Brooklyn Academy of Music to Host GIF Exhibit

Uh, guess this wasn’t a scathing April Fool’s joke: BAM is really going to showcase a real exhibit of real GIFs, really! It’s called “Moving the Still” and I’m sure it’ll be somehow completely different from scrolling through a few days’ worth of a Tumblr dashboard, so get on it.

The Daily News reports:

A series of 50 moving digital photos, all in Graphics Interchange Format, culled from over 3,500 online entries, will be displayed for three months on BAM’s giant digital screen on Flatbush Avenue.

Bet they’re all from Parks & Recreation, am I right? Also: holy shit, that’s what GIF stands for? It sounds so futuristically alien when you spell it out.

Oh, but the GIFs will not be framed in a gallery, sadly, just blown up on a BAM’s giant outdoor digital screen on Flatbush Avenue—like so many Madison Square Garden ads for Muse in concert. When will this precious art form get its due? Once they’ve outlived their practical utility.

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IT’S HUMP DAY: Get Sexy At GIRLS Exhibit & PB-Bacon Cocktail Spot

It’s Wednesday and you know what that means: we get our hump on. This weekly column is devoted to finding the hottest events across NYC that’ll arouse and titillate even the most jaded New Yorker. Partake in these shows and soirees – from a GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exhibit to a classy, wine-filled literary event – and make the rest of your nights this week very sexy.

See photos of sexy girls doing things involving leather & cars:
Artist Katrina del Mar presents her GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS exhibit on the LES, which involves a bunch of photos, videos, and books displaying female archetypes, such as surfer girls, bike gangs, and girls playing in their bedrooms,  and girls with their dogs and tattoos. In signature Katrina fashion, the exhibit offers a fantasy, modern myth, and sets it in a grungy, urban environment, where violence merges into sex. Graphic, hyper-stylized sexually, and unapologetically feminist, a post-discussion over a drink and prime food is necessary. Hit up nearby, just-opened Lobster Joint at happy hour for $4 lobster sliders and a beer. Runs Wed-Sun, 12pm-7pm every day until Feb. 17th. Participant Inc, 253 E. Houston St. All details here. Inside-info on Lobster Joint here.

Eat peanut butter-and-bacon-topped burgers & drink peanut liqueur:
Just-opened Greenwich Village cocktail spot Rogue & Canon takes things to a whole other level, and by that, I do mean “puts peanut butter and bacon in everything.” We’re talking peanut butter and bacon-topped burgers and peanut liqueur, and even bacon bitters. This little bar has got the whole copper-ceiling, brick-walled appeal, and the skills to back it up. From the folks behind the James Hotel’s rooftop bar Jimmy, Rogue is definitely a walk-in-at-2am spot. So bring your date or fling; the night is young. Open now. 128 W. Houston St. Inside-info here.

Get turned on by smart people:
BAM’s series “Eat, Drink & Be Literary” is happening tonight, Jan. 23rd, and offers four things: a classy buffet dinner, wine, live music, and an intimate discussion from the literary scene’s top authors. Authors read their favorite passages of their work, debate with audience members, and give insight into their usually-secret creative process. Even if you’re not a literary fiend, it’s a good excuse to meet people, drink, and feel cultured simultaneously. 6:30pm. $50. Brooklyn Academy of Music, 30 Lafayette Ave., Brooklyn. All details here.


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Getting Nutty With the Nutcracker

Ever since I was a wee girl in Denver, my grandmother always took me to see some version of the Nutcracker, whether it was a classic ballet or a modern take done in black and white. Either way, I loved it, and even as a full-fledged adult I seek out productions. This year, I found three adaptations of George Balanchine’s ballet that give it a fun twist.

Created by Liz Muller and Collin Simon, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King highlights the adventures of little Clara and her wooden nutcracker, which is based on the original 1816 story by E. T. A. Hoffmann. The only thing you will recognize is the premise and the star characters. Otherwise, it’s steampunk musical and dark comedy involving singing mice, broken dolls, and some spunky minions that leap, jest, and run all over the stage. Playing at The Beckett Theater on December 11 through the 15. Buy tickets here.

You can probably guess what the Nutcracker Rated R is all about—yup, sex, drugs, family secrets, and dolls. This is their seventh season running with Angela Harriell directing and choreographing the modern dancers. Watch as little teenage Clara goes on a binge of strip clubs, cocaine, and meets all sorts of unsavory characters. This is not my grandma’s Nutcracker. Playing at (Le) Poisson Rouge on December 20, 21, 27, and 28. Buy tickets here.

For a more traditional take on The Nutcracker ballet, The American Ballet Theatre’s version at the Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) is a safe, and wonderful bet. Choreographer Alexei Ratmansky puts the Tchaikovsky in his dancers feet as they prance around the stage to a live orchestra, bringing magic to the tale that, while the different takes are fun, the original is amazing. Playing at BAM now through December 16. Buy tickets here.

For the Love of Latkes

Latkes are to Hanukkah, as pumpkin pie is to Thanksgiving—you have to have it. Nowadays chefs and home cooks have spruced up the classic potato pancake, and you can find versions of them with horseradish, caviar, and jalapenos. And for the ultimate latke showdown, head to the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Monday, December 10 for the Fourth Annual Latke Festival at 6:30pm.

