Blondie Releases Raging New Rock Anthem ‘Fragments’

Ahead of their upcoming new album, Pollination, iconic rock-pop group Blondie have released a new single: “Fragments.” The song, Rolling Stone reports, is a cover of an Unkindness’ original moody folk song, now reimagined as an expansive, rocked-out banger, complete with fantastic guitar riffing and grovelly screlching on Debbie Harry’s behalf.

“Fragments” is the third track to be released ahead of Pollination, which comes out May 5. Previously, there’s been the lead single, “Fun,” and the Dev Hynes co-written song “Long Time.” Other collaborators said to be on the LP include Sia, Charli XCX, Laurie Anderson, Joan Jett, Smiths guitarist Johnny Marr, and Nick Valensi of The Strokes. In essence, this album sounds very killer.

Take a listen to “Fragments” below:

Here’s Pollination’s tracklist, again thanks to Rolling Stone: 

1. “Doom or Destiny”

2. “Long Time”

3. “Already Naked”

4. “Fun”

5. “My Monster”

6. “Best Day Ever”

7. “Gravity”

8. “When I Gave Up On You”

9. “Love Level”

10. “Too Much”

11. “Fragments”

Debbie Harry Turns 70! Here’s to That Time She Hosted SNL + 7 Other Moments She Slayed

Debbie Harry SNL

It’s punk/New Wave goddess Debbie Harry‘s birthday today and she turns 70! (Though you’d never guess it.)

This past spring she traded her typical downtown digs for a residency at the Carlyle, crooning out jazzy songs that showed the breadth of her range. And just this past weekend, Blondie opened for Morrissey at MSG. Clearly, the girl’s still got it.

To celebrate the beginning of her seventies, we dug up a clip of when she hosted the Valentine’s Day show of SNL back in 1981. As anyone who’s seen John Waters’ Hairspray, or these clips of Harry with Internet sensation (and Bob’s Burger voice actor) John Roberts, her comedic skills almost rival her dulcet tones. Aside from this vintage gem, enjoy seven other highlights from Debbie Harry’s career.


Debbie Harry Hosts SNL:


‘Sunday Girl’:


‘Call Me’ (with the Muppets):

‘Union City Blue’:


‘The Rainbow Connection’:

Tuesdays Rock: See Two Bad Girls and Legendary Photographer Mick Rock’s Exhibit Tonight

Yesterday I told you guys that Tuesdays in this town are off the hook. I can never decide between Frankie Sharp’s Westgay party at Westway and Lyle Derek’s Dropout bash at W.i.P. Westgay is beyond, beyond for those who are in the know –  and I guess that now includes you. Tonight, resident DJ maniac Jon Jon Battles is joined by JD Samson. Amanda Lepore is there as well doing…well, Amanda Lepore things. Lyle Derek has Lady Starlight at W.i.P. in her first live show in …well…ever. There will be a DJ set by CREEP.  I just must be there or there but alas, I will be elsewhere.

