4 Out of 5: Jenna Wortham on New York

Jenna Wortham is a technology reporter for the New York Times living in Brooklyn. When she isn’t hunting for new GIFs on the internet or sending messages in emoji, she’s working on her side project, Girl Crush Zine. This is her take on four places she likes, and one place she doesn’t.


Pies-n-Thighs – "If the name isn’t enough to sell you on this cute and homey spot in South Williamsburg, then the food DEFINITELY will. Their crispy fried chicken is a beloved standby, but the fried chicken sandwich, with bacon, avocado and cheese, takes it to the next level — and if you really want to get serious, the fried catfish box brings to mind hot summers growing up in Virginia. Can never go wrong with a slice of their pies either, which rival The Blue Stove’s for the best in the ‘burg."

Littlefield – "I came here recently on a Monday night for ‘Hot Tub,’ a weekly comedy showcase and variety show hosted by Kurt Braunohler and Kristen Schaal, and it was one of the most fun things I’ve been to in a long time. Plenty of space, always a good crowd, good drinks, and they often throw parties and have live music the rest of the week."

Desert Island – "Spend many a Sunday browsing through the DIY zines, indie publications, limited-run comics, and books in this shop. On a recent trip I walked away with Lindzine, a photo zine dedicated to Lindsay Lohan; the Bushwick Review, a weekly guide the the neighborhood and Diary, a hand-drawn comic about a woman’s adventures around the US. The cozy shop is beautifully curated and the owner, Gabe (as well as anyone else that works there), is usually more than willing to help you sift through the well-stocked shelves to find something unique and interesting to read."

Bembe – "Best way to warm up on a cold winter’s night. This tiny Brazilian dance club under the Williamburg bridge reminds me of the best kind of thumping house parties — cheap, overflowing drinks, music you can’t help but switch your hips to, and pretty faces all around. Don’t bother wearing too much makeup, high heels, or fancy clothes — just come to dance and sweat and leave feeling like you own this city."


"Most of the mainstream joints on Bedford Avenue. Stretch your legs and get beyond the the well-trafficked parts of this neighborhood, and you’re guaranteed to find more than a few gems — including Maison Premiere for amazing oysters and whisky drinks, Book Thug Nation for fresh reads, Greenhouse Holisitic for yoga and inexpensive massages, Cafe Colette for a perfectly executed brunch, and Midway for a drink in a friendly, Christmas-light lit-dive."

4 Out of 5: Elliot Aronow on New York

Elliot Aronow is co-founder and creative director of RCRD LBL as well as the host and producer of chat/variety program OUR SHOW with Elliot Aronow with guests like James Murphy, Vampire Weekend, Das Racist, and Adam Green. This is his take on four places he likes, and one place he doesn’t.


Grahame Fowler – "If my TV project OUR SHOW had a shop where you could smoke out in the back, play rocksteady, and talk about clothes all day, it would probably look a lot like this mod-inspired West Village spot. The owner is an old skinhead and Northern Soul fan and stocks incredible British brands, many of which are exclusive to the store. This is the big boy step up from Fred Perry swag, Oi!"

Brooklyn Tailors – "Beautiful, functional, and flavorful bespoke suiting and shirting from my main man Danny Lewis.  From your first medium grey ‘it’s my best friend’s wedding’ jump off to your ‘live a little’ blue sharkskin Saturday night martini special, they’ve got you covered. And don’t even get me started on the spread collar shirts, the button down oxfords, the just-right ties, and the cotton trousers. Go! Tell them Elliot sent you."

Book Thug Nation – "One of the best used bookstores in Brooklyn, that most book-loving of boroughs. My punk bros told me a dude from Cometbus is the owner, so that’s even more reason to support. Excellent for vintage-ish editions of classics, philosophy reads, and of course zines! Plus they have a rad cloth print of African rulers hanging up near the register. Dope all around."

Half Gallery – "Cool little spot that features a lot of big time cats like Ed Templeton, Taylor Meade, and this dude Terry Richardson showing their works. The crowd is always sweet, which is a big plus since the place is very, very small. Good date spot too, young bucks."


Pulino’s – "As a punk rocker I have a strong and historically grounded hate for anything new within a three block radius of the former CBGBs, especially the restaurants (shout to the shrimp and grits at Peels tho). Consider Pulino’s, the culinary equivalent of the dormitory-style condos that surround it, to be the white man’s curse on the neighborhood. To be fair the breakfast pizza is kinna good, but I just don’t support this spot on general principle. Not punk, not tasty. Go to Lil Frankie’s instead."