Watch Tiffany Haddish Flawlessly Play Cardi B on ‘SNL’

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Can you feel the Cardi B love tonight? Fresh off an iconic New York Magazine cover, the Bronx native cemented her status as the biggest female rapper of the year with a spot-on SNL impersonation delivered by Girls Trip breakout Tiffany Haddish.

As you no doubt saw, Disney’s Lion King remake is going to star Beyoncé, Donald Glover, and a host of other huge celebrities, which made it perfect for an SNL sendup. In the skit, the cast imagined what might have happened during the audition process, which meant enough celebrity impersonations to last a lifetime.

Besides Haddish playing Cardi B, everyone from LL Cool J and Eminem to Lin-Manuel Miranda and Mary J. Blige got the impersonation treatment. Watch it.


Beyoncé Is Reportedly Going To Be Featured on Cardi B’s Album

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In perhaps the most pivotal music collab of 2017, Beyoncé is rumored to be appearing in a track on Cardi B’s new album.

The rapper behind the history-making single “Bodak Yellow” is making waves again after her sound engineer leaked the possible collab on his Instagram story. “Wow this feature is big,” producer Michael Ashby posted, alongside a photo that reads “Cardi B feat. Beyoncé.” The news seems to be all but confirmed since Cardi B asked fans to remove pics and videos.

It’s an unusual move for Beyoncé, who’s typically very picky with her collaborators. Cardi does, after all, only have one major chart-topping song – though she’s soon to appear on G Eazy’s “No Limit.”

Twitter account “The Beyhive” reports that an insider source has confirmed the collaboration and revealed that Cardi’s upcoming album is finished. Take a look at the receipts of it all.



‘Bodak Yellow’ is the Longest Running No. 1 Track By a Solo Female Rapper Ever

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Right when we think Cardi B cannot possibly keep making money moves, she proves that there’s no stopping her rise to the top. The Bronx-born rapper has skyrocketed on the strength of possibly the song of the year, “Bodak Yellow.” And after taking the No. 1 throne on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart a few weeks ago, she has put up her feet and gotten comfy – all while making history.

With three weeks at the top of the chart, “Bodak Yellow” is officially the longest running No. 1 by a solo woman rapper. Ever. It’s previously been notable as the first No. 1 solo single by a female rapper in 19 years. Despite fierce competition from New Taylor Swift (the old one is dead, if you hadn’t heard) and some petty comments from other female rappers, Cardi B seems unstoppable.

As she told OUT on the night the track dropped, “If you want to feel like shitting on bitches [or] shitting on anybody, you’re going to want to put that record on. You’re going to feel like you’re making money moves.” Given its astronomical success, we have a feeling there are a lot of people who feel like shitting on someone.


‘Bodak Yellow’ Just Became the First #1 Solo Single for a Female Rapper in 19 Years

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Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” is your new #1 Billboard Hot 100 hit, making it the first solo single by a female rapper on the chart in 19 years (yes, Nicki has not landed one). It pushed Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” out of the way for the top slot.

The last female rap solo single to take the coveted honor was Lauryn Hill’s “Doo Wop (That Thing)” in 1998, and before that, there was no one. Iggy Azalea’s “Fancy” hit number one in 2014, but featured Charli XCX, so doesn’t count as a solo single.

Take a listen to “Bodak Yellow” below, and below that, watch Cardi B sing “Look What You Made Me Do.”


Cardi B Had the Perfect Response to Azealia Banks’ Severe Social Media Shade

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You’re probably not too surprised to hear that Azealia Banks has once again taken to social media to blast a fellow artist’s credentials. This time, she’s come for Cardi B, just a day after her single “Bodak Yellow” became the first #1 solo single for a female rapper in 19 years.

“Girl, everybody in the hood already said that you fuck for raps,” Banks said in her Instagram rant. “You are the poor man’s Nicki Minaj at this point… You suck dick for raps, you fuck for raps. You’re not that girl, you’re a fuck toy… you’re going to have your moment now and then you’re going to be gone.”

Take a listen to Banks’ full speech, which goes on for over two minutes, below.



Cardi responded by sharing a video of Banks dancing to “Bodak Yellow” in a club, with the caption: “one of the reasons “Bodak Yellow” went #1 cuz even the haters love it!”


Listen to Cardi B Make Money Moves on ‘Bodak Yellow’

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“Said little bitch, you can’t fuck with me.” If there were ever an opening lyric to announce the anthem of the summer for the crowd who’ve ceased to give a fuck, it’s this. Dropped with searing precision at midnight, “Bodak Yellow” is the new single from underground queen and NYFW showstopper Cardi B and it does not disappoint. A meandering and sinister beat provides the backdrop for a relentless flow that confirms the rapper has taken her spot in the upper echelons of rap royalty.

The track, inspired by the flow of rapper “Kodak Black” with a heavy-hitting Cardi B twist, is a celebratory nearly four-minute ode to making money and taking names. “If you want to feel like shitting on bitches [or] shitting on anybody, you’re going to want to put that record on,” she explained to OUT about the track. “You’re going to feel like you’re making money moves.” It’s a declaration worth celebrating for the artist who has made a career out of the glo up.

Next week, she’ll be at the BET Awards celebrating nominations for Best Female Hip-Hop Artist and Best New Artist. With the awards and a new single, Cardi B has proven she’s a revelation in the rap industry with a heart of gold. You can listen to the new single “Bodak Yellow” below.