Morning Links: Bobbi Kristina Trusts Oprah, Lady Gaga Hits 20 Million Twitter Followers

● Bobbi Kristina has entrusted Oprah with her first interview since Whitney’s death becasue, she says, Oprah "was loyal to my mom, and never did my mother wrong, or made her look bad. She always looked out for my mom." Their talk will air Sunday. [TMZ]

● Tina Fey was supposed to help Lindsay Lohan deliver her opening monologue on Saturday Night Live but pulled out at the last second because her kids were sick — or because she’s tired of defending her Mean Girls co-star, depending on who you ask. [NYDN]

● The Barenaked Ladies will provide the score for Delta Chi Fraternity in the upcoming adaptation, Animal House: The Musical. [ArtsBeat]

● Lady Gaga became the first person to hit 20 million twitter followers. Followers number 19,999,998 or 19,999,999 or even 20 million — where have you been? [NME]

● Details about The Canyon, the microbudget, L.A. based noir film Brett Easton Ellis supposedly wrote for porn star James Deen, are begining to emerge. [Playlist]

● Odd Future debuted the second track off their collective album, The OF Tape Vol. 2, and "Rella" followup, "NY (Ned Flander)" last night. The predictably weirdo video is directed by none other than Tyler himself under his Wolf Haley alias. [RapRadar]

Afternoon Links: Keanu Reeves Does A Nice Thing, Entire Lindsay Lohan Playboy Spread Leaks

● Keanu Reeves is so casual in the way he offers his subway seat to a woman, you might almost believe he’s a nice guy. [BuzzFeed]

● Brett Easton Ellis says that if they really must go through with that American Psycho remake, they’ll have to cast Kardashian clan member Scott Disick. Or maybe Miles Fisher. Otherwise the whole thing is a no go. [Vulture]

● Better safe than sorry, Rick Ross has traded out a duffle bag boy for a med kit carrier. [TMZ]

● Snake, meet tail: things got real weird last night when Occupy Wall Street protesters found themselves #moccupy-ing Law and Order: SVU‘s Occupy Wall Street set, staged with stunning accuracy just a few blocks north of the Zuccoti Park. [Mother Jones]

● There’s reason to believe that the new year might bring a new album from Jay-Z, a new album from Kanye, and a Watch the Throne sequel. "You know, we’re really in a great place creatively," Jay-Z told MTV, speaking for the two. "We really found our zone.” [NahRight]

● Author and object of internet obsession, Tao Lin, was caught standing close to musician and object of internet obsession, Lana Del Ray. [HRO]

● "Am I biting you?" Rihanna asks the nice lady fitting her for a grill. "I’m used to it," responds the nice lady being bitten by Rihanna. [TheHairpin]

● They’re all here now: Lindsay Lohan in Playboy, the full spread. (NSFW) [ONTD]