Your Weekend Jams From ‘The Bling Ring’ Soundtrack

Sofia Coppola’s much-hyped upcoming flick The Bling Ring may be the second all-star-cast-plays-teenage-girls-doing-crimes this summer, but it’s the first based on a true story involving terrible reality show alumnae. And, from the tracklist released this week, it looks like the film will have a pretty excellent soundtrack.

Music supervisor Brian Reitzell has worked with Coppola before on other films with excellent soundtracks, including The Virgin Suicides and the Jesus and Mary Chain-tastic Lost in Translation. Joining Reitzell is David Lopatin, better known as Oneohtrix Point Never, who is in charge of the score. The two come together for the “Bling Ring Suite.” The musical stylings and selections of both will certainly have a chance to shine in The Bling Ring.

And, looking at the tracklist as is, the soundtrack includes some excellent weekend party jams, assuming your party really likes Kanye West and krautrock. Which is an entirely possible and workable combination. So let’s kick this Friday off with some key selections from the Bling Ring soundtrack, shall we? Have a good weekend, everybody!

Sleigh Bells – " Crown On The Ground"

Rick Ross (feat. Lil Wayne] "9 Piece"

Rye Rye (feat. M.I.A.) – "Sunshine"

Azealia Banks (feat. Lazy Jay) – "212"

Oneohtrix Point Never – "Ouroboros"

2 Chainz – "Money Machine"

M.I.A. -"Bad Girls"

Kanye West (feat. Rihanna) – “All of the Lights"

Ester Dean (feat. Chris Brown) – "Drop It Low"

Reema Major – "Gucci Bag"

Can -"Halleluwah"

Kanye West – "Power"

Klaus Schulze -"Freeze"

deadmau5 -"FML"

Brian Reitzell and Daniel Lopatin – "Bling Ring Suite"

Phoenix – "Bankrupt!"

Frank Ocean (feat. Earl Sweatshirt) – "Super Rich Kids"

[via Pitchfork]