Ladies Night: Catherine Pierce & Tamaryn Reign

Women in music reigned last night in New York City. To begin with, Catherine Pierce, from the songstress-sister-duo The Pierces had an art opening at Cameo Gallery in Brooklyn. Catherine invited me to check out her latest paintings on display, so naturally I said yes to the lovely lady and friend. Nadia Koch, a huge music fan and partner in Home Sweet Home, tagged along with me for the evening. We arrived at Cameo — which sits behind The Lovin’ Cup Café — to a sea of Catherine’s friends and family, including her younger sister Louisa, plus Paige Wood, who also had artwork on display. Alison Pierce, Catherine’s better half from The Pierces was of course there as well to support. And oh! I can’t forget this bit — the girls introduced to me to their mother! After our introduction, I knew why her daughters are so sweet.

I asked Catherine what she’s been up to. “Allison and I just returned from France. We had a performance at the Nouveau Casino in Paris! It was sooo nice!” I wish I could’ve snuck inside Catherine’s suitcase and joined along for the ride. Next time perhaps.

Nadia and I quickly said our goodbyes due to the need to catch a show at Annex back in Manhattan. Tamaryn, a young and up-and-coming singer on the rise, was scheduled to perform. Think dark, think Siouxsie and the Banshees, think, gypsy — that’s Tamaryn’s look. (Surprise, surprise, her music falls within the same vein.) We walked inside to a packed house just in time to catch her set. Quite good I must say. Each time I see one of her performances, she gets better and better. Rest assured, Tamaryn is one to watch.

After the show, Nadia and I snuck off to the Cabin for a nightcap; it’s a watering hole for a slew of notable musicians in New York City. I wasn’t surprised to see Kirsten Dunst and Fab from The Strokes upon entry. Nadia and I didn’t stay too long, but rest assured, fun was had. Sans-boys nights are indeed a necessity for us ladies and should happen more often.