Joss Whedon Was Going to Start ‘The Avengers’ Very Differently

This has been a summer of superheroes, from a decidedly likable Spider-Man reboot to The Dark Knight Rises to the headliner-packed Marvel extravaganza that was The Avengers. Although the latter won’t be released on DVD until the end of September, you can reignite the Marvel fanatic flame now with Joss Whedon’s alternate opening to the film, which surfaced today.

Instead of the comic-book-fantastical, Tom Hiddleston-packed actual opening of the film, in which Loki meets with the other for some shady dealings, the original plan was a lot more subdued and kind of depressing. As the city smoulders, the S.H.I.E.L.D. team interrogates Robin Scherbatsky… erm, Agent Maria Hill… and she says some unflattering things about Nick Fury. Watch below. 

Scientists Discover Earth-Sized Planet “Right Next Door”

Life imitates art, right? Or is it the other way around? Whichever is the case, it appears scientists have discovered a nearby planet that’s close to Earth’s own size, and just days after the Sundance sensation Another Earth, partly about an alternate Earth that suddenly appears in the sky, was released on DVD and Blu-ray. Did the stars just happen to align, or did Fox Searchlight spend way too much money on a marketing campaign? Only the universe knows.

The planet, coined Kepler-21b, is only 352 light years away. “By astronomical standards, that’s right next door,” Katy Garmany, the Deputy Press Officer at the National Optical Astronomy Observatory, told the Huffington Post. Sure, there’s been a lot of astronomical gibbering in the news, with scientists discovering 50 new planets in a week and 2,000 overall. But Kepler is one of the only discoveries that is nearly Earth-sized. However, since it’s orbiting a hot star, the planet’s 2,960 degree Fahrenheit temperature is far too hot to sustain life.  

This is unfortunate, only because I was really hoping that we’d be able to pull a Brit Marling and ponder if there was another “us” on this other planet. Maybe even film another movie about the real-life experience. Call it Another Earth Again or One More Earth or The Two of Us. Something like that. 

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