NYC Gets XXXL, 24 oz. Burgers With Opening of Fatburger Next Week

Fatburger is landing in NYC. Next Tuesday the 11th, the west coast burger monster known for its made-to-order burgers that come in t-shirt sizes from small to XXXL, is opening its first New York spot in Murray Hill: an area already packed with other burger joints like Bareburger, Rare Bar & Grill, and Black Shack Burger

Alas, who can expect a restaurant called "Fatburger" to cower in the face of competition? With one look at Fatburger’s XXXL, 24 oz. burger of 100-percent lean beef – the rivals are sure to scram.

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Photo: Time Out.

Burger Friday: NYC’s 3 Best Burgers For Your 3-Day Weekend

Memorial Day is all about burgers. Burgers of every kind – juicy, veggie, dripping, spicy, charred. Burgers know no limits. And in honor of the national holiday that is National Burger Month, I’m devoting this extra-special Burger Friday to Memorial Day. In fact, I’ve created a three-day Memorial Weekend burger itinerary for you, simply to ensure that you devour only the best burgers all weekend long, every day. Dig in:

The Bronte Burger from Ruby’s: This burger is the star of the show at Australian-American spot Ruby’s in the middle of Nolita. Probably because it’s a sensory parade; you’ve got a thick hunk of beef, topped with fresh, local tomato and lettuce, creamy mayo and cheese, and a sweet and tangy chili sauce – sandwiched between a toasted ciabatta bun. Exclamations after the first bite known to include: "oh my," "what the…" and "Holy Mother."

The Black Label Burger from Minetta Tavern: Mosey down Greenwich Village’s tucked-away Minetta Lane and get served a $26 burger of prime dry-aged beef with caramelized onions on a toasted soft bun alongside pommes frites. You’ll feel French in no time.

The Off-The-Menu Burger from Brindle Room: This discreet burger is adored, yet it’s a strictly "ask the waiter" deal. What makes it special? The aged ribeye that’s ground into the steak, and its ruthless simplicity. Gotta love a good secret.

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Photo: Yelp.

Burger Friday: NYC’s Top Three Biggest Burgers

In honor of the national holiday that is National Burger Month, I’m devoting Fridays to the world’s love for the juicy, dripping beast that is The Burger. First honored were the weirdest burgers, then the smallest burgers, and today, I’m honoring NYC’s BIGGEST burgers. Oh yes. Size matters. Take a look at these big boys:

Murder by Burger from Marble Lane: this bloody, juicy, off-the-menu secret burger inside the Dream Downtown Hotel has 10 layers, of everything from fried eggs and cheese, to bacon, mushrooms, and onions. The best part: it’s stabbed right in the middle with a steak knife and paraded to your table for all to gawk at. Photo close-up here

The 1lb Burger from The Counter: straight from Santa Monica comes this chain where you make your own burger and can choose the hefty one pounder patty of beef, chicken, turkey, veggie, or bison. From there, you can load it up with any kind of cheese – brie, jalapeño jack – four toppings, like grilled pineapple, spicy pepperoncinis, and fried egg – and a sauce. By the time you’re done, this hunk-a-meat weighs more like a pound-and-a-half.

The F&Kn. Burger With Foie Gras from Pounds & Ouncesthe foie gras at this Chelsea lounge is optional, but that doesn’t stop the 8oz. burger from packing enough layers to have you hibernating through winter. It’s topped with pineapple-braised short ribs and fontina cheese, and sauced with onion marmalade and pickled green-tomato chips on a bread roll. Ten extra bucks get you the foie gras, and at that point – oh, why not.

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The Top Burger Joints Opening In L.A. Next Week

Every day is a good day for a backyard BBQ here in LA – but don’t fire up that grill just yet. There are a couple of notable burger joints popping up throughout the city.

Burger Lounge has finally opened in Santa Monica. The boutique chain’s fast-casual concept is all about dishing out 100 percent, grass-fed beef burgers with vegetarian and vegan options. This is Burger Lounge’s ninth location, and if you visit by the end of April, you can try their seasonal, special grass-fed Elk Burger with jicama slaw, crispy pork belly, and chipotle aioli. You’ll never eat elk the same way again. Or you’ll just never eat elk again. No one knows until you try it.

BYOB takes a whole new meaning at BUILT Custom Burgers: Build Your Own Burger. Brought to you by the guys behind California-based The Counter, BUILT uses the same ingredients and DIY experience of building your own burger with 23 toppings to choose from. This means you have more than 300,000 burger combinations, considering the variety of cheeses, toppings, and buns available. Throw in ice cream shakes, sweet potato fries, and a more affordable price (approximately $4 cheaper than Counter) and you have a meal that may steer you from In-N-Out. BUILT Custom Burgers opens to the public on Monday. 

Creative burgers continue to shake up the traditional patty on a bun at Juicy Lucy. The January opening at Taste at FIGat7th in Downtown LA had burger lovers raising their glasses to some innovative and delectable options. Chef Paul Shoemaker keeps banging out new creations. Starting April 1st, diners can expect four new burgers, including a Jidori Chicken Burger and Veggie Burger. A favorite: Wolfmother with blue and brie cheese, caramelized onion, and roasted garlic aoli. 

