Talking to Carmen Electra About New Single, XL Nightclub, & Photographer Mike Ruiz

Tonight they will be celebrating the birthday of photographer extraordinaire Mike Ruiz. over at XL Nightclub, 512 W. 42nd Street, Carmen Electra, Martha Wash , The Ones, Janice Robinson and Jason Walker will perform. The event  will be hosted by the luscious Lady Bunny and Bianca Del Rio and the cast of HOT MESS. DJ Escape and Whitney Day will provide the sounds. The whole shebang will benefit the Ali Forney Center (AFC).  Admission is $15 for non-members. They are trying to raise $15,000 for the Center which provides shelter and care for homeless LGBT youth. The center was particularly damaged from the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

Carmen Electra will perform her new single “I Like It Loud” which was produced  by Grammy-nominated producer Bill Hamel. Carmen will do the media rounds with appearances on The Wendy Williams Show, VH1 Morning Buzz, and Anderson Cooper before scooting over to XL. I asked her all about it.

Why did you decide to be part of this benefit for the Ali Forney Center at XL Nightclub? 
When I heard the center was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, I could not help but to be part of this amazing night.

How did it come about? 
I am friends with Mike Ruiz; he called me and asked me to be part of the benefit.

Have you worked with Mike Ruiz as a model? 
Yes, he’s shot for a few magazines.

You have a diverse career. What are your career goals? 
To continue entertaining my fans and touring the world.

XL Nightclub’s Director of Operations elaborated:
How do you think Carmen Electra will energize your crowd? What makes her work?
She is a versatile entertainer; she’s been on MTV, Baywatch, and she now has a singing career. Gays respect a hot woman continually reinventing herself.  She’s working with Mikey Minden (Pussycat Dolls), and the act is pretty over the top. I saw a couple rehearsals and know the crowd will love it.  She’s come a long way from slow-motion jogs down the beach.

XL Nightclub is no longer the new club on the block. How would you define it and compare it to the dominant gay clubs of other eras… say the Roxy, etc.
XL isn’t just a big dance club; we’re a full-service, 200-seat cabaret and lounge.  In any given week, we’ll have artists like Alan Cumming perform in the cabaret, DJs like Danny Teneglia spin for 2,000 people in the nightclub, we’ll produce a rock concert on our 32-foot stage, host a young-professionals mixer in our front lounge, or host a full sit-down charity dinner. We do it all.

Besides this, what is planned as far as performances and events that you think will be the highlights at XL this winter? 
We have loads of new programming that we’ll be rolling out in the winter. I’m most excited about our new lounge concept.  We’re completely gutting our front lounge and creating an exclusive new “club-within-a-club.”  It’s a high-end exclusive, “gay Bungalow 8”  concept that we think is missing from our community.  The goal is to have it open by the end of January to coincide with our one year anniversary.  More details on that soon.

Your Daily Guide To Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

Doc Watson

Google searchers are kicking off the week on a bit of a sour note, searching for Doc Watson, the blind blues-folk performer who died Tuesday at a North Carolina hospital. The legend died after either complications from abdominal surgery or a fall-and-long-illness combo, depending on who you ask. Either way, it’s a great loss. Below, check out an impressive Watson performance of “Black Mountain Rag.”


It’s a musical morning over at Google, where the second most searched term is Ween. As in the band. It’s all thanks to a story in Rolling Stone in which Gene Ween (whose real name is Aaron Freeman) explains that after 25 years, “I’m retiring Gene Ween.” It’s a sad moment for fans of Ween’s eclectic music, which purposefully sounded very different from album to album, but not an unexpected one. Freeman melted down at a Vancouver show last year and subsequently spent some time in rehab, which had tongues wagging. Also, the band had been together for 25 years, so enough already. Still, check out a Ween classic below.

Rodman Sentenced

Yahoo! users are more interested in former basketball superstar Dennis Rodman’s recent legal woes than anything else. Rodman was sentenced to 104 hours of community service for failing to pay child support. Rodman’s lawyer said that the missing payments were from a time when the ostentatious athlete was required to pay $50,000 per month in spousal and child support, a sum that was a bit out of his price range; these days Rodman is paying $4,500 a month and claims to be up to date. Rodman will find himself back in court in June on other related charges. The ever eloquent ex-husband of Carmen Electra said, “"It does suck the fact that it had to come to this."

