Itinerary: Michael Fassbender’s Life in the Fass Lane

European actor and recreational archer Michael Fassbender, of 300 and Inglourious Basterds, has just moved to Los Angeles. Now he’s taking aim at Hollywood. “I miss all the things about London that I hated when I was there,” says 32-year-old actor Michael Fassbender, when asked to compare his old stomping grounds to his new home in the City of Angels. “I miss the Tube, my motorcycle and my friends. But I love the weather here.”

Public transit and bouts of loneliness aside, Fassbender, who landed his first break in the Steven Spielberg-produced war miniseries Band of Brothers, has few regrets about his Hollywood migration.“The time was right for me to come out here. With Hunger and Inglourious Basterds, I felt like I had enough ammunition.” Fassbender stars in this month’s Fish Tank, a jury prizewinner at Cannes, about a troubled high school girl who develops an illicit relationship with her mother’s boyfriend. He will next star opposite Megan Fox in the 2010 western, Jonah Hex. “I love horses,” he says of the training required for the role. “Any opportunity I get to do a film with a horse, I jump on it—no pun intended.”

image Rancho Park Archery Range 2459 Motor Avenue I’ve done archery at an amateur level since I was a boy. The first bow I had was made from bamboo, and I used it at home with a straw target. My Pilates teacher reintroduced me to archery, so I’ve been coming down here. It’s like riding a bicycle—I’m not brilliant, but I’m comfortable. It’s a Zen sort of experience. All you’re thinking about is the target and the fluid motion. I go with my girlfriend, my Pilates teacher and her husband. It’s a strange double date. The joke is that we’ll soon start hunting each other.

Venice Beach Recreation Center 1800 Ocean Front Walk Venice is special to me because I spent two months here by myself, in a bungalow by the ocean, losing weight for Hunger. I love the outdoor exercise area—the boxers and dancers, the basketball and handball courts, the rings and the pull-up bars. It’s accessible, has a creative vibe and it’s great for people watching.

image Book Soup 8818 Sunset Boulevard I love browsing here. It’s such a peaceful place to get away and just take a moment. One of my favorite writers is Hunter S. Thompson. I like his journalistic style, which takes away the sentimentality in the writing. I just started The Road so I’ll probably come back to pick up more of Cormac McCarthy’s work after I finish this one.

image Jim Wayne Salon 9555 Santa Monica Boulevard If I need a trim, I come here. It’s relaxed and friendly, and I end up chatting with everyone. The owner, Jim, who cuts my hair, likes to talk cars and motorcycles. A lot of guys like it here because it’s low-key. B.J. Novak [Fassbender’s co-star in Inglourious Basterds] gets his hair cut here, too.

Los Angeles: 10 Best Places to Holiday Shop

1. Amoeba (Hollywood) – This is the go-to spot for anyone in your life who likes music or movies. Pick up the entire series of My So-Called Life, the latest MGMT or a hefty gift certificate for the undecideds. 2. The Farmacy (Venice) – For the stoner in your life, package this little stocking stuffer with some homemade cinnamon rolls, and you’ll be all set. 3. New High (M)art (Downtown) – She’ll appreciate the labels, you’ll appreciate the prices.

4. Apartment Number 9 (Beverly Hills) – Get cufflinks and sharp button-downs here. 5. Neo Happyland Co. (Downtown) – Knickknacks, Chinese checkers, and all sorts of crazy-cool children’s gifts. 6. Book Soup (West Hollywood) – Books, books, and more books — great gifts for almost anyone. 7. Buster and Sullivan (Malibu) – For the girl who carries her dog in her purse, get all manner of overly cute gifts here. 8. Han Cholo (Echo Park) – Badass jewelry like chainsaw pendants and brass knuckle charms are sure to please. 9. Kitson Studio (West Hollywood) – Dresses, bags, shoes, all with Hollywood cachet. You might as well wrap the gift in the store’s bag. 10. Fred Segal (West Hollywood) – There’s something for everyone here at this upscale boutique conglomerate — bags, shoes, jewels, baby Uggs — if it’s coveted, it’s here.

One-Day Tour: West Hollywood

imageWelcome to the gayborhood. Known as one of the most notable gay villages in the country, WeHo is also home to some of the best bars, restaurants, and shopping in all of Los Angeles. The vibe is friendly and the streets are walkable — this is one spot in LA where you can get all you need within a few blocks. The 90069 is filled with hot young things walking their dogs — due in part to the tight rent control in this area (cheap rent!) and the extremely dog-friendly landlords. For the first-time visitor, here’s your primer.

Stay: Chateau Marmont This beautiful, strange, matchless castle on the hill pulls stars for private bungalow overnights and rock-star debauchery. This is the spot to work your kinks out: relax, get wild, hide out, get noticed, anything goes. With all this rock n’ roll wrapped neatly in luxury linens, you may never leave the grounds. You should. But you might not.

10 a.m. Breakfast at Hugo’s. There’s a good chance you’ll sip coffee next to the latest hip producer/director/actor/creative in Hollywood. One of the top spots for power breakfasting in LA. Try the pasta Mama, it’s award-winningly delicious. Tea-lovers: You’ll be delighted to browse the several pages of offerings.

11:30 a.m. Head over to the Pacific Design Center. Browse the 130 design showrooms and the latest offerings from MOCA. Admire the oversized art surrounding the way-modern building.

1:30 p.m. Stop by Ariya and fill up on sushi. Sit in the covered back patio, and definitely order the OMG roll — it lives up to the name.

3 p.m. Put your chucks on and get ready to shop. First stop, Book Soup. This funky labyrinth of books is littered with staff recommendations and rocks an authentic creaky wooden floor. Once you’ve had your fill of the written word, pop over to Fred Segal. Trendsetters rule the roost here. The shopgirls are likely too cool for you, but admire the goods anyway. Next up, Resurrection: Vintage gowns, swoon. In case vintage isn’t your thing, check out A Bathing Ape down the street — hip hop sneakers on a conveyor belt. Then stroll over to Kidrobot and pick up the latest in limited-edition art-tastic “toys.” Whatever happens, make sure you end up at Wasteland, a Melrose institution, filled with the best vintage clothes in the city.

7 p.m. Go see the latest film at The Arclight (you are in LA for fck’s sake). See our list of the top theaters in Los Angeles.

9:30 p.m. Dinner at Comme Ca. Unpretentious French bistro. Try the steak frites and the risotto.

11:30 p.m. Roll out. Have a beer at Barney’s — and don’t be skerred if someone gets loud; the Bean has a penchant for lite bar fights. Wanna chill? Head to Bar Lubitsch, the red Russian lounge with top-shelf vodkas. Wanna people-watch? Head to The Abbey — the hottest cruising spot in town, boys who like boys who like girls who like girls, it’s all here. Wanna dance? Head to Area, of The Hills fame. Bottles, tables, dancing, preferably all three at the same time.

Bonus Round: • In town on a Sunday? Check out the Fairfax Flea Market, it’s a sure bet for funky jewelry, boho dresses, and other awesomeness. • Up late night, err, early morning? Irv’s Burgers opens at 8 a.m.