Cash Warren’s China Travel Diary: From Shenzhen to Hong Kong

Cash Warren picks his favorite restaurants, hotels, and bars to go to when visiting Hong Kong.

When Cash Warren let us know that he and his Pair of Thieves partners were headed to Hong Kong, we knew we had to get him to find the best places to go in the city. After a stunning drive from Shenzen to Hong Kong, the guys landed at their hotel and went on to discover some of Hong Kong’s best places to eat, drink, and stay. Check out the 10 things Cash won’t travel without here.

We drove to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, in southeastern China. Hong Kong first came into view while on the Western Harbor Crossing and I was immediately in awe of the beauty.  The mountains, water and densely constructed high rise buildings seem to fit together like a perfect symphony.


We stayed at Hotel LKF in the Lan Kwai Fong district.  I’d recommend staying at this hotel if you’re looking for a modern interpretation of the traditional experience.  Hotel LKF is also centrally located so it’s easy to get around and is very practical.


You really feel immersed in culture when staying at a traditional hotel. The juxtaposition of the sitting area in our hotel room and the urban jungle backdrop was quite special.

Hong Kong is home to the most skyscrapers in the world and has more than 60,000 elevators. Make sure your sock game is on point when you want to stand out in the crowd.   cashwarren_hongkong4

Happy-Hour in Mid-Level district of LKF.  Don’t we look happy?!

Here we are feeling nice and plump after a delicious meal at Fatty Crab HK.  Fatty Crab is originally from NYC and serves Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Singaporean cuisines but utilizes western cooking techniques.  I highly advise giving it a try if you find yourself in HK or NYC.

Red Taxis aka Urban Taxis are beyond comfortable and serve all areas of New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Island. In total, there are 3 different types of taxis that service the various districts but we only experienced the Red. The Toyota Crown Comfort is my new favorite car.

Hanging out on top of our hotel in Lan Kwai Fong.  This city is full of 80 story buildings that seem to be built on 60 degree slopes…incredible.   cashwarren_hongkong8

Lan Kwai Fong is located between Wyndham Street and D’Aguilar Street.  There are over 80 restaurants and bars are spread in this narrow L-shaped lane making it one of the most famous bar streets in Hong Kong.  Fun times.

Hong Kong is easily one of the most diverse cities I’ve had the fortune of visiting.  Here we are on the famous Wing Wah Lane celebrating David’s fake birthday with some of our new friends.


Hong Kong has one of the most unique skylines in the world. With over 112 buildings that stand taller than 180 metres (591 ft), Hong Kong ranks first in the world in both skyscraper and high-rise count.  The surrounding mountains and Victoria Harbor compliment these skyscrapers perfectly to create a truly pristine skyline.

At Hong Kong International Airport getting ready to fly back to the states.  Did we model our socks after the carpet or did they model the carpet after our socks?  You decide. cashwarren_hongkong12

Cash Warren Won’t Travel Without These 10 Things

Let the summer travel season begin! Cash Warren is heading to China (more on that later), but before he flies off, there are a few must-have items he’s throwing in his bag.

1. Sprayground Backpack

“Their black nylon backpack made of seatbelt material is durable, looks cool and can fit a ton of shit.”

2. Rimowa Luggage

“Their four-wheel bases make the heaviest bags feel light.”

3. Pair of Thieves Socks

“When you have to take off your shoes to go through security, you don’t want to be spotted wearing broke down socks. Got to be ready for everything.”

4. Eagle Creek Travel Packs

“I’m a neat freak and these help me stay organized on the road.”
5. Beats by Dre UrBeats

“These sure beat the free ones they give out on airplanes.”

6. Canon EOS 5D Camera

“We take a lot of pictures… and video.”

7. Eyefi SD Card

“Makes sharing quality photos super easy when I’m on the go.”

8. Jacobsen Salt Slide Tins

“Normal table salt just doesn’t cut it.”

9. Daniel Wellington Dapper St. Mawes Watch

“Going abroad, especially for work, I need a watch that’s durable but sleek and that keeps me on time.”

10. “Wallet sized pics of my kids — because I miss them so much.”