Miami Cannibal Attack

Police have identified 65-year-old Ronald Poppo as the victim of the already infamous “Miami Cannibal” attack in which a homeless man named Rudy Eugene was found naked, eating the face off another man (Poppo). Police shot and killed Eugene, who they suspected of being high on the drug known as “bath salts.”


Twitter, meanwhile, is self-absorbed as ever. Sure, the plight of evil former Liberian leader Charles Taylor is trending, as is Doc Watson, but the most popular tag on the site this morning is this one, in which users spout off about what irks them. 50 times over.

Hate 1

Hate 2

Hate 3

Hate 4

Your Daily Guide to Trending Topics

Every day there are some topics that are trending. Since many of them don’t make sense, we provide easy contextualization. Also, this way, you won’t actually have to know anything about anything.

People are Googling some pretty serious stuff today. First of all, there’s the top item: Carl Beane. Now, for most of us who didn’t grow up in Boston or do not care about baseball (show of hands? anyone?), you might be learning here for the first time that Beane was considered the "Voice of Fenway Park" (that’s the Red Sox stadium for those of you that fit into the above two categories). Sadly, Mr. Beane died yesterday after having a heart attack while driving just south of Boston, ending his nine-year career as the announcer for the Red Sox. (Google has indexed this news item under "spicy," because death is so hot right now.)

On a much lighter note, I suppose, is the fourth topic: Time magazine. You know what’s a great way to sell copies of your crappy weekly news round-up? Disgust and/or infuriate people! How do you do that? Run an image of a young, hot mom breastfeeding her three-year-old son. Take a gander!

time mag

Your move, Newsweek.

Meanwhile, over on Yahoo, your parents are Yahooing things like "Zuckerberg hoodie," the fifth hot topic on the site. Even though he’s worth billions and gajillions of dollars, the young sprite Mark Zuckerberg still likes to take biz casz down a notch, which is why he showed up to a meeting with potential investors in New York this week wearing his trademark hooded sweatshirt. Wall Street analysts have been analyzing the hell out of it, with most calling it "a sign of immaturity." "Ugh, Millennials!" your dad is probably shouting as he attempts to print out the Yahoo blogzines he’s currently reading, probably while wearing a very stiff suit. 

Just two notch above Mark Zuckerberg is Carmen Electra. (Shouldn’t that always be the case?) Electra is scheduled to appear with other B- and C-list celebs like Dean Cain, Finesse Mitchell, Taylor Hicks, and a Kardashian brother on a dating show called The Choice, wherein said celebs and reality show stars that you barely remember mingle with single non-celebs. 

Finally, there’s Twitter, where only the best and brightest go to make jokes in which certain words in movie titles are replaced with "vagina." There’s one high brow topic today, #BecauseofObama. Most people are like, "#BecauseofObama, things are awesome!" And some people are like, "#BecauseofObama, things are terrible!" At least one person below is annoyed that other people can’t get medical marijuana. Hashtag-politics!

because of obama

(Also, hey, Jessi Langsen! I know you!)

Lastly, there’s #MetsAreBetterThan, which is pretty self-explanatory.

mets are better than

But in case you’re not familiar (again, sports! boring!), the Mets are one of New York City’s baseball teams. "What?" you might be asking. "I thought it was the New York Yankees!" I know, I know. How confusing! Two teams! Some cities do that. It’s very frustrating for those of us who don’t care about baseball, except for the weekends in which the teams play each other and you are likely to watch some pretty exciting baseball-fan-on-baseball-fan violence at bars. That’s one thing the Mets aren’t better than!

13 Hollywood Mistresses Worth Cheating For

Tiger Woods may be up to his putter in a mistress scandal, but what’s most disturbing about this particular case of martial infidelity is that Tiger’s wife is a ridiculously attractive Nordic supermodel. Despite this fact, the man still found it necessary to cheat with strange picked up at various bars across the country. Sure, some of the girls in question aren’t too shabby either, but was it really worth it? Now, no one here is advocating cheating on wives or significant others, but if you are a celebrity and you do decide to cheat, at least shoot for an upgrade. For example!

