Luxury Socks. You Definitely Deserve These. Put Your Feet Up, BBs.

I was at home on Sunday evening when the fall chill first began to set in. The familiar crackle and bangs of the heating system rumbled on, and I, having just lit my favorite candle and finding myself several pages into a fresh stack of magazines, was feeling quite cozy. What better addition could there have been than warm socks that performed their own sort of pedicure? (And is there a better time than Sunday evening to treat yo self?)

Firstly, I love a good pedicure. Who doesn’t? And a cozy sock? Absolutely. Now combine the two and you’ll find yourself in absolute bliss — Bliss Softening Socks, actually.

These babies are lined with a special gel just brimming with fabulous ingredients like olive oil and vitamin E. Ultimately hydrating and softening, all you have to do is slip them on and chill. Put your feet up, as they say. To misquote Kanye, “you know you missed these luxury feet!”

Treat your own self and get a pair here.

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Everything You Need to Know to Get Pampered: The Detox Diaries Part 3

The Joanna Vargas oasis, courtesy of Joanna Vargas

How to truly relax? Schedule so many spa appointments that getting to them becomes incredibly stressful.

Read parts one and two of the DETOX DIARIES here and here.

Here are my picks for post-fashion week (or post-anything) bliss:

Joanna Vargas Triple Crown Facial
When it comes to Joanna Vargas, the question is really which A-lister doesn’t entrust her with the care of their pores? It is known that stress wreaks havoc on our skin and when I got to Vargas’s eponymous spa, I was looking like a model for the fact. When Joanna finished her microcurrent magic on just one side of my face, I felt like a chipmunk forced to spit out some nuts. My cheek was literally sculpted, my cheekbone lifted as though I’d gone under a knife. I’d been to JV before, but never to Joanna’s ‘office’ which is like the Versailles of skin care. Though this isn’t a facial where you’re simultaneously having a foot massage, it is 200% effective and somehow still very relaxing. Of course, none of that even matters when afterward, a look in the mirror reveals a newer, better version of you.

joanna sara

Bliss Spa Heel-Lelujah Pedicure
I don’t want to discuss what I looked like in sandals prior to my arrival at Bliss 57. The cheerful spa is one of my favorite spots in all NYC (who could resist those mini-brownies and blondies in the lounges?) but I’d never been to the nail salon. The Heel-lelujah, was, essentially my first fancy-grown-up pedicure ever and I’ve got to say, in spite of my ticklish squirming, my feet emerged softer than any $20 neighborhood place has ever accomplished. Of course, I shouldn’t be surprised–but now that I know the truth about fancy-grown-up pedicures, I fear for my wallet in the future.

bliss pedi

After an NYC summers, however, this is a downright necessary indulgence. Can’t make it to Bliss? One of the main products used is Bliss’s 24-Heaven body balm, which, thanks to it’s exfoliating lactic acid and soothing and protective colloidal oatmeal, provides moisture for 24 hours, and helps to treat itchiness, flakiness and generally restore angry skin.

Jin Soon Breath of Milk and Honey Mani
As Joanna Vargas is to facials, Jin Soon Choi is to nails. So it was not even a question that I’d head over to her UES haven to detox my nails. A manicure and green tea is pretty close to perfection for me any day, but Jin Soon’s understated lavender/grey Auspicious was extra-perfect, and thankfully, looked chic even on my short nails.

jin soon mani jin soon
Courtesy of Jin Soon

Caudalie (at the Plaza!) Slimming Treatment
Eloise is my fictional girl crush and Caudalie is one of my very favorite skincare brands (and I am serious about skincare) so my excitement was evident as I elevator-shoefied the shit out of those double P’s while riding to the 4th floor Vinotherapie spa at the storied hotel. This treatment is 50% vigorous massage, followed by you, in a sushi wrap of luxe scrub while the technician does a (thankfully) less vigorous massage on your scalp. After you’re unwrapped, you take a shower about a foot away in the treatment room and emerge feeling refreshed, detoxified, and possibly slimmer. The rooms provide a dark, kinda sexy counterpoint to the cheerful feeling at Bliss and left me feeling like I had in fact, visited Provence, if only for an hour.


caudalie plaza

The best part though? The upkeep, or, just the start, is available to anyone in the form of a 3-piece kit from Caudalie. I’m not one to embark on regimens but this simple process (2 products + tea) keeps the spa feeling going for twenty-eight days.

The Slimming Regimen from Caudalie–a spa in two bottles and a cup of tea

I needed this. You need this. We all need this.


Beloved By Brits, Soap & Glory Launches at Sephora in the US

Beauty titan Marcia Kilgore’s bath and body line Soap & Glory has been a massive hit in the UK since she first launched it back in 2006—her Righteous Butter Body Butter was voted Britain’s Best Body Butter. Now, after a short-lived initial run at Target stores in the US, the products, which combine Kilgore’s trademark humor and high quality, are finally back in the States. Kilgore also founded the hugely popular Bliss Spa, so Soap & Glory’s cheekily-named offerings will come as a welcome addition to the fans who already covet the Bliss phenomenon.

Soap & Glory is aimed at women who don’t take their toilette so seriously. As she tells the HuffingtonPost, “while beauty absolutely matters, it doesn’t matter absolutely.” To wit: Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Plump, Hand Food Hand Cream, and Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion. “Besides there being three times more beauty-loving people in America as there are in Great Britain and that being the opportunity that it is, I’d simply love to make a big success of it in America, and spread my new brand of bubbly back where I first cut my teeth in the world of cosmetics” says Kilgore. Soap & Glory is available exclusively at and in stores in September.

The Lazy Person’s Guide to Slimming Down

I’ve always believed that a good body comes the old fashioned way – by sweating it out. But due to the progression of time and a general unwillingness to exercise, my interest in alternative weight loss methods has peaked. Here are two spa-related activities that will get you if not quite bikini-perfect, then at least mentally ready to give yourself an extra push this summer. Feeling good in the form of relaxation is guaranteed, and when you’ve finished, you might actually see results you like, too.

Bliss Spa’s “Fatgirl” offerings always made me cringe. Who wants to fess up to that? Then I took a closer look and saw that what these treatments and products are really about is detoxification and circulation. The Soho spa uses dry brushing, the application of firming grapefruit essential oils, a seaweed mask, a heated wrap, and a rubdown with something called the Love Handler, all followed by the FatGirl Slim or Sleep cream, depending on the time of day.

Bliss’ DIY Fatgirl cream promises to reduce the appearance of cellulite, energize the skin, and visibly reduce the appearance of excess fluid retention. A set of two 6oz jars of the cream is on sale now for $42.00 from $58.

For something a little more alternative, The Three Jewels yoga and meditation center in New York City is hosting a Detox and Weight control acupuncture and herbal medicine day. Licensed acupuncturists Judy Joo and Lai San Leung will be giving one hour session that aim to improve digestion and increase your metabolic rate, burn calories faster, strengthen colon motility, improved kidney functions to excrete waste, and improve circulation to help power muscles for optimum performance. $30.00 for a one hour session this Saturday from 11am to 6pm at The Three Jewel. There’s a free ½ hour Qi Gong class at 11am that will teach how to trim and tone with traditional Chinese exercises.