Belstaff Celebrates Steve McQueen, Exhibiting Limited-Edition Photos by Barry Feinstein

Belstaff celebrated Unseen McQueen at the beautiful (and can I say wonderful smelling? Must be the candles…) Madison Avenue store recently, exhibiting photographs taken by Barry Feinstein of his dear friend, the actor Steve McQueen. Their shared passion for motorcycles fuels the subjects of many of the photos – and really, there isn’t much out there that’s better than a photograph of Steve McQueen on or near a motorcycle.
The New York event coincided with a larger London exhibition of the 60 limited-edition prints, a few motorcycles, and the original car from 1968’s Bullitt, currently on view at The Custom Factory (32 Brewer Street, 3rd Fl in London’s Soho). The proceeds support Worth, Belstaff’s charitable partner. Fittingly, Worth teaches at-risk youth the art (and hopefully zen) of vintage motorcycle maintenance.
If unable to make it to The Custom Factory to see the London exhibition in person, a book collecting Feinstein’s McQueen images is available for sale via Reel Art Press. The photographs are available for purchase through The Custom Factory and at Belstaff stores.

Gene Kelly and Ten Other Dead Dudes We’d Totally Sleep With

My eyes were a little cloudy and heavy this morning when I got into the office, and I knew exactly what would perk me up: Google Image Searching Gene Kelly. Sure, some people would pick coffee, but some people would pick Gene Kelly. Right? That’s a thing that people do? Well, you should, because Gene Kelly was a handsome bro. I think even those who weren’t into dudes who hopped around on his toes and danced the nights away would be into him, because he basically looked like a linebacker who could also plié. And it got the gears in my brain a-movin’ and a-turnin’, and I started wondering: wouldn’t it be great if time travel were real and I could go back in time to have sex with Gene Kelly?

Look, let’s not get weird about this. You would, too. And you know what? I bet there’s a whole bunch of other now-dead people who were pretty attractive when they were alive. Here’s my list, and feel free to comment below with your own!

1. The Searchers-era Jeffrey Hunter

Sorry that the Comanche killed your parents, Martin, but you’re still hot so it’ll be OK!

2. A Streetcar Named Desire-era Marlon Brando

Goddamn those arms. I mean, bless those arms, but also goddamn those arms.

3. Rock Hudson in everything

You know? He might actually be game for this.

4. A Place in the Sun-era Montgomery Clift

This guy would probably be a handful, but there’s something really romantic about having to save someone, right?

5. Paul Newman in everything


6. Hamlet-era Laurence Olivier

This one is kind of a wild card, but there’s something creepily sexy about that Aryan dye-job.

7. John Cazale in everything

Speaking of creepy! But Meryl Streep slept with him, and that’s a big endorsement as far as I’m concerned.

8. Midnight Express-era Brad Davis

Despite the history of sexual abuse, the drug use, the alcoholism, this guy was kind of a catch!

9. River Phoenix in everything


10. Bullitt-era Steve McQueen

Don’t you think he’d treat you like total shit? Sign me up.

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