Is CBGB Planning a Summer Festival?

Maybe punk isn’t dead?  Rumors started this week that legendary NYC rock club CBGB might be trying to make a legitimate comeback. Gothamist reported that they’re looking for a new venue and “with the contents of the original club still around in a basement somewhere, if all goes according to plan it will even look like the old space.”  But that’s not all. They could be planning a summer music festival.

At the moment CBGB lives on in capitalistic spirit with tee shirts and other merchandise, along with semi-monthly shows at 315 Bowery sponsored by Original Moonshine in what is now home to a John Varvatos store.  The maybe-official-maybe-not CBGB Twitter handle stated earlier this month, "who would you like to see at the #CBGB Music Festival this summer? No band to big or to small."


And now to further spark the rumor mill, Bowery Boogie has a Shepard Fairey-inspired poster promoting the concert as happening this July with the words “CBGB Is Coming.”  

Could this be real? And if it is true, is this a terrible idea?  You can never really go back. Can you? Jon Stewart?  CBGB defined an era that no longer exists. Maybe they’ll be able to recapture something fresh and new and pure or maybe it will end up with a concert headlined by Avril Lavigne and Pete Wentz.