There, over a dozen restaurants including A Voce, Balaboosta, Blue Ribbon, The Vanderbilt, and more, will compete for the title of latke master or mistress (yes, I made that title up). Naturally, the Sussman brothers will also be vying for the championship, which, based on the few times I have tried Eli Sussman’s version, I think they have a good chance. For $55 you can experience the fun, as well as nibble on the classic pancakes, mini bialys from Hot Bread Kitchen, sufganiyot, otherwise known as jelly doughnuts, from Dough, and drink He’Brew beer and coffee from Brooklyn Roasting company. The latke magic lasts until 9pm, and a part of the proceeds go to The Sylvia Center.

Also, on Thursday, December 13 at 7pm, the 92Y is celebrating their Fifth Annual Beer + Latkes Hanukkah Celebration. For $22, sample the festive pancakes, sip beer, and spin a dreidel or two. If you want to go judge latkes on your own, try Kutsher’s Tribeca, which tops theirs with caviar On their Hanukkah menu (December 8 though 16), Toloache offers a Mexican version with jalapeno and tomatillo-apple salsa, and the Jewish-Canadian deli Mile End makes them now, and all year round.

Chefs Spew Poetry While Ty-Lor Boring Spills About His New Restaurant

At a fundraiser at the Brooklyn Academy of Music on Sunday, Wholesome Wave capped off their New York City Gets Fresh restaurant week with Chop It Up!, the first-ever celebrity chef poetry slam.

The talent included award winning chef Michel Nischan, the president of Wholesome Wave, Evan Hanczor of Egg, Joe “JJ” Johnson of the Bravo show, Rocco’s Dinner Party, and Top Chef contestant Ty-Lor Boring. Like a fine meal, each chef got paired with a complementing poet, including award-winning poet Stephen Colman, Kelly Zen-Yie Tsai from HBO’s now defunct series Def Poetry, and Mahogany Browne, a slam mistress at the Nuyroican Poets Café. The latter won the inaugural contest with Boring, after she wove words about ice cream and the “naked chef” talked about sex.

In between the rhymes, singing by the lovely Goapele, and bites of poached Maine lobster salad and smoky pulled pork sliders, I caught up Boring after his victory. A few months ago, Boring broke his back and this summer has been MIA, but now he is finally getting ready to find a spot and open his first restaurant in Brooklyn. The concept, he said, is hickory-smoked meats. The chef is thinking of taking Mile End’s lead and opening in Red Hook, in part because it’s near the water and has a more open space, which, he said, is good for when you are using a heavy-duty smoker. But, don’t expect to be trying Boring’s meat anytime soon, between finding the right set up, building, and permits, he expects to open spring of next year.

In the meantime, here is some inspiration for your own food-based poetry slam.

Whit Stillman Spars With “Ingrates, Traitors” Lena Dunham and Chris Eigeman

Whit Stillman has done a barrage of press for his new comedy Damsels in Distress, and while he was pretty tame when speaking with BlackBook (he only called out the New York theater audiences for their despicable and rude tendencies to cheer and clap during Broadway musicals), it seems he rifled some feathers last week and alienated some old and new friends. In an interview with Gothamist that ran on Thursday, Stillman was pretty blunt when it came to the other current press darling, Lena Dunham, who tapped one of Stillman’s regulars, Chris Eigeman, for a small part in her new HBO comedy, Girls

When asked why Eigeman wasn’t featured in the film, Stillman replied that Eigeman turned down the part seemingly either because it was too small or that he was taking a break from acting. But when Stillman discovered that Eigeman was going to be on Girls, he took offense (especially since Dunham had also turned down a role in Damsels in lieu of her HBO show). 

Well that’s one of the things he told me, that he was feeling really bad about acting, he was really down on acting. He’s been trying to get a film off the ground. But then I see that the other person who no-showed on my production was that Lena Dunham girl. She then cast him in her TV show so the two people who no-showed to our film are collaborating together, acting. What ingrates and traitors.

The stars aligned last week, bringing Stillman, Dunham, and Eigeman together for a screening of Stillman’s brilliant Last Days of Disco at a Dunham-curated week of female-fronted films at BAM. Gothamist reports that things were clearly heated at the Q&A following the film when Dunham openly admitted that there was tension between the trio. (She tweeted later that evening, "Sh%t got pretty real…") Eigeman followed up with Gothamist on Friday, filling them in on what really went down:

"I’m not a big fan of having my loyalty called into question," Eigeman says, "Particularly by Whit Stillman, whom clearly I have been deeply loyal to." According to Eigeman, both he and Dunham confronted Stillman and asked if he was joking when he called them ingrates and traitors, and Stillman said "I’m not joking."

The Playlist was also in attendence on Thursday night, and details the interaction between Dunham and Stillman:

Dunham responded by reciting from memory a bruised letter she’d received from Stillman at the time and had since framed. “How could you decline to be in my film which will be seen worldwide for decades to come in exchange for the utter ephemera of a TV pilot?” The pilot in question was Dunham’s own series in which she is the star as well as writer and director of many of the episodes, which had forced her to pass on Damsels. Stillman’s deadpan demeanor made it difficult to gauge the degree in which he was only joking but he closed the sore subject by saying, “these people are great talents and I hope to work with them someday.”

Rich white people fighting at BAM! (That’s probably not an uncommon occurrence, actually.) It seems like the three have made up, which is a blessing if only because it’d be nice to see Eigeman show up in Stillman’s next feature as another insufferable, pompous preppy. You know, if Stillman manages to get it made sometime in the next decade! 

Photo by Instagram user curleyburly, via Gothamist.