Happy Birthday, Al Pacino

Still from Scarface (Universal)

The gangster of all actors turns 74  today. He’s been everything from a blood-thirsty Cuban drug lord in Scarface to a mob boss who inherited his dad’s title in the Godfather. No matter the role, Pacino never fails to impress. And, he looks pretty good for a man who will be turning 80 in just six years, if I don’t say so myself.

Sunday Is Not Just St. Patrick’s Day

We’re all very excited to drink ourselves interesting this weekend. I get it! Really. Given half the chance I would be right there with you, pressuring someone to do another car bomb even though they’re asleep facedown in a bowl of peanuts. But St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just a holiday that celebrates the migration of everyone in New Jersey to the shittiest midtown pubs with Mc or O’ in the name. It’s also my birthday.

So no, intoxicated girl in face paint and shamrock antennae, I suppose I can’t just take it in stride when you fall and spill your beer on me and tell me that I look like James Van Der Beek. If this were a mere bacchanal, such a comment could pass without incident. BUT THIS IS THE ANNIVERSARY OF MY BIRTH, AND I WILL NOT BROOK COMPARISON TO DAWSON. Also, can the rest of you get out of my bar? I’m trying to have a party here.

No, of course you can’t, and this is what I am doomed to: there is no going out to celebrate without going out for St. Patrick’s Day. I have to wear green if I don’t want to get pinched or punched. There’s a good chance I’ll step in puke. And if, as a present to myself, I want to get plastered and act a fool, I’m one of eight thousand guys in that zip code doing exactly that. Doubt the cops will make a birthday exception for me when they’re loading us into the paddywagon.

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New York’s Best Restaurants For Big Groups

Besides being asked “when are you cleaning your bathroom” by my mom and “do you have boyfriend” by my local bodega owner, the third most popular question I’m asked every week is this: “ I’m having a party; where can I bring a big group?” And since everyone loves to eat, drink, and be merry with a core group of best friends and peripheral acquaintances – and since it’s easier for me to send a link and not discuss this anymore – I’ve gathered a list of New York’s Best Restaurants For Big Groups. This is a special list, teeming with everything from strawberry-cinnamon baby back ribs in Williamsburg, a Cuban fantasyland in the East Village, stone fireplaces in the West Village, and a really cool picture of dogs. Enjoy.

Charlize Theron’s Video for Kristen Stewart Is Amazing, Should Keep Rockin’

Kristen Stewart turned 22 years old on Monday. For reasons unknown to logic, the marketing team behind the upcoming Snow White and the Huntsman, in which Stewart stars, forced all of her cast mates to record an individual greeting of themselves wishing Stewart a happy birthday. Charlize Theron’s greeting to Stewart is, in a word, perfect–and you’ll understand why once you check it out, after the jump. [via Dlisted]