incestious inbreeding – where employees are forced to mingle, socialize, and live amongst each other in a 24/7 Facebook wonderland. (Will Zuckerberg’s employees "like" living there?)  


Some info on company towns:

-Celebration, Florida is a simulated small town USA built by The Walt Disney corporation near Disneyland. All hail Mickey Mouse! 

-There was once more than 2,500 company towns, housing 3% of the US population.

-Traditional settings for company towns were for the coal, metal mines, and lumber industries. 

-The Ron Howard movie, Gung Ho, is about a company town. A Japanese car company buys an American plant. Hilarity ensues. 

-My Space is considering building a company town, but much like its site the establishment would be inhabited by no one.