Pantone-Inspired Bar With Quirky Cocktail Names Opens In San Fran

Named for those old mechanical 1950’s piggy banks that featured a canine jumping through a hoop and dropping a coin in a barrel, this new SF bar Trick Dog is a similarly quaint throwback. Helmed by Josh Harris and Scott Baird of the Bon Vivants group, its existing industrial elements (i.e. soaring factory windows) are offset by an urban-rustic interior design concept, all anchored by a century-old, marble-accented bar and Pantone-colored stools.

Much of the focus at Trick Dog is on the imbibing, with a drinks program cleverly driven by the Pantone Color Guide. The quirkily-named drinks range from the genial–Pennies From Heaven, Grandma’s Sweater–to the more conceptual, as in the edgy Neat With A Side Menu. Bar snacks include their take on the scotch egg and, for the sweet-toothed, Fernet Mint Chip Ice Cream. Oh, and yes–there’s a real Trick Dog piggy bank at the bar. 

For the inside-info on Trick Dog, check out the BlackBook listing here.

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