Kink For Dummies: Domi Dollz Launch Fundraiser For Their First Book

Down here in the Caribbean, it’s hard to believe that the holiday season is in full force. A friend up north was talking about snow while my main concern is tan lines. For the record, there won’t be any…it’s like that. I’ll be filing little glimpses as I sip tropical fruit drinks and practice the art of not getting caught staring at the bikinis while laying out next to Amanda. Amanda can be scary.

Speaking of scary…Sandy not only destroyed homes, ‘hoods, and a sense of security; it threw the calendar out with the bath water. Many people and businesses plan their holiday parties at the last minute, right before Thanksgiving, and many, bolstered by an improved economy and needing a reason to be cheerful, are scrambling for a night date in a hot spot. Domi Dollz, a group that lives and teaches a real life 50 Shades of Grey lifestyle, is one such group. They will have a super-secret seasonal soiree as soon as they find a place to hang their hat…er, whip.

This year they have a lot to be cheerful about as they are completing their first real-deal book, Kinky Amour, on the subject. Publishing a book is an expensive process and they are trying to raise funds to complete. I  asked Domi Dollz founder and president Nina Payne to tell me all about it:

The fundraiser. Tell me about it.
Someone had mentioned I should try a fundraiser a couple months ago when I was faced with the huge budget of getting this book together. Domi Dollz isn’t just trying to self-publish a book; we’re also creating video tutorials and taking beautiful photographs to show readers how they can practice kinky techniques. We are raising funds so we can properly advertise and promote this book to help make the world a sexier place. Check out the fundraiser here.

What is Kinky Amour?
Kinky Amour is an introduction into kink that explores everything from communication, psychology, and safety, to specific techniques like spanking, bondage, and role-playing. This book has been designed to inspire the reader and help direct her or him to discovering what works best for them and whomever they’re with.

So what types of things will you be covering in the book?
We’re covering a lot of ground in our first book, which is so exciting, beginning  with understanding what kink really is and the reminder that no one should feel ashamed if they are curious or interested in it. Kink is about fun, creativity, and, most of all, trust; it can really liberate an individual and especially strengthen the bond of a relationship. But we will also be covering lots of specific techniques likes spanking, flogging, bondage, dirty talk, role playing, and much more.

What makes this book different than the other kink books out there?
Kinky Amouris not only a book, but it will also be an eBook that has beautiful photography and video tutorials. In fact, it will be the first eBook about kink with video tutorials which you can download to your computer, KindleFire, or iPad. We’ve structured it in a sort of "Kink For Dummies”-style  way, and it will feature personal stories, kinky tips, and other fun stuff from myself, Ms. Mona Rogers, and other fellow Domi Dollz.

So this is a collective effort from all the Domi Dollz.
Yes, our fans will be happy to hear that this book will have contributions from other Domi Dollz, all of whom you can check out here. My biggest help was Ms. Mona Rogers; she came in while I was writing the final draft and really elevated it to the next level. We are very excited by what we have.

What motivated you to write this book?
Aside from wanting to bring a positive message to the world, we were also motivated to write this book after getting feedback from people all over the world interested in our workshops, but weren’t able to attend. We hope this book will bring people an opportunity to learn at their own pace in the privacy of their own home, and hopefully help them embrace their sexualities.

When will the book be out?
February 2013. We are currently shooting all the video and photography, and it’s been a blast watching it all come together.

Tell me about the costs of producing this tome. How do people get involved?
Domi Dollz is on Indiegogo to raise funds to bring this book to life. Self-publishing is no easy task; we’re not only producing high-quality videos and photos, but also advertising it, which has an added cost. It’s expensive to make your dreams come true! We are hoping others who support kink and sexual education will also support our cause. All the money raised will go toward the creation, publishing, and promotion of Kinky Amour. When you check out the fundraiser, you’ll see our sexy video explaining it all. People can use their credit cards or Paypal to donate on Indiegogo. We also accept money orders,  so just email one of our Dollz, and she can arrange that. We are aiming to raise $10,000, but honestly EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS and gets us closer to our dream. We are grateful for it all and offer perks for different-sized donations. If all the kinksters in NYC donated just $1, we would have way more than ten grand! 

