Get Custom Lipstick Made Just for You at Bite Beauty Lab. Treat. Yo. Self.

So many options. Thankfully Brigid, who’s mixing the lipstick, knows what she’s doing

Being that we’re all unique and special snowflakes, we each deserve completely custom lipstick to enhance our gorgeous, individual faces. So where to turn when a gal wants to treat herself to a new, special shade?

Using mostly organic and natural materials, Bite Beauty Lab in Soho lets you choose everything from the color, depth, finish, packaging, to even the scent of the lipstick you’re creating on site. Basically, it’s the Build-a-Bear for beauty loving ladies.

This is the story of how I decided to treat myself to the perfect, custom shade of lipstick:

Options for the finish

The Bite-mosphere

Mixing up the medicine

The finished product! …Just kidding. The winning color combo.

Pick a smell, any smell…

image1 2
Just chillin — the mixture and mold go on ice to set

image2 2
The final product! I call it “Daytime Sorceress” because it’s my lipstick and I can name it whatever I want

image3 2


 Bite Beauty Lab is located at 174 Prince Street, New York, NY

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