I’ll be DJing tonight at Avenue from 12:30 until 1:30 and I am pumped. Avenue is a great place to spin, from a DJ perspective. The professionalism of Tao/Strategic Group organization manifests itself on every level, including a user-friendly DJ booth and a staff that enjoys helping you feel comfy on every level. DJ Price will take my humble offerings to the next level. He will entertain me and everyone else in the always-packed-with-a fun-crowd room while I work the room after saying "hey" to not- seen-enough friends. I’ll buy a couple bottles of Beau Joie Champagne, as bubbles are always fun. I don’t drink very often but do adore that bubbles and sparklers combo. It makes me want to shout "Wheeee!" On the invite for tonight, I got a relatively huge billing over DJ Price, an apparent nod to age before talent.
Amanda Lepore
I will be in a seriously fabulous mood because, before all that mayhem, I will be at the wonderful The Bowery Electric (327 Bowery @ Joey Ramone Place, 2nd Street), at 8pm, to catch two bad girls I’ve never been cool enough to catch. It’s Zoe Hansen and Mary Raffaele presenting TWO BAD GIRLS (GOOD BAD), described as "A Night of Rock and Roll Attitude and Outlaw Hilarity" featuring readings and performances by REVEREND JEN,PAULINA PRINCESS OF POWER,MARY "RAFF" RAFFAELE, ZOE HANSEN, HEATHER LITTEER aka JESSICA RABBIT, FACEBOY, THE PRETTY BABIES (FEATURIING MONY FALCONE, LINDA PITMON, DEBBY SCHWARTZ, TAMMY FAYE STARLITE, JASON VICTOR), HANDSOME DICK MANITOBA with JP "Thunderbolt" PATTERSON, on percussion (Mr. Manitoba’s first ever, onstage, public "RANT!")"
Zoe says:
"This night has been a constant work in progress between Raff & myself. We wanted to not only have a reading, but a show. A tribute to the New York EV life, & years gone by, literature, comedy, burlesque with a splash of Rock N Roll all over it. We wanted real talent, which is most of our good friends, so it was hard deciding who we could scramble together to fit in on our bill. I am honored to say that we are truly proud of our all star line up. Raff & I promise you a real outlaw, loud, music inspired, hilarious bunch of performances, really entertaining, & all you have to do is just show up!"
I asked Raffaele a few questions:
Tell me about the event.
Zoe and I wanted to put together an event that would showcase our own talents as well as our friends’. We are writers primarily, but watching a series of people read off of pages can be dead-boring, so we decided to mix it up. We have a stellar line-up of very interesting, creative people who will be singing, performing spoken word, and doing plays, and we’ll have one really fun band. I am honestly excited about the people we’ve chosen and I’m glad I’m going on first so I can focus on really watching what they’re doing. I am really proud of all of the acts.
Tell me about our dear friend Zoe.
Zoe is my partner in crime: she calls me Patsy, I call her Eddy. She is whip-smart, super-creative, and very hard-working. She can do absolutely anything she puts her mind to. With her, anything is possible. I am very slow-moving in certain ways and Zoe is very good at lighting a fire under my ass. Plus, she’s easy on the eyes and no matter what kind of trouble we are in, she always makes the adventures seem classier with her accent.
I"ve always seen you as a rock star, always been a fan of Cycle Sluts From Hell. Tell me about that career and the other one with Patricia Fields.
I prefer being seen as a rock star! I got into daytime work after working in clubland for many years. Giuliani broke my heart – it was just too hard to continue trying to fight the good fight for decent nightlife. I was tired of getting screamed at at 2am by random task force fruit fly police, so I moved into day jobs. I have been with Pat for about 10 years; I take care of the money-end of things for her. But I am leaving in two months – I want more time to write a book and I burnt out on office work. It is an amicable parting and I’m helping them to find someone new and I will train the person, as my position is complicated. I am probably going to get back behind the bar. I’ve already started doing a Friday happy hour at Bowery Electric in preparation for my departure.
Mick RockAs if this evening were not already too packed with wonderment, legendary photographer of all things rocked and rolled Mick Rock will show for the first time ever his artwork, "based on his iconic rock ‘n’ roll photographs… The show is presented by CATM Chelsea with a private after-party to follow."  The "expected to attend" list includes Mick and friends " Lou Reed, Todd DiCiurcio (Artist), Scot Lipps (Owner, One Management), Amanda Ross, Chelsea Leyland (DJ), Ben Pundole, John & Joyce Varvatos, Timothy White (Photographer), Alberta Cross (Band), Gary Graham (Designer), Paul Johnson Calderon (Reality TV Star), Michael H., Nur Khan, Mazdack Rassi (Founder, Milk Studios), Rebecca Dayan (Model), Clem Burke (Blondie), Tennessee Thomas (Actress, Drummer for The Like), As Light Takes Over (Band), The Ravonettes, Cory Kennedy (Model), Jessica White, (Model, Actress), Jamie & Daisy Johnson (Daughters of Jets Owner)".
It’s a 7pm to 9pm thing at 500 West 22nd Street at 10th Avenue. If you don’t know who Mick Rock is, this is a good time to find out. Chances are you have seen his brilliant work on album covers and such for decades. Yeah, he was the guy who took that Bowie/Ziggy Stardust shot and that one of Iggy you thought brilliant, that Blondie photo, and thousands of others – one more iconic than the next.  It’s 40 years recording and making rock history. Look him up. He Googles well.