Boldface Publicist R. Couri Hay On the Next Week’s Black Party and His Book “Secret Lives”

Someone once told me that, with rare exceptions, the sign of a great rock and roll drummer is that you don’t notice he’s even there. He is there to keep things sure and steady. Usually, publicists are like that: rarely the center of attention, although they are always around keeping the place in the news, controlling uncomfortable situations, being an honest steady ear and an independent but inside-voice. R. Couri Hay is a boldface name that handles and sometimes creates boldface names. I have known him for decades, and adore and respect him as one of the top guns of PR. I asked Marie Assante who works with Couri to tell me a bit about him and got this:

 "R. Couri Hay specializes in media relations and image/brand development. He is a creative strategist, image counselor, and campaign and crisis manager. Known as a social commentator with a focus on Hollywood, high society, and philanthropy, he has been featured on The Today Show, CBS Early Show, Extra, VH1, Fox News, CNBC, CNN, ET, and ABC World News Now. 
In print, his experience is vast. He started his career as one of the original contributing editors of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine, and went on to help create the chatter column for People magazine and write for Town & Country. He currently is a Society Editor and Columnist for Gotham, Hamptons, and Avenue Magazines."
If the party is good, Couri is there either working or mingling. He has a sharp wit and tongue to go with it – I have been on the good and bad side of it. He is always a gentleman, a concept that has great meaning for me. He has always been there for me, often the voice of reason in unreasonable situations. He is the consummate professional and can be found on every major players’ list of potential PRs. With the infamous Black Party looming, I caught up with him and asked him about his involvement and other stuff.
Five thousand gay men are converging on Roseland Ballroom for the Black Party, and you are the publicist? How does one do publicity for this world?
To clarify, the publicist for the Black Party is Dan DeMello. My only involvement is that is generously and bravely excerpting the last chapter from my novel Secret Lives. The reason they’re doing this is that the last chapter takes place on March 21, 1981, the day of the inaugural Black Party. I take the reader back in real-time to that night and my friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe, who was the party’s official photographer. I bumped into Stephen Pevner, who is Bruce Mailman’s cousin and now owns The Saint, at the LGBT Center’s Art + Sin Black Party Poster Party last week and he told me all of the statistics on the March 24th event, which I was happy to share with Emily Smith at Page Six.
Because Stephen Pevner allowed me to excerpt my novel Secret Lives on, it’s getting the party some additional attention, which it deserves.  It was the first gay circuit party on Earth and remains the gay world’s premiere S&M "convention."  Pevner has published a special magazine about the Black Party and has a major advertising machine in GLBT publications around the world, which have been covering the event since its inception. Their website has a series called Stories from the Saint, in addition to video testimonials. My observation is that you publicize this circuit party in the same way publicist’s publicize the Oscars, only it’s targeted to the gay press rather than the mainstream media. In essence, the Black Party is the Olympics of the S&M world.
You have been a publicist for a good minute. Tell me about your clients over the years. What boldface names stick out and which were the easiest to work press for?
I’m very proud of the work I have done for the children of my friends. I helped launched the careers of Amanda Hearst (the daughter of Anne Hearst the publishing heiress), Lydia Hearst (the daughter of Patty Hearst one of John Waters’ favorite actresses), Lauren Bush (the daughter of Sharon Bush) who I helped when she became the UN’s spokesperson for the world’s hungry children, and Sarah Bradford, the half sister of Matt Damon who became Page Six Magazine’s #1 It Girl.
I represented Harry Winston, Bergdorf Goodman, and opened the Prada, Bulgari, and Chopard stores in Aspen. I had a lot of fun representing the champagnes Krug and Vueve Clicquot where I got to giveaway tens of thousands of glasses of champagne to celebrities ranging from Catherine Deneuve to Naomi Campbell.  While I was the publicist for Grand Classics at Soho House and Cinema Society, I did screenings with dozens of movie stars ranging from Gwneth Paltrow and Philip Seymour Hoffman, to Signourney Weaver and Dennis Hopper. This week (March 13th), I did publicity for Paper Street Films producers Austin Stark and Bingo Gubelmann around the screening of their new film Detachment, starring Adrien Brody, Lucy Liu, and Blythe Danner.
In nightlife I’ve worked with Studio 54, Tatou, Nell’s, MK, Red Zone, Pink Elephant Club, M2, and most recently Pacha, District 36, Hudson TerraceViktor & SpoilsSway, Snap, and STASH, which have played host to an endless stream of boldfaced names.
R. Couri
These days, many clubs are not looking to get traditional press as a way to protect their clients privacy. Is this really new or was it also sometimes your job to keep things quiet?
It was always my job and is still my job to keep 90 percent of what I know under wraps. It’s the other 10 percent that ends up on the front pages of the Post and the Daily News, in Page Six, GatecrasherPeopleUS Weekly, etc.There’s always a fine line about what’s acceptable to write about a celebrity, such as a sighting, and what’s unacceptable, which would be brawls and other naughty acts they wouldn’t want to see in print.
Tell me a damage-control story.
Most of my damage-control stories have been on behalf of victims. I worked with both women that ended up letting Oscar De La Hoya talk them into their underwear.  Both of these stories ended up on the front pages around the world. I did my best to control the public’s perception of these women. I also represent George Soros’ ex-girlfriend Adrianna Ferrera who is now suing for $50 million.
Tell me about the book.
The novel Secret Lives is about a bisexual designer, partially based on my ex-lover Halston and other designers I knew in the ’80s. The fictional Rodney Sparrow marries Blandy Bradford, the debutante of the decade, who shoots him in the first chapter after discovering that she’s pregnant and that he infected her with the AIDS virus, which he contracted during his secret gay sex life. The book then flashes back to both of their personal and family histories. The lead characters are based on composites of real people that I knew intimately. Secret Lives is set within real events including the Oscars, Grammys, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Galas. The book has cameos by virtually every boldfaced name that mattered from the ’80s. Secret Lives is a first-hand diary of the times that I lived in.
Are you attending the Black Party and, if so, what are you wearing?
Sadly, although I’ve attended 27 of the 31 Black Partys, I’ll be skiing in Courchevel France with my family and goddaughter who is on spring break. The last one I attended was in 2009 where I danced alongside Marc Jacobs and his then-lover Lorenzo Martone. 

