New Blog Explains How All Your Beloved Celebrities Are Bigots

Oh, now this could be fun: some well-meaning souls have taken to Tumblr to compile troubling dossiers on the culturally insensitive habits of those people you are most likely to reblog admiringly at some point: people like Amy Poehler, John Slattery and, uh, Barbara Walters? If they’re taking her sort down I can’t see why they even bothered with Dan Savage and Eminem, whose list of offenses scans like a Wikipedia page in need of a hard edit.

So what are some of the more common complaints on the smugly-titled website Your Fave Is Problematic? Blackface, certainly, which is more widely practiced than I realized, my God—but it hardly seems fair to knock John Slattery for it, since it was a scene in Mad Men that hit on the character’s horrific racism while intimating that it disgusted his friends. Also grounds for scolding: an “appropriative” Yin Yang tattoo. Okay then.

Wearing Native American headdresses, rape jokes, Nicki Minaj’s ableism—the site is a treasure trove of every awful aspect of the sociological condition known as "being alive." Although I have no idea what the slur "t****y" could be, I’m sure Jeremy Renner should be ashamed of using it. And whether you agree that deploying an STD "as an insult” crosses a line, you’ll rest easier knowing that whatever you do, someone out there can find it offensive. Which frees you up to say all kinds of horrible things! 

Somewhere, there’s an empty comment section waiting just for you. (Try scrolling down.)

Leather: From High To Low

Now with Americana being one of the big trends that is on the tips of everyone’s tongue, and the quintessential animal of America being the cow (whether in making fun of our beefy population or being the one animal always seen on a country road), leather, especially leather accessories, have been garnering a bit of attention these days and are being used in new and creative ways. First you have Zana Bayne and her leather harnesses that are creeping into the high fashion world bit by bondage-y bit. image image A particular fave of mine are these calf pieces. image Sticking to the depraved vein of things we have ERRO who just became available at Opening Ceremony. ERRO, makers of fine leather goods, garters, and underwear…yes underwear. image image Now to lift us out from the dungeon to things ‘higher’ we have Michael Kors’ new “Triple Buckle” belt to wash away that icky feeling. image And just when you thought it was safe… image So whether you choose perverse or posh, both are looking good this season. But honestly who doesn’t like to get a little dirty sometimes?

A Few Selections from Pre-Fall

“Who wants to come out in brights for Pre-Fall?”, said Carolina Herrera at her Pre-Fall presentation, a statement that basically sums up the zeitgeist of this season’s collections. While most labels did stick to a darker, more subdued color palette, their designs were all time honored classics of their respective houses. However the real notetakers saw Pre-Fall filled with one last burst of minimalism, glimmers of color blocking, and a glamorous goth chic perfect for the city in winter. One last death throe of the minimalist craze reared its head in many collections this Pre-Fall including that of Calvin Klein, Diane von Furstenberg, and Thakoon.

Calvin Klein image

Diane von Furstenberg image

Thakoon image

As well as at TSE… image The color blockers this season: Michael Kors and BCBG. Michael Kors image BCBG image Fendi stood out in soft color tones… image

While Burberry gave us a selection of glamorous goths image

The winter is going to be here for quite a bit longer, but at least there are some options to keep us entertained till Spring!

Rumi Neely’s Gems, Face Hunter’s NYC Exhibition

Fashion bloggers Rumi Neely and Yvan Rodic, known online as the Face Hunter, are branching out. Neely, a former model who cut her design chops with a capsule collection for Southern California brand RVCA, is shifting her focus to jewelry. The photogenic face behind Fashion Toast has teamed up with DANNIJO, an NYC-based accessories line founded by sisters Danielle and Jodie Snyder. The “six-piece collection of edgy metal pieces,” as Refinery 29 describes it, will launch this month. The all-silver collection is composed of a few statement necklaces and rings with Lagerfeldian pieces that sit both above and below the joint. A simple silver cuff with three tie closures is one of the collection’s standout pieces. The collection will be sold exclusively at Tobi, where a members-only pre-sale has already begun.

The Face Hunter also has a new project up his sleeves. The W Times Square is hosting an exhibition of Rodic’s shots from around the world in its Living Room lounge. The opening party is tonight, from 7-9 p.m. (to RSVP head here). The show is open to the public and will include images Rodic has snapped of some of the world’s most eclectic and inventive young trendsetters, from South Africa to Iceland, Dubai to downtown New York. It runs until November 30, so don’t miss it.

The Dominant Spring Show

In the wackiness of fashion month I find myself going over the Spring shows and getting a ton of inspiration from the Louis Vuitton Spring ’11. Marc Jacobs has cemented the fact that he can do absolutely anything he wants to. East meets West in an opium den in the 1920s, high French elegance, or just pure campiness as the Susan Sontag quote that was placed on every chair “The relation between boredom and camp taste cannot be overestimated” seems to suggest. The stage could almost be the den of an East Asian drug lord with pasted on faux marble runway, three stuffed tigers on zebra rugs, and gold tasseled curtains. The show certainly had a circus-like feel to it, but not a Galliano circus, but a controlled Marc Jacobs style circus. Flapper-esque fringe dresses, lace monogramed skirts, beaded cheongsams, and primitive zebra prints held together this assault upon the new minimalism seen everywhere in Paris. Jacobs has certainly set himself apart and created a new world for himself based on his own rules.

Balenciaga Goes Bad at Paris Fashion Week

For Spring 2011, Balenciaga took it to the streets in tough girl silhouettes, unheard of patterns, and romper stomper teddy boy creepers. While much of fashion has fallen to the new wave of minimalism displayed in many of the Paris shows (even Gucci and Prada had traces of it), Ghesquiere has opted for a street level referencing of punk, rockabilly, and Japanese street fashion.

image Sleeveless quilted biker jackets with mesh and velvet lapels, an exploitation of houndstooth in enlarged liquified luminous leather, gave the collection a definite rebel edge. This rebellion against your grandma’s patterns and the new wave was made complete at the end of the show with the slight trace of minimalist tops and skirts being chopped and fused with translucent chiffon hems. Long teddy boy blazers and plastic-like trimmed shirts made for another another tough look. So guard your loins this Spring, because the Balenciaga girl is out on prowl.