New Blog Explains How All Your Beloved Celebrities Are Bigots

Oh, now this could be fun: some well-meaning souls have taken to Tumblr to compile troubling dossiers on the culturally insensitive habits of those people you are most likely to reblog admiringly at some point: people like Amy Poehler, John Slattery and, uh, Barbara Walters? If they’re taking her sort down I can’t see why they even bothered with Dan Savage and Eminem, whose list of offenses scans like a Wikipedia page in need of a hard edit.

So what are some of the more common complaints on the smugly-titled website Your Fave Is Problematic? Blackface, certainly, which is more widely practiced than I realized, my God—but it hardly seems fair to knock John Slattery for it, since it was a scene in Mad Men that hit on the character’s horrific racism while intimating that it disgusted his friends. Also grounds for scolding: an “appropriative” Yin Yang tattoo. Okay then.

Wearing Native American headdresses, rape jokes, Nicki Minaj’s ableism—the site is a treasure trove of every awful aspect of the sociological condition known as "being alive." Although I have no idea what the slur "t****y" could be, I’m sure Jeremy Renner should be ashamed of using it. And whether you agree that deploying an STD "as an insult” crosses a line, you’ll rest easier knowing that whatever you do, someone out there can find it offensive. Which frees you up to say all kinds of horrible things! 

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