Your Intro To Kinky Sex: World-Famous Dominatrixes Write & Launch New ‘Kink 101’ Book

With the explosion of Fifty Shades of Grey and Rihanna’s "S&M," one thing is increasingly clear: we secretly love kink. Whether E.L. James’ book piqued your curiosity, or you surprisingly loved it when your date tied you up last summer, we’ve all got some "kinks" in us that deserve a good deal of exploration. And thanks to a new book written by two world-renowned, professional dominatrixes, the task is now all the easier. Meet Kisses To Kink: A Dominatrix’s Guide To Great Sex.

A “kink for dummies,” this two-volume tome brings all things kink – from S&M to bondage to role playing – out of the taboo and into your hands in a very step-by-step, educational way. The best part: it’s an eBook on iTunes & Amazon, which means its not only private, but your commute from your apartment to work just got way more fun

With personal stories and kinky tips by authors Ms. Nina Payne and Ms. Mona Rogers – founders of the Domi Dollz, a group of pro dominatrixes – Kisses To Kink elevates your play to a nearly pro-level in a very simple way. It also includes video tutorials and photographs of incredibly good looking people in lingerie doing very naughty things. If only all our textbooks had that…

And another cool thing:  I wrote the foreword! Which is very, very much worth reading. 

So go ahead: download the book here or here, be selfish, demand an amazing sex life. Bedtime reading doesn’t get better than this.

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One Week Left To Back ‘Pixies: A Visual History’ On Kickstarter

You know what your coffee table is missing? A book that someone may actually want to flip through. I know that under the bottles and ashtrays and bills there is probably some kind of unsolicited Urban Outfitters catalog, but that doesn’t count. What you need is Pixies: A Visual History, an exclusive limited-edition hardcover containing never-before-published vintage photos and anecdotes about the band’s early days. Problem is, it doesn’t exist. Yet.