Debbie Harry Brilliantly Surveys Her Past Punk Style

Before there was Courtney Love, Lady Gaga and Rihanna, there was Debbie Harry. As the badass frontwoman of iconic rock band Blondie, she and her crew single-handedly led the mid-1970s American new wave and punk scenes with instant classics like "Call Me" and "Heart of Glass." Equally game-changing was Harry’s style, which comprised of bold, punk touches that sartorially ripped the notion of punk being a boy’s club to shreds.

In anticipation of the Met’s upcoming Punk: Chaos to Couture exhibit (which, lest you forget, Kimye will be appearing at), Harry sat down with DuJour to review a few of her most famed fashion moments. As a muse for the late and great Steve Sprouse, one of her favorite designs by the equally trailblazing designer was a black halter dress ("It was the hottest, sexiest little dress—I loved it").

Other key looks included an unintentionally ripped Creem Dream magazine tee ("I think that really was the beginning of deconstruction. You couldn’t buy anything like that then"), mixed-matched separates while touring Hollywood ("I was very into sort of ’30s and ’40s vintage") and a sweet DIY Vulture shirt with an ironed-on skull and bones patch, which she paired with skin-tight black pants and a Bonnie and Clyde-esq beret.

This CBGB Movie Looks Kind Of Ridiculous (But You’ll Probably See It Anyway)

So the poster for CBGB, Randal Miller’s upcoming cinematic take on the legendary club and its owner, Hilly Kristal, was released today, prompting another NYC cultural institution to declare: "If you’re the type of cynical punk asshole who thinks the movie about CBGB can’t be anything but terrible, well GOOD NEWS, the movie’s poster essentially proves you right." The whole thing has a very Rock of Ages-meets-Purim Carnival feel about it (Paste‘s Bonnie Stiernberg compared it to the "rock and roll" section of a Party City catalog, A+), and even with Alan Rickman, who can do no wrong, the whole thing just seems, well, ridiclous. The poses! Oh, the poses! At least the captions for Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop are things the two of them really said. 

There’s the Justin Bartha crotch-grab, which actually does look like he’s auditioning for Rock of Ages or maybe some boy band. Joel David Moore’s Joey Ramone has this weird Very Mary-Kate thing going on. And not pictured is Johnny Galecki, who although is playing someone on the business side, dude was in The Big Bang Theory, and if there’s one thing that is not punk rock at all, it’s CBS. Rupert Grint really does kind of look like Cheetah Chrome, though. Regardless, even if this movie is as lulzy as the poster makes it seem like it will be, you’ll probably see it out of some morbid curiosity or just to hear some jams. Or maybe it will capture the sort of irreverence and goofiness that existed in the club’s spirit. Whatever. It’s your call. 

If you want to see some awesomeness happening at the real CBGB, here’s Talking Heads performing "Psycho Killer" there in 1975. Enjoy. Happy Friday.

Stones, Schmones: Blondie Releases A Trio of Free New Tracks

This week has been all about new releases from veteran rockers, from the beautiful, stock footage-happy clip for Neil Young & Crazy Horse’s new “Ramada Inn” to the Rolling Stones’ new single, which dropped yesterday. Joining them on the new music front is Blondie, who are still a band, you guys. Debbie Harry and the gang released three new tracks, originals “Bride of Infinity” and “Dead Air” and a cover of “Rock On” by David Essex.

Harry’s voice still shines, the originals are both pretty eerie—“Dead Air” feels like a dirge and “Bride of Infinity” is Blondie going metal, while the cover is definitely a guilty pleasure. Listen to and download all three below.