Courtney Cox Is the New Face of Alabama

When I was younger—but old enough to know what Prada was—I took a trip to Alabama to visit a friend, who I met at a club after sneaking in with a fake ID. She lived in Birmingham and, quite frankly, there wasn’t much to do there back then. There was one mall in the entire state of Alabama and the beaches were, well…let’s say we preferred Panama City in Florida. But guess what? Things have changed.

You wouldn’t place Alabama at the center of affluent traveler’s radar but, believe it or not, 7.1 million people visited Mobile and Baldwin counties last year, spending about $3.1 billion. Eager not to lose the new influx of tourism dollars in the oily wake of the BP spill, Alabama Tourism recruited America’s best known cougar-MILF, Courtney Cox, to lure them lack.

Cox, along with that reality show singer guy Taylor Hicks, has agreed to promote the state in a new campaign that’s hoping to win visitors back. Both Birmingham natives, Cox and Taylor will talk up the Southern state, Cox primarily focusing on her Gulf Coast childhood memories. The actress plans on shooting the commercial after she wraps Scream 4, which she’s currently filming in Michigan.

Hicks, who has a lot more free time on his hands, has already filmed his PSA.