Superfan Sean T. Rayburn, whose love of the utterly unique alien-rock quartet blossomed into a job curating the official band website, Facebook page, etc., has already collected nearly $90,000 on Kickstarter to make that book—by helping him hit the $150,000 goal in the next few days, you could land your very own copy, or at least some postcards with these classic, early-years, mostly black-and-white images. This (first) book would focus on the years 1985, before everyone in the group had met, to 1993, when they dissolved and each made a separate name for his or herself. 

It should include lots of grungy U-Mass basement shots and dressing-room candids as well as material from the quickly growing concerts, as Rayburn is not settling for his own ephemera but reaching out to photographers who worked with the Pixies in that era to present an unexpectedly complete picture of some great musicians making their bones. But this probably won’t show up in stores: you’ve got to get in on the ground floor by contributing to the project, so find your mind and start clicking.

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Domi Dollz Launch Fundraiser For Their First ‘Kink for Dummies’ Book

There are several things in life that make us consider how woefully sad and colorless the world must have been without their very presence. We’re talking things like cinnamon buns, leather pants, and snow globes. But recently, another addition has been made to the list: the book Kinky Amour. A “kink for dummies,” this tome brings all things kink – from S&M to bondage to role playing – out of the taboo and into the mainstream in an accessible, step-by-step, educational way. The learning gets easier since Kinky Amour will be available in eBook form as soon as February 2013, and include downloadable video tutorials and photographs of incredibly good looking people in lingerie doing very naughty things. If only all our textbooks had that…

But I digress. Kinky Amour is created by the experts themselves: the Domi Dollz, a group of professional NYC-based dominatrixes who know the power of a sexual power play and a good spanking. With personal stories and kinky tips contributed by the Dollz and the founder and president herself, Ms. Nina Payne, Kinky Amour doesn’t simply educate;  it titillates and elevates your play to a nearly pro-level – safety first, of course. And since the Dollz are currently NYC-based, the book is making the teachings of their world-renowned workshops national, global, atmospheric, as anyone, anywhere – martian or man – can buy or download the book.

To raise money to release Kinky Amour, the Domi Dollz have launched a fundraiser, where certain donations are rewarded with incentives from a “yes, mistress” t-shirt and free tickets and VIP access to their workshops, to one-on-one lessons with the Dollz in person. And if you’ve ever witnessed one of their workshops – ahem, I have – let me just say the experience is priceless.

So go ahead: be selfish, demand an amazing sex life, get that book out into the world. Bedtime reading doesn’t get better than this.

The Truth About Summer & Your Skin From a Top New York Dermatologist

When you’re sitting at a picnic table with a ketchup-drenched burger and icy beer in your hand, reveling in the sun’s heavenly gaze upon your back, it’s easy to forget about that one little thing you’ve carried with you since birth: your skin—which is probably getting burned. Perhaps you forgot to put on sunscreen, or maybe you applied that from-the-depths-of-the-bathroom-cabinet sunblock that was around when you won the 6th grade spelling bee. Or perhaps you’ve just shunned it entirely, deeming it "too greasy, and thick, and smelly" and other blah blah blah-related BS. Well, you’ll stop now. Because thanks to a conversation with one of New York’s top dermatologists—Dr. Debra Jaliman—it’s clear that how you treat your skin today, on this gorgeous summer day, dictates how your skin will look for the rest of your life. As the author of Skin Rules: Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist, Dr. Jaliman shares some shocking truths with us about sunscreen, aging, moles, and how Botox can save your iife. 

Your book has 12 chapters devoted to sunblock.
Yes, because it’s the least-expensive way to really prevent sun damage. So many times people come here and they want to spend a lot of money correcting things that they think are aging changes in their skin when, in fact, they’re sun damage. People say “I have these brown spots, these wrinkles, these age spots, these liver spots,” but they’re actually just caused by the sun. People come and do fillers, they do botox, and then I say, “Let me tell you about sunscreen” and they say, “No, no, no, I’m not interested.” And then I try to explain to them that they’re going to spend thousands of dollars on all these treatments and laser procedures, but if you don’t use a good sunscreen—one that’s right for your skin with the right chemicals and is not expired!—then all that money is really wasted. 

