From Breading Cats, to Bearding Them, to Boarding Them

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For whatever reason, probably because it’s the Internet and that’s what you do, people are always looking for ways to simultaneously get attention and publicly embarrass their poor, defenseless cats. First came the trend of ‘breading’ cats, putting their little faces through pieces of bread like a head through one of those kitschy county fair/Oktoberfest photo cutouts. Then came ‘bearding’ cats, bribing them to look up with a treat or whatever while you snapped a picture of them looking like a beard on your face. This was also kind of dumb.

And now there’s ‘boarding’ cats, which actually might be the cutest of the three memes, in which a cat is placed in a box (and cats love boxes, so they may actually be down with this one) and rolled very gently on a skateboard. In the first cat-‘boarding’ video, the cat shows basically no affect, as if he or she is totally cool with this situation and is just going to enjoy the ride. And shouldn’t life be like that? Shouldn’t we all go with the current of the winds and the lift of the wheels as if we, too, were cats in a box on a skateboard? Cat boarder, you may be on to something. Ride on, bro.