Robin Frohardt Pays Tribute to Werner Herzog, In Cardboard

All sorts of tributes to the great Werner Herzog have made their way on the Internet, from remixes of Nosferatu to a fake "Werner Herzog" narrating classic children’s books (his take on Madeline is perhaps the best). But none have perhaps been so involved or so meta as a new pairing of videos from artist and puppeteer Robin Frohardt. Over the weekend, Frohardt released "Fitzcardboardaldo," a classic scene from Herzog’s ambitious 1982 rubber-baron tale Fitzcarraldo faithfully rendered in cardboard. The chosen scene depicts the steamship belonging to the titular rubber baron, played by Klaus Kinski, floating along the rainforests of Peru while Enrico Caruso’s voice soars. It’s all very dramatic and sweeping, even in a monochromatic cardboard world. In the end, Kinski’s boat meets some cardboard locals, who help him pulley the ship up the hill.

Best of all, though, is that Frohardt created a making-of short looking at "Fitzcardboardaldo," basing it on the actual making-of documentary of Fitzcarraldo. Corrugation of Dreams borrows its title and narration from Les Blank’s Burden of Dreams, which probably makes it the most committed Internet Herzog tribute out there. You’ve got to admire that dedication. Watch both shorts below. 


[via Fandor]