I was so surprised to read in your book that wrinkles aren’t even a natural symptom of aging—they’re merely just from exposure to the sun.
People look at my skin and think that because I’m a dermatologist, I’ve had 500 procedures and 500 things put in my face—I don’t. But it’s just that I am obsessed with using the right sunscreen every single day. I’ve never had wrinkles and I’m 56 and it’s because from the time I got interested in dermatology, which was when I was in my teens, I became interested in sunscreen. I was always wearing some form of sunscreen all of those years.

So what do you think are some of the cheapest, most effective sunscreens that you can buy at any drugstore?
One of the really good ones I’ve used is Vanicream. I’m a big fan of zinc-based, physical sunscreens because no matter what your skin type is, you’re not going to get a reaction from them. Let’s say you have rosacea, eczema, sensitive skin; you’re not going to get the reaction that you would from a chemical-based sunscreen.

What’s the difference between a physical and chemical sunscreen?
The ingredients in physical sunscreens physically block your skin from the sun, like a t-shirt. With chemical sunscreens, there’s a chemical reaction that inactivates the sun. I like the physical ones more because they’re broad spectrum, whereas the chemical ones are less. If you’re acne-prone, pick up a non-comedogenic sunscreen, which doesn’t block pores. Neutrogena has a very nice physical one.

So what about you? Do you try to avoid the sun, always sit under an umbrella?
I would be a liar if I told you I was huddled under the sun. I’m very active; my boyfriend has a boat so we’re on the boat all the time and I’m a very active person in the sun. I think that if you tell people to be a recluse and stay away from summer, it would be unrealistic. So the better approach is to take advantage of all the great technology we have; for example, there are hats with SPF 30 in the fabric, I always wear a UV 400-blocking sunblock, and a lipbalm with SPF in it. You must think it takes hours for me to get ready but it really doesn’t; once you get into the habit of it it takes two minutes.


What do you think of these tinted, SPF moisturizers that are on the market? I love them. For a lot of people they don’t want to wear makeup in the summer, and that tinted moisturizer gives you the illusion of having color but you don’t, so you have the great look of a glow.

What is the most neglected area for sunscreen?
There’s many. The ears. The nose—even when you apply it, it gets wiped off often. The Achilles tendon, the soles of the feet, the tops of their feet.

Never would have guessed the Achilles tendon. I have noticed the upper chest area is so easily burned.
That’s because there is no fat there; the skin is sitting right on the bone and it’s so thin.

What about moles? Can you easily spot a harmful mole?
Yes. I’ve had so much experience with them and always such an interest in them. I figured out early on as a dermatologist that there aren’t that many ways to save someones life. One is to spot early Lyme disease and the other is to maybe spot an early allergic reaction that could become life-threatening, but the top way is to spot melanoma, since melanoma left untreated can become deadly pretty quickly. It doesn’t take a long time.

Does everyone that comes in get a mole check?
Nearly everyone. I fight with people over getting these mole checks because they just save lives. But believe it or not—Botox saves more lives than anything else, because with Botox, people are here every three or four months, getting checked. 

I was shocked to read in your book that UV rays even penetrate glass.
Oh yeah – when you’re sitting in your car, in the office, even walking around on a cloudy day—that’s when people really get into trouble. And a lot of times when people come here, I can tell whether they are the driver or passenger of their car because one side will have more sun damage than the other.

Really? Just by looking at them?
Same thing with lime juice; I can tell if someone was sitting in the sun drinking or eating something with lots of lime in it—they’ll come in with blistering sun burns just on their hands from squeezing the limes. Same with bergamot, an ingredient sometimes found in perfumes—people will have little dots on their neck and I can tell it’s from spritzing the perfume. I swear, dermatologists are detectives. 

