Boy George Wants You

Boy George

Boy George’s performance led to an afterparty at Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel. It was a private affair with many of Boy’s NYC friends in attendance and a rumored performance by David Bowie himself that never really happened. Here’re some pics of the night.

Besties Danielle Levitt and Ladyfag

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Kayvon Zand

Countess Luann

Me peeing in the sink.

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Boy George

Erich Conrad + Derek Blasberg

Oh Boy! New Exhibit Salutes ’80s London Club Scene

I am so into this: From July 10, 2013 through February 16, 2014, the Victoria & Albert’s museum in London will showcase a retrospective of clubwear from the 1980s. British Vogue reveals that the major exhibition will host "over 85 outfits by designers such as John Galliano and Vivienne Westwood" inspired by the scene’s movers and shakers. In addition to tributing the iconic designers that made looks for outré fashion heroes such as Leigh Bowery and Boy George (pictured), Club to Catwalk: London Fashion in the 1980s will shine a light on the era’s attire in the following categories: Fetish, Goth, Rave, High Camp and New Romantics. 

There’s more. Vogue also notes that the show will display "nine denim jackets that were commissioned by Blitz club magazine in 1981" as well as a "mini club-like area" that will show-off ’80s club accessories. Telegraph adds that tickets will be just 5 pounds a pop (or $8 USD) and will go on sale starting in June.

If this information doesn’t inspire you to book a summer 2013 ticket across the pond, please watch this documentary STAT.

Photo via Telegraph

Fern Bar Fridays: Boy George, He Comes and He Goes

Welcome to Fern Bar Fridays, a lighthearted romp (is there any other kind?) through a decade of cool music and even cooler drinks. The fern bar era, which roughly spanned 1975-1985, was filled with giant lapels and ties (and then later teeny tiny lapels and ties), ridiculous drinks, and sweet sounds. Every Friday we’ll bring you a song and drink pairing emblematic of that delightful time to help you get the weekend started off on the right loafer-sans-sock-shod foot. This week, dress up your white dreads with Culture Club’s “Karma Chameleon.”

This week, it’s time to fire up our Delorean time machine and leave the paleofern era behind as we cruise into the mesofern era, by way of 1870 Mississippi. I’m talking, of course, about "Karma Chameleon" by the Culture Club, which holds the distinction of being our first produced music video, rather than a live performance, featured in Fern Bar Fridays.

And oh what a video! A thieving pickpocket! (Who is utterly lacking in the subtlety for which that profession is generally known!) Can-can girls in desperate need of a more skilled choreographer! Riverboat gambling! The aforementioned thieving pickpocket forced to walk the plank at parasol-point! A terrifying glimpse into the mind of Boy George, isn’t it? (Actually a menagerie of parasols and pickpockets is pretty much exactly how I imagine the interior of Boy George’s brain looking.)

Funny, too, that they were familiar with the Courteney Cox dance in Reconstructionist Mississippi.

Now then, I do need to acknowledge that "Karma Chameleon" isn’t the ferniest song in the Culture Club catalogue—that honor goes to "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" but we’ve all seen The Wedding Singer and I’m sure I speak on behalf of all of humankind when I say that if I never hear that song again it won’t be a day too soon. HOWEVER. While we’re on the topic of "Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?" we should detour for a spell to talk about the inspiration for that song, as well as for some of the lyrics heard in "Karma Chameleon" because oooh la la did you know that Culture Club was basically the Fleetwood Mac of the ’80s in that there was some serious intra-band hanky-panky going on? I know, such fun! We’re big proponents of any and all forms of hanky-panky down at Rita’s, the imaginary fern bar that exists in my head.

The story goes like this: in the early ‘80s, during the height of the band’s popularity, Boy George and Jon Moss, the band’s drummer, were entangled in a complicated love affair that Boy George claims led to the band’s 1986 split. In retrospect, it seems much more likely that Boy’s heroin habit and raging narcissism played the leading role in the dissolution of the band, but let’s not quibble over minor details when we could be gasping and heaving from our shared admiration of the brass balls it took for a British man to frolic around the globe sporting a set of beribboned cornrows. (While I have you, a wee rant: there are a million sites out there offering hair and beauty advice, how can there be such a terrible lack of Boy George hair tutorials? I WANT AUTHENTIC ’80s-STYLE FANCIFUL BRAIDS.)

