This Weekend, The 1975 Have You Covered

The 1975 are a lot more than the most annoyingly named band in the Manchester scene right now (and there’s got to be a more obscure group holding that honor)—they’re also pretty dang good, on occasion. As long as you like your pop music big and sultry and shameless. Their last EP was called Sex, so, like, fair warning.

Anyway, that release is getting the remix treatment, all seven tracks of which you can get for an email address. If you boozed it up at your romantic dinner last night—I’m remembering now why I hate drinking a whole bottle of wine in one sitting—this lush change-up on “Intro/Set3” courtesy of Blue Sky Black Death should be just what the doctor ordered.

“Chocolate,” from their new EP, Music For Cars, is bouncy enough to live up to that designation: it’s soft-rock that any Phoenix fan can get behind. But also there’s “Antichrist,” a track from six months ago that’s more the speed of, say, Frightened Rabbit. Any way you turn, The 1975 seem bound and determined to have a song for you.

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