‘Sh*t My Dad Says’ Author Justin Halpern On Sex, Growing Up, and His New Book

For Justin Halpern, it all started with a break-up. Blind-sided by the end of a three-year-long relationship, Halpern moved back home with his parents in 2009, made an office out of his living room couch, and started jotting down his dad’s brutally honest, sage, and expletive-ridden advice on a Twitter page called shitmydadsays. Within two months, the site had over half a million followers, a book deal, and a TV deal. After Sh*t My Dad Says topped the New York Times bestseller list, Halpern started working on his next book: I Suck at Girls

In I Suck at Girls, we follow the now-married Halpern as he recalls some of the most life-changing, awkward, and embarrassing misadventures of his life – from losing his virginity to a waitress he worked with at Hooters, to having explosive diarrhea on the first-date with his wife. In this follow-up, Halpern’s own wisdom shines through. 

But if you’re worried about losing his dad’s signature insight – don’t – it’s in there, with a bunch of new colorful characters too. And although Halpern’s dad warned him that he "better make this better than the last one, people will wait to shit on it," his dad returned to his son with the highest praise after just one reading: "This will be difficult to shit on. They’ll find a way, but it will be hard." 

I Suck at Girls has been described as everything from a coming-of-age story, to a romantic comedy mystery, a memoir, and a confessional. How would you describe your second book?
It’s a story about growing up and exploring the opposite sex, for most people. There are a lot of books, like The Game and Tucker Max’s books, that are about sleeping around and they have a bit of misogyny in them, and then there’s a bunch of books on the other end of the spectrum where the people are social outcasts. I didn’t really see anything for the in between – and that’s who I was. I wasn’t popular, but I wasn’t a total loser. I was awkward. I wanted to write a series of essays that relate to universal stories everybody had. Most importantly, I just want to entertain people and tap into that thing where you read something and you say, “Ah, that happened to me. I had something like that."

What’s the biggest lesson you learned that you hope others will too?
That love and relationships are just a bunch of really embarrassing losses and failures that happen to you and hopefully, at the end of the day, you get one win. You get the person that it works with. So when you have all those other things – all the failures and break-ups – don’t take them too hard. They need to be there.

Which loss, in particular, had the greatest impact on you and your perspective on relationships?
I dated this girl Simone, and it was the only casual sex relationship I’d ever had. I didn’t have a big emotional connection with her, and when it ended, it had the biggest effect on me because I realized I didn’t want that kind of relationship. I wanted a relationship where, when it ends, I feel like shit. Because then I know it meant something. Guys always talk about sleeping around and sowing your oats, but I feel like at the end of the day, we’re all like pack animals. You want to be with somebody who wants to be with you, that you give a shit about. Any guy or girl who is okay with having lots of casual relationships and never wants to settle down, there’s something else in their life they’re compensating for because we are genetically coded to be with at least one partner. So if you’re fighting that, there’s something else going on.

I feel like a lot of the time they’re hiding that there is that one person they want to be with, they can’t be with, so in order to try to get over that person they try and get with a bunch of people.
Yeah, and isn’t it weird? Because you’re meeting people in all different parts of that journey. So you can meet the perfect person but they’re up here and you’re down here and it’s not going to work. You have to meet the right person who is at the same place, at the same time.  That’s why it’s so fucking hard to meet somebody and make a relationship work.

Which moment in the book might surprise or even horrify your readers?
During the time I was working as a cook at Hooters, I lost my virginity to this girl Sarah. I was 19 and it was especially bad because it was my first time, not hers. The next day, she broke up with me over the phone while I was at work. She called the manager, and after she was done breaking up with me, she asked me to put the manager back on so she could get the rest of her schedule and tell him where to send her last check since she was quitting. It was so bad. You think about how inconsequential you are in someone’s life when they have other business, besides breaking up with you, to take care of. There’s an agenda and I’m at the bottom.

Now that you’re married, did you have any reservations about including the casual sex chapter in the book? What does your wife, Amanda, think of it?
I talked to her before I wrote about it and asked if she was okay with me doing it, and she said that it was fine. She really likes the book. It’s sort of about her, like a love letter. There’s all these failures and she was the one that worked out. I love her to death. To me, it says, “All that stuff that happened? That’s so that I could be with you.”

It’s kind of an inspirational story.
Yeah, someone else said that! This guy, 22 years old, was like, “This gives me hope!”

