CFDA Announces Plans to Make Fashion Even Faster

Fashion shows are a “broken system,” according to the Council of Fashion Designers of America, who announced yesterday that they’ve been investigating ways to restructure the twice-yearly New York Fashion Week schedule. Rather than previewing what to expect in the coming season, the CFDA is moving toward a more consumer-driven experience that presents in-season collections already available for purchase.

We have designers, retailers and everybody complaining about the shows,” said CFDA Chairman Diane von Furstenberg to WWD. “Something’s not right anymore because of social media, people are confused […] We have some ideas. Everyone seems to feel that the shows being consumer-driven is a very good idea.”

Alongside Boston Consulting Group, the CFDA will begin conducting a survey after the holidays that closely examines this potential by assessing who in the industry is in favor of a change. Though they’ve yet to pinpoint the perfect solution, von Furstenberg suggested a shift would allow brands to preview their collections more intimately with press and retailers six months out. Once product has shipped, these brands could then produce a more timely big-budget production to coincide with the official release. 

With this organization, fall collections would be shown in September and spring in February, which CFDA President and CEO Steven Kolb said would benefit designers and shoppers equally. “We want to take a broken system and create a new system,” he told WWD. “Ninety-five percent of the people I’ve spoken to say, ‘Amen.’”