The Sweetest News: Dylan’s Candy Bar Comes to L.A.

After 11 years of waiting, we’re not sugarcoating this: the candy mecca owned by Ralph Lauren’s daughter has finally made its way to the West Coast. Los Angeles, meet Dylan. Dylan’s Candy Bar.

More than a candy shop, and kind of like a page from a Roald Dahl book, this 1,200-square-foot-space at The Original Farmer’s Market, is stocked with 7,000 sweets – old and new – that just might change the face (and bodies) of Los Angeles. Bring it.

Chloe Sevigny Dresses as, Makes Out with Terry Richardson

I apologize in advance for showing this to you after lunch. If you have a delicate sensibility, you might want to wait a few hours after your turkey wrap settles. And it might be the most upsetting thing you see all week.

Everyone’s favorite skeezeball fashion photographer Terry Richardson shot indie goddess Chloe Sevigny for trans-themed magazine Candy. Like James Franco before her, Richardson shot Sevigny in drag. But here’s the catch: she’s dressed like Richardson. Obviously, the next logical step was to take a few snaps and a video of the pair making out. (I certainly hope she bought him a drink first–perhaps a Belvedere martini?)

Terry Kissing Terry from Terry Richardson on Vimeo.

This is just further proof that Sevigny has no qualms about putting disgusting things in her mouth

The Androgynous Trend Continues

With boys dressing like girls and girls dressing like boys, there’s no stopping androgyny this fall. Out are the sexed up short skirts and sky-high stilettos of last fall, in are unisex and gender-bending silhouettes, including tranny-friendly styles. Not only did Givenchy’s Ricardo Tisci cast a transgender muse as lead model for the brand’s FW10 campaign, Acne has now teamed with Candy (fashion’s first transgender and transsexual-themed magazine) to create a line of tailored shirts specifically for cross-dressers. “The Swedish label and the publication’s editor, Luis Venegas, have together designed a capsule collection of three androgynous shirts, made in both silk crepe and Italian denim. The styles are available in two washes – stonewashed and bleached,” says Vogue UK of the shirts, which are named after Dynasty stars. Choose from Alexis, Sammy Jo, and Krystle.

The trend is affecting model casting for NY Fashion Week’s upcoming SS11 shows, too. One of the trends casting agents are predicting for this upcoming season is “a somewhat androgynous girl, with linear proportions and striking features; maybe some freckles,” writes Cathy Horyn. Gone are the days of “the militias of blank-faced models.” Expect to see pale-faced mannequins whose features’ lack of overt gender alliance may incite a few double-takes.