It’s basically saying, “You’re going to go through a lot of crap, but it’s going to work out.”
You learn something during every shitty thing you go through. They’re not just useless experiences. It all leads up to something.

We’ve heard so much from your dad. What about your mom? Does any of her advice make its way into the book?
She has tons of great advice, but none of it makes its way into the book because she didn’t want it to. She’s more private then my dad, and asked me to leave her out of the book as much as possible, and I did. She’s amazing and the smartest person in our family, for sure.

I Suck at Girls

I heard that I Suck at Girls is already going to become a TV show.
Well, we’ll see. I sold it and I’m developing it. This guy, Bill Lawrence, who created Scrubs, Spin City, and Cougar Town, he’s overseeing the project with my writing partner and I. We sold it so, hopefully, fingers-crossed, we’ll make it. It’ll be set in the early ’90s, kind of like The Wonder Years. It’s about a 14 to15-year-old kid living with his family.

You’ve said that so much in your life has changed since the success of Sh*t My Dad Says. What has stayed the same?
The people around me have all stayed the same. I have the same friends, my wife was my girlfriend. That’s the beauty of being a writer; nobody knows what you look like and nobody cares really what you do. You get this lovely anonymity, even if your projects are successful. The people closest to me have stayed the same, but the rest of my life has totally changed. My wife loved me when I was waiting tables.

A lot of people become more and more like their parents as they get older. Do you think you’ll become your dad? 
I think I’ll be completely different, but I hope I’m equally as good. I don’t think I’ll ever turn into him cause he’s just a crazy guy, but I hope that I’m able to connect with my children the same way that he connected with me. I hope my kids will love and respect me as much as I love and respect my dad. And to do that, I have to be as good a father as he was. 

The CFDA Channels The Selby and ‘Amelie’

The CFDA is pulling a Todd Selby and highlighting designer’s homes for its latest project. Come September, what’s essentially fashion’s governing body will publish a book that takes a look at the abodes of some of the industry’s biggest talents. Think “Donna Karan’s Parrot Cay getaway, Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg’s Los Angeles living room, and Diane Von Furstenberg’s Cloudwalk estate in Connecticut,” as well as Ralph Rucci’s Upper East Side home, says Fashionista. Penned by Rima Suqi and published by Assouline, the coffee table tome essentially melds The Selby and Town and Country.

In other CFDA news, the alliance is looking to French film Amelie in its latest attempt to build buzz around its upcoming Awards event, set to take place June 7. Just like the aforementioned film’s gnome, the CFDA is taking its actual award, nicknamed the ‘Trova,’ around town and snapping photos of various fashion alumnae holding it. Donna Karan and newly minted W editor-in-chief Stefano Tonchi recently posed with the traveling sculpture, as did downtown denizen and Vogue Turkey cover girl Leigh Lezark. All of the photos are included on the CFDA’s Facebook page in an album titled ‘What Trova Did Last Night.’ It’s a bizarre marketing push without much takeaway. Then again, if Star Von Bunny can land a book deal, why not?

Lady Gaga’s Guide to Style

Lady Gaga’s application for an internship with milliner Philip Treacy and new music video shot by Vogue-adored lens man Steven Klein aren’t the only sartorial news bites grabbing headlines this past week. News has it, Gaga will soon be honored with her very own style guide. Come the fall, a tome dedicated to the pop star’s eccentric style will hit newsstands alongside the numerous street style books and designer tell-all’s likewise slated to hit shelves this year. Griffin Original is releasing LADY GAGA: Critical Mass Fashion on September 14 (by no coincidence a date that falls smack dab in the middle of NYFW).

“It will consist of 120 full-color photographs of her most memorable fashion statements,” and be penned by music journalist Lizzy Goodman who has contributed to everyone from New York to Rolling Stone. The book is already available for pre-order, but so far there’s been no outright endorsement from Lady Gaga’s camp. Sanctioned or not, though, there’s no denying that Gaga has so far put together dozens upon dozens of bonkers ensembles that can easily speak for themselves. And from the looks of her recent performance in Paris (pictured here), she’s not toning things down anytime soon.

Photo courtesy of Jalouse