(‘DiggThis’)image1. Kevin Federline Cheated on Shar Jackson with Britney Spears. It’s sad to say, but when looking at the options, I don’t think any man on earth really blames K-Fed for his decision. It’s like when you own a clunker, and some executive does a suicidal plummet off of the roof of his office and the keys to his Benz just happen to land in your hand. What, you’re not going to trade up?

image2. Billy Crudup Cheated on Mary-Louise Parker with Claire Danes. Now I know there may be some heated debate on this one, but let the record show that this bout of infidelity took place prior to Parker’s sexy turn on Weeds. What makes this a particularly nasty split is that Parker was pregnant when Billy broke their bond. What goes around comes around, as Danes eventually cheated on Billy with Hugh Dancy while filming Evening. Oh well, Billy, you had a good run.

image3. Donald Trump Cheated on Ivana Trump with Marla Maples. Money may not buy happiness, but in Ivana’s case, the rumored $20 million and change from her divorce certainly must have helped. Was it any surprise that Donald cheated? Not likely. It was more of a surprise that he managed to get a woman as hot as Marla Maples. Come to think of it, maybe money really does buy happiness. Though apparently, it doesn’t buy a good toupee. However, do you really need a good toupee when you’ve got money to close the deal?

image4. Paul Hogan Cheated on Noelene Hogan with Linda Kozlowski. Paul and Noelene were the Australian equivalent of Brangelina for many years. Then Hogan met Linda Kozlowski on the set of Crocodile Dundee and saw her in that one-piece bathing suit. The rest is history, mate. Apparently it was a love at first sight scenario, because the two are still together and even have a son between them. Good job Paul. I mean, if you’re going to cheat, at least.

image5. Brad Pitt Cheated on Jennifer Aniston with Angelina Jolie. If you didn’t know about this one, then hopefully a landslide will take down that rock you’ve been living under. While it’s hard for a man to imagine how anyone could cheat on Jennifer Aniston, it’s harder for a man to imagine not sleeping with Angelina Jolie given the opportunity. Jen is hot, but the concept of “Branifer” just isn’t as clever. Also, think of the African children saved by this union!

image6. David Letterman Cheated on Regina Lasko with Stephanie Birkitt. Well, all right, Letterman’s given himself enough grief over this one. Among others.

image7. Balthazar Getty Cheated on Rosetta Getty with Sienna Miller. While Balthazar has kids with Rosetta, he clearly made the right choice in picking Sienna Miller, according to cheater calculus. Truly, if you’re going to pick someone to break up your marriage, don’t you want to pick the girl that you know won’t last long? See also: Jude Law.

image8. Marc Anthony Cheated on Dayanara Torres with Jennifer Lopez. No one can deny that Dayanara Torres is attractive, but when presented with J-Lo on a hook, who wouldn’t take the bait? Clearly it was worth the trouble, because people actually know who Marc Anthony is now. He’s still not known for being a musician, but fame is fame. And in true player form, Anthony has even been caught cheating on J-Lo with Dayanara.

image9. Billy Bob Thornton Cheated on Laura Dern with Angelina Jolie. Laura Dern is an elegant, charming dream girl that any man would love to be with. But as Billy Bob and the rest of male America knows at this point, Angelina Jolie is the wet dream girl that any man would be crazy not to sleep with. This trade up is so easy to understand that even Laura Dern got it, and eventually traded up herself, settling down with musician Ben Harper.

image10. Nick Lachey Cheated on Jessica Simpson with Vanessa Minnillo. You may think Nick is crazy for cheating on Jessica Simpson, but that’s because you’re not Nick Lachey. It’s hard for most people to envision doing better than Jessica because she’s the spitting image of a busty girl next door. On the other hand, Vanessa Minnillo is like the exotic version of the busty girl next door.

image11. Usher Cheated on Tameka Foster with Grace Miguel. Everyone involved here is certainly attractive and accomplished and would have no need of, say, cutting a person who remarked on the situation, so let’s move on.

image12. Robert Rodriguez Cheated on Elizabeth Avellán with Rose McGowan. Director doing his star? Shocking. Strangely there’s almost a ghost of a physical resemblance there, in some intangible way. But why go where Marilyn Manson has already been?

image13. Dave Navarro Cheated on Carmen Electra with Jenna Jameson. In terms of raw beauty, it’s impossible to determine if Carmen is hotter than Jenna, or vice versa. That would be like comparing a sunset in Fiji to a sunset in Hawaii, or a jeweled dog collar to a jeweled leash. There’s no difference. But when it comes down to “professional talent,” one of them only looks like a porn star, while the other actually is a porn star.