In honor of George and his multi-colored hairdo, this week we’re getting fancy with our drink selection, opting for what’s known as a "layered drink" or "pousse-café" and good Frond in heaven I’m about to pass out from loving the term "pousse-café" so much. The particular pousse-café I selected to go along with "Karma Chameleon" is called the Mexican Flag, which doesn’t much parse until you consider that its layers are…wait for it…RED, GOLD, AND GREEN!!!!!

I know, I’m completely ridiculous, but are you having fun? Yes, you are! And you’ll be having even more fun when you’ve sucked back one of these babies.

Mexican Flag

1 oz grenadine
1 oz green creme de menthe
1 oz tequila

First, fill the bottom of a highball glass with grenadine to form the first layer. Next, pour the creme de menthe in over the back of a spoon so as to prevent it from mixing with the grenadine. Finally, pour in the tequila.

Wait no, those instructions aren’t right! It should read, "Pour in the tequila. Finally, DRINK. Then order another! And maybe another! And then vomit red, gold and green all over the bar, turn to the bartender and say, dryly, ‘My colors are like your dreams.’"

Legendary London Club Blitz Returns this Weekend for One Night Only

Apply your makeup, people, because Saturday night in London, the legendary Blitz Club is returning for one night only. The occasion: the 30th anniversary of the mecca that helped spawn an entire youth movement, New Romanticism.

Names such as Visage, Gary Numan, Sigue Sigue Sputnik, Spandau Ballet, and Culture Club all made the scene at the Blitz Club, just a stone’s throw from Leicester Square in Covent Garden. Boy George celebrated the club’s “Blitz Kids” scene in his musical, Taboo. Though the original building is ancient history, original doorman/DJ Steve Strange (pictured, in a recent photograph) will once again make the scene with his friend Rusty Egan. The pair bought the club in ’79-’80 and turned it into the hottest destination in Central London, in turn inspiring other artists like John Galliano. If you happen to be in London this weekend, you might want to drop by.

Week in Divas: Baby Spice Pimps Bread, Anne Hathaway’s First-Date Fears

imageWith most media outlets are still milking yesterday’s plane crash in the Hudson for pageviews (so tasteful, NY Post!), it makes more sense instead to dwell on the pathologies of prima donnas. It’s a victimless pastime. So let’s just get down to it.

● So what do you do after you and your former bandmates have staged an extensive world tour, netted over $10 million apiece, and continue to collect a check time each time one of your anthems is played on a commercial? Do you stage a second reunion? Not if you’re Baby Spice. Instead, you get an unflattering haircut and sell bread. []

● Thanks for saving 30 Rock, Sarah Palin! [Gawker]

Britney Spears is rehearsing for her Circus tour. And she’s leaked the photos just to prove it. [Pink Is The New Blog]

● That should make her too busy to take note of how a vandal has been wreaking havoc across Berlin, defacing promotional posters of pop stars like her. The vandal’s kind of like Poster Boy, but does her art in the spirit of indignant feministing. Forgivable, however, is the defacement of the Leona Lewis poster. [Jezebel]

● Le sigh. Boy George is jail-bound for holding a hooker hostage. Whatever happened to the gentle days of “Karma Chameleon,” man? [Reuters]

● Anne Hathaway apparently gets nervous on first dates. I suppose I would have trust issues too if I had dated this guy. [ShowbizSpy]

Confirmed: Amy Winehouse, recently spotted traipsing across the beach, isn’t caught in a downward spiral. She just wants to have fun. [Perez Hilton]

● Sapphic serial The L Word returns this Sunday for its final outing. This marks the last time when we’ll have the original Foxy Brown coming into our living rooms on a weekly basis. And hopefully the last time she’ll have to recite some of the clunkiest “urban dialogue” ever written. Also, Lucy Lawless stars in the premiere! So the universe does make sense. [The Futon Critic]

● … and it continues do so. Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna decide to meet for a spell today. Perhaps to swap tips on how to improve their Savasanas. [Just Jared]