Picking Out The Perfect Wedding Dress With The DIY Bride

Heyyyyy, ladies! I’m sure you all know that not only is your wedding day the most important day of your life, should you not have a wedding then you are a complete failure as a human being (until, of course, you are unable to conceive children) (or, until you are unable to balance a work life and a home life at the same time) (what the hell is wrong with you, do you not want to have it all?). Luckily for you, the DIY Bride is back to help you with this important, momentous occasion that will ultimately be the greatest indicator of your personal success and happiness! This week, the wedding expert shares a checklist for finding the perfect dress.

Obviously, the wedding dress is the centerpiece of the ceremony and, naturally, the marriage itself. If you screw up your dress, you’re likely to screw up your relationship with your perfect man. I’m sure most of you are thinking, "So, like, I just have to worry about it being strapless or sequined or white or off-white, depending on my sexual history and the judgment likely to come from the groom’s extended family members from the South?" Oh, you silly ladies, there’s so much more for you to worry about! 

Check out the video below!

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Be The Most Creative Bride You Can Be With “DIY Bride”

I think the best part about getting married—other than committing to someone for life, or, you know, a long time—is being the center of attention. Everyone has to look at you! It’s true! The RSVP includes three unspoken agreements: you will bring a gift, you will not get too drunk, and you will never take your eyes off of the bride, who has spent so much time shedding for the wedding and telling her Maid of Honor what to do and crying and threatening to murder her mother and/or the wedding planner and/or her husband-to-be. And if a bride is smart, she makes her wedding ALL HER OWN. Which is why any lady who is about to head down the aisle should watch "DIY Bride."

There are certain expectations for the bride, as well. Sure, you can Bridezilla all over the place, but you better bring your own style and personality into the mix. Who likes a boring, cookie-cutter bride? With the help of my friend Mikala Bierma, any bride-to-be can take some extra steps to creating her own special day even more special and her own. And what’s one of the most important parts about a bride? FLOWERS, duh!


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