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The Bloody, Juicy Secret At Dream Downtown’s Marble Lane

Every night at Marble Lane restaurant in the Dream Downtown Hotel, patrons aren’t “screaming” bloody murder – they’re discreetly demanding it. Because off-the-menu sits the lobby restaurant’s bleeding, dripping, biggest secret: Murder by Burger, the 10-layered burger topped with everything from fried eggs and cheese, to bacon, mushrooms, and onions. The best part: it’s stabbed right in the middle with a steak knife and paraded to your table for all to gawk at. Delicious and deadly.

But it gets better: Marble Lane has provided the recipe for this burger – and while we’re probably not going to actually make it at home since such a colossal task is best for the pros, it’s certainly a nice list to post on your fridge and glance at as your reach for the Diet Coke. Take a look:

8oz ground beef patty  
1 burger bun
2 slices comte cheese (2oz)
1 slice slab bacon (3oz)
1 fried egg
1 slice beef steak tomato (2 oz)- GRILLED
1/4 avocado, sliced
1 onion ring
1 oz sauteed mushroom mix (see base recipe)
1 oz caramelized onion
3 leaves bibb lettuce (1 oz)
1/2 oz of Memo sauce

2 oz Memos sauce
2 oz stone crab sauce
3 oz ketchup

Season the burger patty with salt and pepper on both sides and place on the griddle.  Cook to ordered temp.

Top sliced cheese. Place in salamander and melt cheese.  Meanwhile griddle the bacon slice until crisp. Butter the cut bun and toast on griddle. Cut bacon in half and place on top of the melted cheese on the burger. Cook a sunny up egg and place on top of bacon.  Next add the sliced avocado.  Top that with 1 onion ring. Fill the onion ring with sauteed mushrooms and onions. Top  bibb lettuce and top bun.  Stab a pickle spear with a steak knife and "stab" the burger with it.

Serve with a side of french fries and half of a pickled jalapeno.

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Live Jazz, Pig’s Face, & Umami Take-Out Debuts in Los Angeles

Home is where the heart is supposed to be, but now in Beverly Hills, a place called H.O.M.E. (House of Music & Entertainment) is where the caviar-chive salmon, the sous vide berkshire pork chop with a pear brandy reduction, the live jazz, and your new favorite wine list is. This premiere live jazz/supper club spot just opened last week, giving those in the industry a new place to rub shoulders, sign on the dotted line, and lean back with some top-shelf scotch to enjoy the smooth stylings of musicians like Bill Cunliffe and Pet Escovedo.

Bestia, a charcuterie haven serving pig’s face and beef heart tartare, opens this Friday in the Art District, and just when you thought the Umami brand was spent and done, here comes U Mini, a tiny take-out version of everyone’s favorite burger joint.

Blue Collar Brings West Coast Burgers to Brooklyn

Yesterday, on the way to play with kittens and puppies at an animal shelter in Williamsburg, I walked right by Blue Collar, the latest cheap patty place to open in New York. Suddenly, I was craving a juicy, one-hand burger. That hunger mixed with the eatery’s breezy, open windows, intimate-yet-airy space, and the burger shake décor, made me walk in.

Blue Collar opened last week and is owned by Gavin Compton and Jeff Slag, who run the charming new American restaurant Miller’s Tavern nearby. With their latest venue, the team aims to bring West Coast-style burgers to city saturated with Shake Shacks. Chef Brian Perry told the New York Times Blue Collar is similar to the California-based burger chain In-N-Out, and, given on the prices and style, it’s clear he isn’t lying. You can get a basic hamburger with lettuce, tomato, secret sauce, and pickles for $4, and 75 cents gets you goopy yellow cheese on top. They have an array of hand-spun milkshakes like peanut butter, cookies and cream, plus a rotating flavor (Heath Bar, I believe, yesterday). They also serve the burger joint basics like crisp, golden fries, a beef hotdog, and, you can add chili to anything for $1.50.

But, the final question: is the burger good? Short answer: yes, it’s a perfectly fine, simple, cheap patty, though there isn’t a lot of flavor going on in the meat. Given the choice, I would pick Shake Shack, Bill’s Bar and Burger, or Five Guys for my low-key burger fix, but, for a quick and easy filler upper while stumbling home from the bar (they are open until midnight on weekdays and 2am on Friday and Saturday), Blue Collar is everyman’s burger. 

Miami Opening: Shake Shack

Big things are happening in little Carol Gables thanks to the opening of Shake Shack. Sure, it’s Florida’s second Shake Shack, but it’s also the world’s largest Shake Shack.

And when the world’s largest Shake Shack – that beefy, juicy, shake-y creation of Danny Meyer – comes to your town, you get in your car, you drive the distance, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait, and you wait again. And two hours later, you eat that heavenly creation. Ah, baby got Shack-ed.  

New York Openings: STK OUT, Francesca, The NoMad

STK OUT (Midtown West) – Gourmet-to-go keeps midtown worker bees in lobster wraps and truffle aioli burgers.

Francesca (Lower East Side) – Spanish tapas and Basque wines, brought to you by the folks from Frankies Spuntino

The NoMad (Flatiron) – Seasonal French dining across five posh rooms.